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  1. Good news for fans of laser tag and Instagram. LASERWAR company has created a branded business card that works on the principle of QR-code. Scan the image and subscribe to our channel in the famous social network in one click. We are talking about a new Instagram feature called Nametags. You can use it to create an author's badge. It is a special image that can be scanned for instant subscription to your account. The Nametags function will allow business account holders to publish their badges in other social networks, as well as print them on posters or leaflets and even produce goods with them. Instagram will allow you to scan business cards using the camera in the "Stories". LASERWAR Company is known for its openness to customers. We are present in all major social media and maintain our channel on Youtube. Modern services like Nametags help us to be even closer to the buyer. Join us on Instagram and be aware of the latest trends in laser tag, learn about the release of new equipment, useful hints for players and owners of rental clubs. You are welcome!
  2. The working week is coming to an end, and before the weekend we want to please all fans of laser tag with great news. We have set the dates of the international laser tag festival in 2019. Yes, it is FESTIVAL. Summing up the results of the international laser tag tournament 2018, we reported that May maneuvers will acquire the official status of the international laser tag festival since 2019. It won`t be just a team competition, in the future Maneuvers will turn into a great event that can be visited by the whole family. In addition to the scenario game, we plan to introduce single and team quests, as well as organize an extensive entertainment program for the participants. This is how we see the future of this landmark event for all laser tag fans. The first steps in the chosen direction have already been made. So, we are ready to announce the dates of the festival next year. May Maneuvers 2019 will be held from 1 to 5 May at the playground in the village of Gusino, Smolensk region. Guided by a well-known proverb, we started preparing for the 2019 festival this summer. The work goes on and never stops for a minute. Next year we want to maximize the potential of the Gusinsky range, which was appreciated by all participants of last year's tournament. Besides, we continue to work on new devices, think over the plan of the festival site and new scenarios of the game. Only the atmosphere of action will remain unchanged. Drive, bright emotions, meetings with old friends and new acquaintances – this is the reason why hundreds of players from all over Russia and from abroad annually come to take part in the tournament. Follow the news feed on our website and at our pages in Facebook and Vkontakte, don't miss new information about the laser tag festival. And see you in 2019!
  3. Remember when we promised you fresh discounts every month? For LASERWAR, it`s time to delight our customers with new offers. This month we announce Men`s February! For a whole month, until the end of February, for every big bundle purchase we give you pleasant bonuses - devices for real men. Prepare your ammunition for spring season! When buying a bundle up to 4000$, you get Trinity laser tag grenade and laser tag knife as a present. For buying 6000$ bundles the bonus is Trinity laser tag grenade, Crater laser tag bomb, and laser tag knife. For bundles over 8000$ - Trinity laser tag grenade, Crater laser tag bomb and laser tag knife, Cerberus laser tag mine. The sale is on for LASERWAR`s 9th and 10th generations bundles. It beneficially combines with our continuous 10+2, 15+3, 20+4 offers. Attention: discount card bonuses doesn`t sum up with this sale. For any questions, feel free to contact our managers! Don`t miss the opportunity to renew the arsenal of your laser tag club and get original devices by LASERWAR!
