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Official used laser tag equipment

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 02:07 PM

New laser tag equipment is too expensive?


You want to buy used equipment, but don't want to risk, dealing with unknown people?


You have a great opportunity to buy used equipment form our company.



  • Good condition
  • 6 months guarantee period
  • official deal, including all the documents
  • opportunity to get a discount with big orders
  • wide range, different types and versions of taggers
  • opportunity to upgrade and use latest official firmware and soft



Wireless headbands 60$ each. Sensors (new) v.5, made to order.

You can find pictures in this album.


Available 10 pieces, can be made more:

  • Destroyer. v.7 SmartLT - 160$; v.4, wired - 150$;
  • MP-514. v.4-6 - 180$; v.7 SmartLT - 200$;
  • SMG "Kedr". v.7 SmartLT and v.8 Sport Edition - starting at 300$ (depending on version and condition);
  • Eraiser. v.7 SmartLT - 180$; v.6 - 160$;
  • MP-512. v.4-v.8 - starting at 200$;
  • UMG. v.8 - 340$;
  • FN SCAR. v.7 - 280$;
  • MP-5. v.7 - 300$;
  • Mk14 EBR. v.8 - 460$;

Note, that headbands are not included.


Limited quantity, check availability in advance:

  • Sentinel. starting at 200$;
  • AKS74U. starting at 300$;
  • M series. starting at 360$;
  • RPK. starting at 400$;
  • AK-74. starting at 400$;
  • AK-105. v.8+v.5 headband - 420$;
  • PM Patriot. v.8 - 270$;

Note, that headbands are not included.


Additional equipment, made to order:

  • Base first aid kits, checkpoints, remotes (including PRO), artifacts, etc.

For big orders prices and assembly/delivery time can vary.

Assembly time for equipment, that require modernization or production - 1 week after receiving your payment; for currently available equipment - 1 day after receiving your payment.


Note, that all the prices listed can change.


Important information:

  1. We don't sell third-party equipment, only equipment from our service centers
  2. We won't buy your equipment
  3. 6 months guarantee period is for all equipment, except IR diods, buttons, microswitches, power sockets, stubs for power sockets, batteries
  4. Production time of equipment can vary, but we will warn you about any delays
  5. Used equipment has only one kind of discount, described below. All other special offers/sales/discounts do not apply to it.

Sale system for used equipment:


If you buy 3-9 taggers, you will get 5% discount

If you buy 10 or more taggers, you will get 10% discount


All the terms and conditions of the deal are discussed individually.


If you want to order something from this list, leave a message in this topic, or contact me directly: sales@laserwar.com (e-mail and skype).


Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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