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  1. Service

    Trouble Uploading Custom Sounds

    Hello. Please check your application version. It must be 1.1.60, the latest version for now. This bug was already fixed. Also, make sure that there is no any additional information in this sound file, such as artist name, album and etc. (no metadata).
  2. Service

    Official LASERWAR LLC Equipment (used)

    Hello. Please see the offer in the private messages.
  3. Service

    Starting Uzi

    Hello. It looks like the reloading microswitch is broken or closed every time. Please check it and replace the microswitch. It must be under the reloading lever, holding by two screws.
  4. Used Laser Tag Equipment from the official Laserwar LLC service center Pros: Excellent condition. Warranty for half a year Official registration of the purchase (invoice, contract, etc.). Discounts, all prices are not final. Everything is individually A large number of weapons and additional equipment, of any generations and configuration. We can upgrade this equipment for you, change the generation, add any extra options (OLED, Feedback, weapon sensor). Guaranteed performance and reliability. Send your requests to AK-12LT "Predator" v.4-7: 165 USD. v.8-9: 180 USD. Destroyer v.7 SmartLT: 120 USD. v.4 (wired): 110 USD MR-514 v.4-6: 135 USD. v.7 SmartLT 150 USD Cedar SMG v.7 and higher: from 220 USD (depend on condition) Eraser v.4-7: 135 USD. MR-512 v.4-9: 150 USD MP-5 v.7 SmartLT: 220 USD AK-74, AK-105 v.6-9: 300 USD Headbands are not included. Wireless headband (for v.5-8): 45 USD See photos attached, and request more by email