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Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 01:36 PM


Originally “cosplay” (a contraction of the words “costume play”), is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and accessories to represent a well-known character. The participants of a cosplay reconstruct the images taken as a basis in every detail, paying special attention to the slightest peculiarities of the costume, make up, accessories. At present the meaning of the term is being leveled, it is getting closer in meaning to the word “role play”. This notion is known to many MMORPG players, where every team member fulfills a special function. And why has this term come to be used in laser tag? Why do players use it as something offensive? How do tournament games, scenario games and mislim games coexist together nowadays? LASERWAR Company is going to answer these questions and share its opinion of the events taking place nowadays.

Tournament laser tag

It should be noted that initially laser tag was planned to become a sports game, and it means that like any other sports laser tag has its own ways to find out who is the best player or the best team. Standard scenarios for winnings back like checkpoint seizure, death-match, flag seizure and others add a lot to the competitive atmosphere. The crucial factors to win are physical endurance and fast reaction of the players. In team competitions payers undergo physical exertion, besides they have to endure considerable psychological pressure. At present laser tag has acquired all the features of extreme sports: to win in a team tournament the team needs to possess great solidarity, its own game strategy and masterly tactical skills of conducting a laser tag battle, every player should be capable of a momentary reaction and should possess extremely high physical endurance, attainable only in the process of regular training.

The term “cybersports” appeared in the USA at the end of the previous century. It denoted a gaming process combining both gamers’ physical exertion and equipment functionality in order to achieve a definite gaming result. It may be said that competitive laser tag is a result-oriented process. So why do new substantial scenarios, where playing your role is the most important issue, appear in the frame of this competitive game?


Scenario games

There are quite a lot of reasons for the appearance of so many scenarios. Scenario games are much more profound, than competitive games. Every player uses the common basis only: laser tag equipment, location and a common set of rules. But in fact every player plays his own game. So naturally every personage has his own goals and objectives, depending on the role: the participant may choose his own route, task and the way to fulfill it. In scenario games great attention is paid to communication and interaction of players. If a participant is eager to try the role of an adventurous stalker, he may join other participants (or create a group) to resist the attacks of robbers or hired ruffians. In competitive games the number of participants is limited to 10-16 people, but in grand-scale games the number of people is unlimited, all depends upon the scenario being played. In general, role-playing may be characterized as a kind of a performance, where a personage is not just a set of characteristics, abilities and skills, but a personality with a personal story and individual habits. That is why real historical events, facts and plots of famous films are used to achieve “full immersion” into the atmosphere. As far as one role is being played by several people in the frame of the same scenario, sooner or later these people form a kind of a community of like-minded people, who work out the rules of effective behaviour for the player to use during the game. These rules are supposed to lead the player to the victory. All above-mentioned factors develop both physical strength and fantasy, raise education level, help people to orientate in unfamiliar situations.

Practically all scenarios, tested on battlefields, cause heated discussions, concerning, for example, the behaviour of certain personages, the general concept of the match. But all these discussions and arguments lead to the same thing – scenario games gain more and more popularity, all game stories become more balanced and worked out in every detail. All this helps you to immerse deeper into the imaginary world, where new adventures, acquaintances, hot battles and good friends are waiting for you.

Military simulation

Still if the profoundness of scenario games does not bring you satisfaction, there is one more variety of match – military simulation.

The objective of “Milsim” games is to create the maximum feeling of reality of the events taking place around you: a strictly limited ammo, the last grenade in the grenade pouch, the enemy, creeping towards your trench, “wounded” comrades, whom you should carry off the battlefield.

Milsim events are most often a reconstruction of a real armed conflict. Reconstruction in milsim events aims to provide the most accurate representation of uniform, accoutrements, equipment, attributes and behaviour of the participants.

In military simulations every mistake costs much more. In every situation you will have to make hard decisions. While playing the game every fighter at least once asked himself the question: “Would I rush to the attack like I did today had I real cartridges?” As soon as this question has been asked the movement from a usual scenario to a military simulation starts immediately. It should be noted that in games of this kind range, rate of fire, ammunition, tager capacity are close to the parameters of real weapons.

Of course, milsims have their limits. Very few of us would cover a distance of a thousand kilometers, knowing that task fulfillment may be finished in 15 minutes after the game start. No one can feel secured against a “stray” IR-impulse at the very beginning of the event. That is why there are some variants of milsim adaptation, to be more precise it is a kind of integration of this game into laser tag scenarios. After that, as many participants notice, you acquire worked out tactics, careful planning of actions and demand to play in extreme conditions, and yet desire “to be, but not to seem” a special squad soldier or a reconnaissance man. And it is already a different game.