  4. Laser tag is one of the most dynamically developing and technologically sophisticated military-tactical and sports games of recent times. Retracing the history of its evolution, we will see that the advent of new technologies provides an immediate impact on gaming laser tag equipment. Reduction in the overall dimensions and multiple growths of electronics capabilities, weight loss and increase in battery capacity, new optical systems, wireless communication technologies – today's laser tag is strikingly different from the laser tag of a decade ago. With technological development, the players' needs are also growing – the market requires new solutions and revolutionary approaches to the development of the devices from manufacturers of laser tag equipment. One of the most important laser tag features is to ensure the integrity and transparency of the game at the hardware level. Manufacturers of laser tag equipment strive to include in game sets and additional devices as many as possible abilities to identify the player, to recognize his status in the game, interacting only with active, «live» players, to process the current game statistics and unambiguously determine the winner. This shifts the role of the game arbiter to the equipment, releasing players from sharp disputes and saving them from mutual claims and petty squabbles. Players should take pleasure of the game, while the dispassionate and incorruptible electronics will determine the best of them. Information from all game sets is flocking in a consolidated report – game statistics, using the results of which it is not difficult to decide the winner of the laser tag battle. How the collection of game information and control of the game takes place, will be covered in this article. Today LASERWAR produces the fullest range of equipment that supports all three systems of statistics collection and game management – ONLINE, OFFLINE and RealTime statistics. Each of them was created for specific game conditions and best suits the requirements of entrepreneurs and players.   ONLINE-statistics Outdoor laser tag with a milsim bias has the audience of admirers that are closer to military realism than refined fantastic arenas in shopping centers. Many clubs already have their own regular play areas, where most games take place. By equipping the playing area with additional screens for displaying statistics and providing a stable Wi-Fi coverage, the club gets a "hybrid" arena – a game space where while using outdoor equipment you can get all the advantages of the arena: real-time display of statistics and game management, instant adjustment of game sets and setting weapon parameters, engrossing new scenarios, access to the community of players around the world and convenient software for managing the arena, including fiscal statistics. All this became possible with the release of the 10th generation of LASERWAR equipment, which presented the long-awaited ONLINE-statistics system to the laser tag market. This system became the enhancement and logical continuation of the OFFLINE-system, preserving all its strengths and advantages while adding new features that provided familiar «out-arenage» with arena functions. Information about the current, immediate game situation, displaying on the overview monitors, makes game more spectacular and exciting not only for players but also for numerous viewers and fans. Equipped with such a «hybrid» arena, the club gets the benefits of both «outdoor» and «indoor» laser tag, running games on both their stationary arena and changing locations at will. But when it comes to considerable site sizes, it will be difficult to ensure stable radio coverage of the entire playing area, meaning that gaming kits, leaving the communication zone, must accumulate statistics in the internal buffer, to pass it along to the game server automatically the next time they enter the radio coverage zone. During developing the new platform, LASERWAR engineers faced a challenging task - to provide stable and efficient radio contact between a weapon with a headband and the game server. Moreover, it was necessary to preserve the continuity of equipment generations and minimize expenses of players in the transition to the new generation. So we have solved the set tasks. Тhe X-core communication module applied in the 10th generation is for data transmission within the game set and supports two communication standards – Wi-Fi-standard 802.11n and Bluetooth v.4.2 BR/EDR and BLE. Wi-Fi standard 802.11n with a frequency of 2.4 GHz guarantees large bandwidth capacity, high transmission rate and wide operating range of wireless network. It will provide the best performance and allow transferring tremendous amounts of information. With such a Wi-Fi standard, the module is capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 150 Mbps. Of course, the real speed will be less, but it will still reach a record 20 Mbps. Given this performance, recording the weapon parameters takes a split second. While sound recording and firmware updates will be several times faster than in previous generations of laser tag platforms. Furthermore, Wi-Fi routers are now affordable to everyone, which means that the rental clubs owners would not have to buy expensive radio bases and deploy an additional network for laser tag. Recommended routers for the «X» are available for order in LASERWAR online store. Bluetooth v.4.2 BR/EDR and BLE standard enable our electronics to connect with mobile phones, smart watches, tablets. This will significantly enhance the abilities of organizers of large scenario laser tag games and especially individual PRO players. It is important that the connection with the game set headband is still implemented through Bluetooth. This will allow owners of 9th generation hardware to use already purchased headbands, when switching to the «X», just updating the firmware via the laser tag configurator; and replacing of the electronic board in the weapon passes without any mess because its dimensions remain the same. The