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All February - gifts for real men!

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Remember when we promised you fresh discounts every month? For LASERWAR, it`s time to delight our customers with new offers. This month we announce Men`s February!

For a whole month, until the end of February, for every big bundle purchase we give you pleasant bonuses - devices for real men.

Prepare your ammunition for spring season! When buying a bundle up to 4000$, you get Trinity laser tag grenade and laser tag knife as a present.

For buying 6000$ bundles the bonus is Trinity laser tag grenade, Crater laser tag bomb, and laser tag knife. For bundles over 8000$ - Trinity laser tag grenade, Crater laser tag bomb and laser tag knife, Cerberus laser tag mine.

The sale is on for LASERWAR`s 9th and 10th generations bundles. It beneficially combines with our continuous 10+2, 15+3, 20+4 offers. Attention: discount card bonuses doesn`t sum up with this sale. For any questions, feel free to contact our managers!

Don`t miss the opportunity to renew the arsenal of your laser tag club and get original devices by LASERWAR!

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