Conventional borders

So that the reader did not get the false assumption that tournament competitive laser tag and military simulation are different things, we are going to give a short explanation. Borders between these two notions are rather conventional: there are roles in tournaments as well as in milsims. For example, there is a rusher (a player, moving very quickly towards the enemy, his objective is to seizure, to destroy or to liberate). Or there is a storm trooper, who is able to give covering fire to his group, to cause a great deal of damage to the opposing team.

And there is always competitive atmosphere in scenario games: every participant wants to fulfill the task quicker than other players, to save more money or to get information about the location of some valuable article.

Military simulation can boast everything: scenario, roles, realism and ability to be adapted to a gaming process.

Some of us shout for “Barcelona”, and some shout for “Bavaria”, but all of us love excellent football. In case with laser tag it is important to see the difference between its varieties, but there is no need to distinguish them properly. Laser tag is something that unites us, it is what makes sense, it is what makes us live and breathe in our leisure time. That is why when you decide to call someone scornfully “a cosplayer” on the Net, think that it may be an offense to the feelings of your friends, your companions and even to yourself. Be cultured and tolerant. See you at battlefields!

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#42 Link to our official webstore

Posted by administrator on 30 March 2017 - 12:20 PM


You will find everything you need for laser tag games in the Products section. There you can view mass-dimensional models, compact sub-machine guns and long-range sniper rifles. All the products have been divided into categories. You can not only get information about our products, but also select and buy the items you need.
All our laser tag products have GOST and CE certificates. The optical system in all our equipment passed biological safety testing. Based on the photometric and radiometric characteristics protocol, LASERWAR equipment has been acknowledged safe for playing laser tag.
About 1000 laser tag clubs have been opened around the world using the equipment by LLC LASERWAR. LASERWAR branded equipment is used in Spain, Germany, England, USA, Egypt, France, Thailand and Malta as well as in Russia.
All our game sets support the international MILES 2 protocol, which ensures their compatibility with products by other manufacturers. To add to that, the online statistics, bright OLED displays, superior sound effects, a 24 months’ guarantee and the wide products range make our equipment second to none.

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#41 Software for Android

Posted by administrator on 30 March 2017 - 11:18 AM


Lasertag Configurator - Russia's first mobile application for tablets on the Android platform, is designed for a wide range of users and is designed to work with the equipment of "LASERWAR". It allows "a single motion" to record the settings of performance characteristics of laser tag equipment, using ready-made or custom kits in-game settings, and read the game statistics of the guns. The application has a user-friendly interface and allows you to use all the advantages of the latest versions of laser tag equipment. Setting up the game kits before a big competition is accelerating, thanks to the creation of preconfigured performance characteristics (taktiko-technical characteristics), or dragging the download to unlimited number of game sets. Now the organizers can pre-generate characters, create preset game settings and instantly upload them to the laser tag equipment while away from a personal computer.


Lasertag Configurator offers the following benefits:

  • brand new interface;
  • advanced settings menu;
  • setting up the game kits latest generation at any time and in any place;
  • increased write speed options in game sets and reading statistics;
  • full game statistics with the display of the achievements of the players;
  • save the statistics in a variety of formats, print and publish to a social network "Vkontakte" directly from the application.




  • The operating system Android version 4.0.3 or later.
  • The minimum width of the screen - 600 points (diagonal screen 7 '').
  • Bluetooth adapter to connect the game sets.
  • tools to work with PDF-document to view game statistics.
  • Access to the Internet for the publication of statistics in the social network "VKontakte".
  • The installed program is about 24 MB.

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#13 Main rules

Posted by administrator on 30 January 2017 - 06:57 AM

User Accounts

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    • Shared account has moderator permissions - sharing such an account is strictly disallowed.
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#77 Hardware questions, various

Posted by Wraith on 14 April 2017 - 02:33 PM

Hi, I am new to your product, but I have lots of questions. The weapons look pretty amazing.


 I think there seems to be an option to have recoil on each weapon. Is it mechanical recoil or does it use CO2 for feedback?


Can the vests be used in tandem with the headbands? Does your software allow location based damage, that is a head shot may be different  than a body shot? 


I read that the new headbands can link two weapons, which is great. Do you have to specify that when ordering, or is that an automatic feature?


Do you have to option to put on orange tips, at least for temporary during shipping. US may have issues with the import without them. I would not want the orange tip for actual games though. :)


Is the knife actually sharp or is it soft rubber?


I don't understand the 2 rocket launcher devices. Are those for special missions? As an example would you put one of those "armor disruption systems" on a vehicle or something and it takes a rocket launcher to "destroy" it versus small arms fire? I read a little bit on your description of the armor disruption, but I think I still need some clarification.