expense of the transition to the «X» upon the clubs modernization program is much lower than anyone else. A single router provides a stable data exchange over an area of more than 36,000 m2, is located in the center of the site, while the use of repeaters can multiply this area. There is no need, and sometimes the possibility to cover the entire firing ground with a Wi-Fi zone. It is enough to place access points close to teams respawns and aid kits, and all statistics will automatically be collected during the game, almost in REAL TIME mode. This variant can be easily deployed on unprepared ground, using a laptop as a control computer and routers with independent power supply. We should also separately mention the software, that allows you to process the statistics obtained during the game with maximum efficiency and display it on external screens; swiftly distribute players into teams, defining the initial settings of game sets; monitor the equipment integrity and the level of its charge and enable instructors to start a new game with a few keystrokes. Therefore, in the ONLINE system, the current statistics are accumulated in the game sets and periodically transfers to the central computer when the player gets into the access zone. This allows you to keep track of the game situation change during the game and receive more timely information for players and spectators. This is what distinguishes Online from RealTime. Otherwise, if you create a zone of continuous coverage of the site in Online system, then the data will be downloaded to the program at lightning speed and it would be similar to the work of the RealTime statistics. But still, the differences in the level of scenario and arena management will be in the nuances of use. Therefore, if you are opening a classic arena laser tag with a maze – then we recommend choosing Arena Cybertag equipment. And if you have a desire for versatility and something hybrid, the choice, of course, is for ONLINE LASERWAR 10th generation. The new 10th generation electronics from LASERWAR will provide the broadest gaming opportunities at an affordable price and high-quality equipment.   OFFLINE-statistics However, by no means all people like to play in a limited space. Many fans of laser tag are attracted by the possibility of playing games in an open area, abandoned buildings, training grounds, or simply in the forest. This gives +100 to the realism of the game and makes it truly exciting. And LASERWAR equipment gives players this opportunity. The specific nature of the game on unequipped sites, increased requirements for battery life, and in places difficult to provide radio communications, led us to choose an option in which players do not depend on contact with the host computer at all. In this setting, all information about game events is stored in the game set until the end of the game. It consists of a headband or a vest with defeat sensors and one or two weapon units connected to it via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Before the game stars, the statistics of the game set are reset to zero, the weapon parameters and the team colors for all players are entered. During the game, information about the number of made shots, hits to the player, the player's id that caused the damage, revivals is stored in the game's memory. At the end of the game, this data is read from all sets via a wireless Bluetooth connection and is compiled with the help of a special program that generates the final report and game protocols. Based on these summary statistics, it is not difficult to objectively identify the best players and game winners. The OFFLINE-statistics system is implemented in 4th–9th generations of LASERWAR gaming equipment and can rightly be considered a classic of outdoor laser tag. It does not lose its relevance even today; it is used by more than 2500 clubs all around the world. A unique feature of the OFFLINE-statistics can be defined as summing up the results only at the end of the game, but it gives players the freedom in choosing a playground, a quick start without pre-registration, and allows them to play games on any unequipped territory. Some players and manufacturers consider the lack of instant statistics as a disadvantage, but most fans of such games prefer realism and are okay with the absence of ONLINE-statistics. What, say, ONLINE-statistics can be in actual combat? Only intelligence...   RealTime-statistics RealTime-mode supposes the game on a specially equipped site in the area of continuous radio coverage. All game sets are constantly under the control of the host computer, game statistics, scenario, changes in the game, weapon and player settings are read wirelessly in a hundredth of a second, and the current state of the game is displayed on the dashboards, not only near the instructor but also in the Hall, at the arena itself. The very core of RealTime statistics lies in the fact that the central computer software controls the entire game, everything that takes place in the arena. Hitting the player – the computer processed the signal and gave the command to his vest to light up and serve out the vibration in the injury site. You hit the opponent's game base – the software has already made the arena's sound speakers play the sound «Base attacked». All management is instant for players who will never experience any delays. A special protocol, written by our developers, allows you to control the entire battlefield and transfer information through the built-in radio modules in real time from 56 game sets simultaneously. These are truly unlimited opportunities in terms of managing scenarios and the gameplay in general. Neither Wi-Fi nor MESH networks can provide such possibilities. Though coming close to them, have their own features and limitations. This is the true RealTime – it is fully implemented in our CYBERTAG system of indoor laser tag. As far as the games are taking place in a pre-equipped stationary arena of a limited area, it becomes possible to create a continuous field of radio coverage on it, which is created by placing special devices – radio bases and game bases (multi-function devices containing, among other things, built-in radio modules). Each of these devices ensures a stable connection in a circle with a diameter of up to 317 meters, and it is necessary to place them in the arena so that there would be no zones not covered by at least one transmitter. It is not a coincidence that we have chosen radio modules in particular for this project implementation. Working in a range coinciding with Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), they have their own exchange protocol developed by LASERWAR specifically for RealTime statistics and fits perfectly for data exchange between the control computer and a large number of players in a limited area of the arena. Radio modules have 30 channels of information transmission, which is double the number of free Wi-Fi channels. During the game, information from each player is instantly transmitted via the radio channel to the arena's host computer, which guides the entire course of the game (including the state of the game set – whether a player is «alive» or «not alive») in real time. It monitors all game events, displays player statistics on the dashboards, decides the winner of the game and generates a final report of game statistics. The system is under the strict centralized control of the arena computer and our branded software. The software manages all players game sets, vests, and blasters. They are activated by the control program through the radio channel; the same program keeps records of the players' health, shots, and hits, equipment parameters, the number of games and fiscal reporting. Due to the fact that the configuration of the game sets is set up by the computer, it is possible to create complex and interesting scenarios with significant changes of the initial settings directly in the game. The leader in the scenario can be highlighted with a specific glow and be changed during the game, through the game progress the atmosphere in the hall can change, both lights and background sound – helping one of the teams. In the scenario, literally everything is changing, and changes dynamically depending on how the teams play – it is a real live arena! Such scenarios as Firefly, Terminator, Football, Spartan, Zombie Apocalypse, Vampires and Werewolves, Tag, and more, become available. All this is possible thanks to the RealTime-statistics system under the control of the arena managing software – CYBERTAG-configurator. It's a RealTime statistics game indeed, but it requires a specially equipped playground with continuous radio coverage and its dimensions are limited. The prices of such a system are much lower than Western counterparts because it was developed in Russia by specialists of our company. *** Laser tag is many-faced and many-sided, as well as an enormous number of its fans and players, each of which has their own preferences. One is closer to the fantastic world of Cybertag, others are attracted by the realism of milsim, and they prefer the harsh conditions of unequipped playgrounds. The interests of the third lie in the field of rental clubs, where spectacularity, convenience, payback and equipment survivability are the central concern. For each of them, LASERWAR engineers and developers have developed a system that corresponds to their gaming needs and the conditions of the playgrounds as much as possible. We are of the opinion that there is no single universal solution that is equally satisfying all conditions. Different arena and training ground conditions require different, the most effective solutions and they have already been developed by us. «Hybrid» arena with ONLINE-statistics of the 10th generation and unique software, the classic outdoor system with OFFLINE-statistics on 8th-9th generation equipment or RealTime-system of arena laser tag Cybertag 2.0 – you can choose the solution that meets your needs.
  5. Last week, LASERWAR`s award piggy bank refilled with another diploma. We were among the best exporters of the region according to the results of the expiring year! The ceremony of awarding the winners and finalists of the annual regional contest «The best exporter of the year» was held in the Smolensk cultural and exhibition center named after Tenishevs. Representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises received awards from the hands of the head of the region Aleksey Ostrovskiy. The organizer of the competition is the Export Support Center of Smolensk Region with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, JSC "Russian Export Center", the regional administration and the Smolensk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The competition is aimed to stimulate and develop the export potential of goods and services producers operating in the region, to promote export activities and to increase the number of exporters among representatives of this entrepreneur category. LASERWAR won the nomination "The best exporter of Smolensk region among manufacturers of electrical equipment, computers, electronic and optical products". The award was presented to the CEO Sergey Tereschenkov. Earlier, LASERWAR became the winner of the Business-award «Commercial goodwill» in the category «For the innovative projects implementation», along with the regional stage of the National award «Business Success». It's a satisfaction to know that our work is appreciated. This year the company has made another breakthrough in both quality and quantity. Today we supply our products to 76 countries. Even at the Oceanian islands, laser tag is played on LASERWAR equipment! But we do not mean to relax. New countries and new horizons are waiting ahead. While awards and diplomas are an additional boost. For us, this is another confirmation that the company is on the right track. We would like to express our gratitude to all the partners and customers of the company for their trust. Without you, there would be no victory. Thank you for choosing LASERWAR!