What is the difference between the "play set battlefield" prop and the "digital checkpoint" prop? I partly answered this myself after watching your videos. You suggest multiple control points, BUT  Do they work together? With Battlefield Sports it is difficult. You must go to each control box and add up each teams time separately to decide winner. Or Battlefield suggests that you pick the best out of 3 for example.


Is the maximum teams that can play against each other 3?


How strong is the recoil? Is it mechanical or CO2 based? Do pistols have recoil as well? Which weapons do not? Do you have to pull the slide or a lever first in order to fire. Same with rifles? How do you reload?


Are there things I should know about the weapon names such as Original, Practical, Steel etc? Steel seems descriptive enough. But is original NOT a good choice as it’s older or something? What about Practical and others? I did see this briefly touched upon in the FAQ.


Is V9 the same as “smart+OLED”? The AK-12 and MP-9LT say V9 Smart RGB+feedback+OLED. These others such as the Grach pistol say “generation smart + OLED”


Should I only buy V9 stuff right now? Most weapons as above only have a V8 option, but it does seem like all weapons in the packages pair with the brand new headbands, which I think is the main part of V9??


Thanks for answering everyone.

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#40 Software for PC

Posted by administrator on 30 March 2017 - 11:17 AM



The program is designed to set up game parameters laser tag equipment. The program has a convenient interface and allows you to use all the advantages of the latest versions of laser tag equipment. The programming process before a big competition, accelerated by creating presets in-game settings performance characteristics (taktiko-technical characteristics) and their quick download of laser tag equipment. Now organizers can create characters and form of presets, share them share, and players to download their games kits.

Setup game parameters easier to use. When designing the program, we proceeded from the principle that the User should get maximum functionality to change all possible parameters of the equipment and have the ability to quickly configure the game set for a few seconds through a selection of preset templates.


The program includes the following groups of functions:

  • creation and modification of personages;
  • modification of presets and creation of personal presets;
  • importing preset parameters into lasertag equipment;
  • testing the preset parameters right after the configuration;
  • creating of gaming parameters for additional devices and importing them into lasertag equipment;
  • generating, saving and publishing game statistics online.




  • operating system Windows Vista, Windows 7 (x86, x64), Windows 8 (8.1), Windows 10;
  • processor Intel Pentium III 866 MHz and more powerful;
  • RAM 512 MB and more;
  • hard disk space more 39 MB
  • screen resolution – no less than 1024x768 pixels;
  • NET Framework 4.5.
  • the viewer of PDF-documents for the compilation of statistics.

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#14 The Annual Laser Tag May Maneuvers (ALTMM)

Posted by administrator on 30 January 2017 - 01:00 PM

The Annual Laser Tag May Manoeuvres (ALTMM) is not just a sequence of games. It is the event that draws together hundreds of players every year. In 2016, 519 participants visited the ALTMM. The growing numbers of players over the years have proven this tournament to be the biggest event that unites people not only from different cities, but also from different countries.
In 2017, the festival will be held from the 6th till the 9th of May in the Moscow region. The news updates of the event will be published on our official Vkontakte group page.
ALTMM 2017 - mobilization.

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Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 01:47 PM

The Dome is a system that imitates armored vehicles and constructions explosion. It is used in every second big laser tag game. It gained its popularity due to being functional, reliable and compact in size.
In big games, military vehicles are used to transport players. It is convenient, for they are used for moving raiding forces and respawning the “killed”. The game pace increases, the players save time and energy for moving around the ground. If the equipment cannot be destroyed by laser tag equipment though, it acts as an armored train. We have created the Dome in order to avoid such cases.
As time goes by expectations increase, the company staff build expertise, therefore we introduce updates to the devices that don’t look modern enough. We are glad to introduce a new 3.0 version of the Dome.
The first thing that catches one’s eye is the body frame. Clean lines, perfect edges and ribs significantly improved the look of the device. The Dome 3.0 looks superb, way better than the previous version.
The device can boast not only the shape of its frame, but also its stickers, which match well the overall design. The company special lettering, clear pictographs, logo – these are the distinctive features of LASERWAR equipment.
The exterior appearance is closely linked with its repairability. The frame is easy to assemble and dismantle, which is important for those who repair equipment on a daily basis. Besides, the construction is water resistant. The device has been designed in such a way that it displays excellent performance in any weather conditions.
The Dome has now become lighter and more compact: the device weighs 470 grams, its base diameter is 13 cm.
We continue converting the equipment from lead-acid batteries. Inside the Dome there is a lithium accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The company range has been increased with the addition of the new device, which can be easily charged using the devices of the Li+ and Smart Li+ range.
With average energy consumption charged battery operation time has increased to 48 hours. The charger inlet is protected by a special rubber plug, which will not let humidity and dirt into the inlet.
During operation the Dome will please you by its powerful piezo signal and bright light indication, which is clearly seen in any weather conditions. The use of new LED modules makes the light from the device visible at any angle.
The device remained otherwise unchanged: it has 4 TSOP sensors, the possibility to connect pyrotechnics, setting up by means of laser tag configurator.
The Dome is an honest device. If you set damage value to 100 units, then anything below that mark will not be recognized by the device. Such customization will not allow gunners and snipers to strike the Dome.
Besides, the IDs of the players who can blow up the weaponry can be added in the game specification. This is handy for scenario games, in which everyone has their role and concentrate on their own tasks.
The price of the Dome remained unchanged. Its small size, light weight, new frame, accumulator, improved design will cost 4900 roubles. This price includes the opportunity to make the most of your equipment in scenario games. You can buy the Dome 3.0 right now from our online sto