  6. We present the next firmware update of LASERWAR X generation. Today's firmware updates relate to the VAMPIRES mode, about which we are going to tell you. The mode is activated via the configurator program or via the PRO remote control. Initially, the game has two teams: VAMPIRES and ZOMBIES. During the game, the killed player is automatically respawned after a specified period of time with changing of team color. That is, each loss in your team increases the opposing team. The game continues until one team absorbs the other. New firmware for taggers of X generation version V10_02_01_47 is available in Russian and English. You can download them using the links below.  Download V10_02_01_47 in English »
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  8. Throughout being occupied with the development of laser tag equipment for more than 10 years, LASERWAR devote much attention to the reliability of its products. In the rich arsenal of game sets of our production, there is a special class of taggers designed for tough rental conditions. High-strength case made of weapons-grade plastic, repeatedly strengthened through internal structural features, absence of moving parts that may suffer during rent operation, excellent design and reasonable price make AK12-LT «Predator» and MP-9LT «Phoenix» literally the basis for the success of many laser tag clubs. This was made possible due to their high reliability and multiple margin of safety, embodied in the design. Laserwar engineers conduct severe tests to determine the survivability limit of our products – because this is the company's business card. You can learn about how such tests go, what is worse for the automatic rifle – to get under the "KAMAZ" wheels or in the hands of children, by viewing a small video, cut by us from the results of crash tests of our products over the past few years.
  9. Getting presents on holidays is always nice. Even nicer when you are being remembered about not by occasion, but anytime and completely unexpectedly. LASERWAR company delights customers with sales and beneficial offers regardless of season or day of the week. From January 16th, a new sale starts! It includes Easy start and Small business bundles of the 9th generation, X-GEN Start Up and X-GEN Best Choice of the 10th. By buying any of these bundles, you get 40% OFF on all additional devices in a selected equipment kit. Additional devices are all devices except taggers (headbands, remotes, chargers, routers, etc.). If you were planning to renew the arsenal of your laser tag club or wanted to open your business right with the start of the new year, the new sale is aimed to assist you. We work with thousands of rental clubs all over the world and play laser tag ourselves, so we know what helps you most. No need to bother your head and collate the numbers – our experts have already cared about all the details. This is a lucky choice for everyone who cares about saving time and money. Moreover, 40% discount on the devices is a considerable addition to your profit! Don`t put the decision on hold! The sale will last until the February 1st 2019. The discount DON`T SUM UP with other sales. For all details, feel free to contact our managers!
  10. New PRO remote control firmware v8_10_10_04 includes two commands to support additional functions of the 10 generation weapon. One of the new commands is responsible for turning on/off the Wi-Fi module. This mode may be required when playing without using the ONLINE mode, for example during outdoor games or while conducting scenarios. In this case, deactivation of the communication module can reduce power consumption and substantially increase the time of the game «on one charge». To enable / disable the communication module, select «Wi-Fi module ON / Wi-Fi module OFF» command on the remote control and apply it by pressing the confirmation button. The second innovation is the command to activate «Vampires vs. Zombies» scenario. The feature is only available for 10 generation hardware. To activate/deactivate the mode, select «Vampire mode ON/Vampire mode OFF» and apply the command. The new firmware is supported by Bluetooth programmable remotes and is available for download in two languages: Firmware in Russian Pult_pro_v8_10_10_04-rus.bin» Firmware in English Pult_pro_v8_10_10_04-eng.bin»
  11. Dear friends! We’ve got very important news for you! The matter will concern Open LASERWAR Cup tournament that has become very popular among laser tag lovers. This completion is known to be the largest and most respected in the Volga region. The organizers of the event are Laserwar club (Ylianovsk), Laserwar (Kazan) and Polygon-16 Rampart (Naberezhniye Chelni). The competition has been held every year since 2016 supported by LASERWAR company and its equipment. A team becomes a winner after counting the results of the 4 game seasons. In the coming 2019 year Open LASERWAR Cup will change greatly. The tournament will become a part of May Maneuvers tournament that is organized and held by LASERWAR company. Open LASERWAR Cup will replace the all-Russian sports tournament held within May Maneuvers and will convert into the international professional military-tactical laser tag tournament. Thus the competition level will get higher, new opportunities for participants will be disclosed, the amount of players will rise. And, as we promised, all-Russian tournament in sports laser tag will convert into a separate great event. It will be held in Smolensk for the first time on 2 and 3 March. As a result LASERWAR company will take responsibility for the largest event of laser tag industry in our country. Therefore, March 2019 — all-Russian tournament in sports laser tag. It will be an indoor competition with inflatable figures. For more detailed information go to the VK group. May 2019 — military-tactical tournament — Open LASERWAR Cup — within May Maneuvers tournament at Gusino Polygon in Smolensk Oblast. Follow the link, subscribe and stay tuned for the news. The winners of both tournaments will rightfully earn their place of privilege in the history of national laser tag. Champion title, that is confirmed by laser tag equipment developer №1 in Russia, is a significant achievement for any player.
  12. 2018 inexorably draws to a close. Pre-holiday days are a great time to introduce new LASERWAR developments to the laser tag community, thus summarizing our work over the past twelve months. Let's start a series of premieres with the ammo reloading device «Arsenal». Аmmo reloading device «Arsenal» is the closest relative of the LASERWAR classic «Basic first aid kit». It’s been a long time since this gadget caught the fancy of laser tag fans and rental clubs owners. Now we offer you a new version of the familiar device. The device is designed to restock ammunition. LASERWAR Arsenal will be an irreplaceable helper during sports laser tag tournaments, tactical training, corporate and entertainment events at laser tag arenas. LASERWAR developers are deeply aware that scenario games and major competitions are a real durability test for any laser tag equipment. Therefore, our devices have a solid safety margin and can withstand intensive use. The «Arsenal» case secures the electronics from falls and shocks. The design of Arsenal is minimalistic and at the same time as informative as possible. In the centre is the yellow button of the impressive size with yellow-red frame. It could be seen from far away even in the dark. Such an effect is achieved, among other things, due to the bright backlighting. Our designers ensured that this part was comfortable and durable. The button will withstand a high number of pressings. It is impossible to get confused in handling the device: stylish icons provide comprehensive information about the purpose of the device. Four screw holes on the sides of the case allow you to mount the device on the wall. The power connector on the bottom side wall is protected by a rubber plug. The principle of «Arsenal» operation is simple. The device is activated with a special key. After that, the button lights up yellow – the device is ready for use. In the upper part of the case, there are two IR emitters. One click on the button – one impulse. Taggers in the area of infrared pulses coverage get a new supply of ammunition. After recharging, the models are immediately ready for play. You can buy the novelty right now in our online store. The price of the device is 70$.  
  13. While the first users are embracing new X generation features of LASERWAR equipment, engineers and developers continue to work on the software. We optimize the firmware code, adapt the default settings for the parameters and continue to add new options that were built into it for further extension during the design stage. Users of LASERWAR equipment receive all software updates free of charge for the entire equipment service life, simply by downloading new versions of programs and firmware from the company's website. New firmware for taggers of X generation has been released, version V10_02_01_45 in Russian and English. You can download them using the links below. Download V10_02_01_45 in Russian Download V10_02_01_45 in English
  14. Friends, we would like to present you an interview with a long-time reliable partner of LASERWAR, the head of the Belgorod laser tag club «Valkyrie» Mikhail Blokhin. Laser tag club «Valkyrie» is not just a LASERWAR client. A certified service center has been operating on the basis of the club for many years. Mikhail told us about his experience of promotion and development of the rental club, priorities in the work and shared the secrets of success. – Mikhail, tell us, when the club «Valkyrie» appeared? How did it all begin? – The club opened in March 2012. The idea was born unexpectedly – before that I did not even know what even laser tag is. Accidentally I saw in the social network photos of a familiar girl with a game weapon and decided to suss out all about the game. After checking out the information on the Internet, I realized that this kind of active rest is a novelty for Belgorod. I immediately decided to try to open up my own club. It was the first one in our city. I took a serious approach to the choice of its name. In Russia there are a lot of laser tag clubs with typical names, and I wanted uniqueness with deep meaning. So this is how «Valkyrie» appeared. – What challenges have you encountered at the beginning of the work? – I had had no experience in doing business, so I didn’t lack for difficulties at first. Some of them I managed to bypass, some touched, but some were particularly noticeable! So, the majority of Belgorod residents had no idea of what laser tag was. It was not easy to bring to them information about the game, all its advantages, and encourage them to try. The second difficulty I faced was choosing a location for the games. Belgorod is a modern city, there are practically no abandoned territories and buildings. Plus, a convenient location is important for the landfill. The sites that were found back then were almost impossible to access. We had to share the same sites with other clubs, including paintball and airsoft ones. That helped to build a good relationship with competitors – we do not antagonize anyone, we