#Laserwar #Lasertag #LT #UpdateLW #EquipmentLW

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#26 Cybertag equipment

Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 12:50 PM


What determines the success of a laser tag equipment manufacturing company? Is it the reliability of play sets? Vests and blasters safety? The easy to use program software? There are lots of characteristics which are no doubt very important. Yet they all can be defined using one global concept. We are talking about the number of arenas, for this is the only measurable criteria of success. This concept includes the ideal balance of price and quality, the reliability of play sets and the prompt technical support.

To the moment we have got 30 operating arenas the world over, two of them started up recently.

The first one of the two is in the center of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is called Siam Laser Games. You can find it in the basement of Novotel Siam Square Hotel.

Two design solutions have been implemented on the big 1300 m2 area. The design of the labyrinth bases and partitions depends on which team the player is part of. The player may choose between orks, elfs, people and dragons. Each team has their own colour and rebirth place. Besides, the arena can boast a briefing room and a reception room, from where one can watch the battle on the battlefield. If you decide to play using our equipment in the very centre of Bangkok, then the Siam Laser Games official group will let you know how you can reach the place.

The second arena has been launched in Moscow. Our company equipment has been added to the already extensive entertainments of Vegas shopping centre. This is one of the cases when indoor laser tag has blended with other entertainment services really well. A panoramic wheel, a 5D cinema and the CYBERTAG arena are there for you at 24 km MKAD, Kashirskoe highway, Moscow.

30 operating arenas, nice software, reliable equipment and 12 scenarios – this is what CYBERTAG is all about. We always welcome suggestions and offers. There is a reason why people trust us, for our company equipment is very reliable. This explains our trade mark success.

If you want to evaluate the development perspectives and start your own business please write to info@laserwar.ru.

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#133 New sound track for laser tag game

Posted by tere-aleksej@yandex.ru on 31 May 2017 - 11:06 AM

Hi all, what can anybody have the sounds for them to use then in-house development of laser tag? anyone can share high-quality sounds of gunfire and explosions?

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Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 01:24 PM


Collimator sights are popular among players for their convenience, they can be used in low light conditions and provide a wide field of view. These sights can be used with nearly any type of small arms – starting with a pistol and ending with a rifle. The collimators are light, compact and one can use both his eyes to aim.

A new model has been added to the range of LASERWAR sights. We are talking about 1x33 collimator sight.


In 1x33 sight four variations of reticles are used. You can switch between them by means of a mechanism located at the back part of the device. Besides that, the colour of the mark and the brightness can be regulated: the shooter may choose between green and red, and pick one of the 5 brightness levels. They can be regulated by means of the flywheel with the built in 3V battery. Aiming at the opponent is easy, even when he is running or trying to hide.


Two adjustment screws located at the top and left parts of the device walls are used to regulate it. As the screws turn they click, each click equals 1 arcminute: each click of the screw shifts it by 25 mm for a distance of 91m. The sight gives the shooter a wide field of view and it doesn’t obstruct it. This will be appreciated by those who like to have the playfield under control.

The attachment for the Weaver bar is built into the aluminium frame of the sight, two screws are used to mount the bar, thus properly fixating the sight. The 1x33 collimator sight can boast its anti-reflective and anti-glare coating. The sight will not disclose the player, and only the shooter will see the target dot.

The model comes equipped with hex keys, rechargeable battery, and a cleaning cloth. A protective lens cover has been added for careful storage. The cost of a 1x33 collimator sight is 2500 roubles. You can purchase it at our LASERWAR online store.