often help each other in various matters. From the very beginning I wanted to develop and expand the club, I invested almost all the income in it. Probably, this approach would not fit everyone. The payback period for investment was quite long – about three years. Nevertheless, back then the question of profit was not fundamental for me. While now the laser tag club "Valkyrie" is one of the most famous and largest in the region. – Which marketing activities, advertising techniques do you use to promote the club most frequently? – I use standard advertising tools. This contextual advertising, all kinds of promotions, raffles in social networks and so on. However, even the most effective marketing will not replace word of mouth. In order to make customers not only aware about the club, but also willing to come back here themselves, to advise their friends and acquaintances, it is very important to maintain high quality services. In my view, every manager of the laser tag business should strive for this. The result is obvious. For example, in November – December we have already fully scheduled the time of school proms and last bells. People want to spend time with us of all others, so they endeavor to sign up as soon as possible. – What constitutes the laser tag club «Valkyrie» today? – «Valkyrie» is one of the biggest clubs in the Central Federal District. We have 112 sets of gaming equipment designed for players of all ages. Five own landfills, where various games are held – corporate, in honor of birthdays, team games, tournaments and cups. We offer to play both standard scenarios - «Control point capture», «Wall-to-wall», «Counter-Strike», «Altitude hold», «VIP-person», and unique ones, designed for a specific event. Tactical and technical specifications of the weapons allow each player to choose that very role on the battlefield that he wants. Sniper, assaulter, terrorist, hostage – it will take a long time to list them all. These characters are not just names, but real combat units with inherent unique abilities! Eight experienced instructors are working in our staff. Employees with medical education are responsible for the safety of players during battles. Of all the clubs, only «Valkyrie» centrally transports players on regional laser tag events in other cities and regions. We provide tournament participants with equipment, transport and support during competitions. Our efforts are not in vain - Belgorod athletes have won so far more than one prize. Contrary to most clubs, we are focused not only on games of an entertaining nature. «Valkyrie» develops purely adult direction of milsim games, recreating the actual combat. Also on the basis of the club «Valkyrie» operates an authorized service center of laser tag equipment manufacturer LASERWAR. This status helps us a lot in the joint competition with the clubs, which work on the «Forpost» and «LSD» equipment. And what’s more, in November 2014 «Valkyrie» received the status of military-patriotic club. – Mikhail, is the club engaged in any social work? – I consider the very holding of the games a socially significant event. «Valkyrie» helps children and adolescents to understand the importance of physical development, games teach discipline, respect for themselves and others. We promote a healthy lifestyle among adults and children, unite people and bring everyone a good mood. Several times a year we certainly hold free games for inmates of city and regional orphanages. Children play laser tag with delight; charge with energy not only themselves, but also both educators and organizers. – What are the goals you set for the «Valkyrie» now? – There are lots of ideas. In brief, we plan to work on quality or quantity indicators. It is too early to disclose details. You will see all for yourself in a short while! – Speaking about the equipment, tell us why «Valkyrie» decided to cooperate with LASERWAR? – When I started to study the market of laser tag equipment, I realized that LASERWAR products favorably differ in the optimal price-performance ratio. I am still satisfied with my choice so far. LASERWAR have every right to call themselves the pace setters of the laser tag industry. By the way, I often receive offers to work with other manufacturers. But cooperation with LASERWAR is a priority for us. – At the end of our conversation, what recommendations would you give to entrepreneurs who are just about to open a laser tag business? – The only and, in my view, the most important advice – be persistent. Difficulties are everlasting, but you need to be committed to your ideas. Only this will give the strength not to give up everything in a hard time.  
  15. Do you want, just for a minute, to visit the LASERWAR stand in Orlando (Florida, USA), where the grandiose exhibition of attractions and amusement parks IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 took place, see the presented novelties and plunge into the atmosphere of the exhibition?  A short video sketch from our exhibition team will help you with that!