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Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 01:31 PM


The AK-12LT PREDATOR, leader of the next generation LASERWAR equipment, has become the focal point once again. The model successfully passed fierce crush tests and is enjoyed by both adults and kids. In contrast to the classic AK, it is fitted with tactical Weaver rails for mounting additional devices and has a more massive stock. All this turns the laser tag set into a comfortable universal weapon. Its ergonomics, weight, construction, optical and trigger systems have reached the level of excellence which has never been achieved by any other play model throughout the history of laser tag.

Yet LASERWAR engineers have not stopped here. Today, we are happy to introduce the new rail sight for the AK-12LT PREDATOR. It is a few millimetres lower than the previous version, while its length has been increased from 3 to 8 cm, making the device look more authentic.


Aiming has become more arduous with the new rail sight. The player will need to apply all his skills to hit the target. The system of attachments of the rail has been improved. Two hex cap screws are used to tightly attach it to the top bracket of the blaster (in the previous version, only one screw was used).


The new rail sight will be highly valued by lovers of open mechanical sights. Not any sight can boast such long service life. Using the mechanical sight widens shooter’s field of view, for there is no tube that can limit it. For the new sight, we used impact resistantthermoplastic polymer, because toughness of the material is of utmost importance to us. It is 3 times as strong as the material used for standard sights.

LASERWAR developers are convinced that this small detail will add extra comfort to a game and will make the blaster admired by many yet more comfortable and irreplaceable in combat. It is now available at our online store.


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Posted by administrator on 28 March 2017 - 01:21 PM


You are already familiar with the LASERWAR Smart RGB headband. We would like to remind you about its advantages, which are the added functions in the Smart technologies area. It is known to players for its multiple defeat zones, improved Anti-cheat system, backlight function. 

The Smart RGB headband used to support only one weapons set. This is not always convenient, especially for players who love to pull the trigger to the end. Such players often discover that their magazines are empty at the crucial point. We have considered this and are now ready to introduce the new Smart RGB headband for two play sets

How does it differ from the already existing model?


In the new device, the construction and the circuit design have been revised. The reliability of Bluetooth connection has been increased and the power supply diagram has been improved. When being charged, the control platform heats up less.

Changes have been made to the software, too. Now, the Smart RGB headband firmware can be updated using laser tag configurator. No additional programs and utilities are required. The process of updating is easy and familiar to all laser tag players. 

To change to admin mode, press and hold the switch button for 10 seconds until the control unit LEDs start glowing red. 

Open laser tag configurator, go to settings and update the microprogram, just as you would do with any other LASERWAR play set. 

The new program version can now be downloaded from our website.


In the new firmware, we have revised the Anti-cheat system. Time threshold has been changed, the flickering colour used for indication has been changed from violet to red and blue. Testing done in the process of the games proved them more noticeable in any conditions. 

The width of the Smart RGB headband has been changed, too. It has been made 3 mm thinner. A player won’t sweat during an intensive game, while the vibroindication will become more distinct.

In addition to the abovementioned, the device now supports two weapons. Therefore, it is equipped with two LEDs on the control unit instead of one. 

The device is easy to operate:

1. Push the button and wait until the LEDs on the control unit start flickering.
2. Turn on the play sets and wait until there is a connection with the headband. 
3. Activate the play sets using any LASERWAR remote.
4. When both the LEDs are on – start the game.


The headband will appeal to players who prefer to get the full set of ammunition. Spare weapons will come in handy in close combat, inside premises or in a situation where one needs to stay mobile. If you run out of cartridges, this doesn’t mean any more that you have to drop out of a game. You can use a spare pistol to shoot a rival.

The Smart RGB headband for 2 play sets will cost a player 5500 roubles. If you would like to modernize an RGB headband that supports one play set, we have a special offer for you. Return the old version of the platform and get a 50% discount when you buy the new one. 

You can buy it right now from our online store.


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#22 Laserwar.com

Posted by administrator on 02 February 2017 - 02:10 PM



Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. Its main objective is to defeat the opposing team by capturing special game objects (checkpoints etc.) and/or by shooting opposing players with lasertag blasters (or taggers) with inbuilt infrared emitters.

Despite the fact that lasertag came to Russia only in 2001, over the last few years about a thousand of clubs have appeared not only in our country.

LASERWAR is the brand of LASERTAG LLC. Initially, it was just a name of the first lasertag club in Russia, but in time it transformed into a solid company of likeminded people that design, produce and manufacture lasertag equipment and software.

Now we can say for sure that LASERWAR is a synonym for lasertag in Russia and abroad. We have partners and friendly clubs in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belorussia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as in Japan, Brazil, Chile and India.

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