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  2. The exclusive and universal sci-fi "Pulsar" blaster is the most anticipated novelty of this year. Just look at this awesome package box with the tagger inside! Vivid sci-fi colors reflect all the advantages of the star of the laser tag industry. It'll take you a couple of minutes to get "Pulsar" out of the box because you'd definitely want to have a good look at every detail of this new box. And surely, the tagger will be a great gift and you don't have to think how to wrap it beautifully, everything has been already done for you. Friends, we remind you that this sci-fi blaster combines all the best qualities of lasertag equipment and future technologies. Just take it in your hands once and you will get a feel of it. You can order "Pulsar" in the LASERWAR online shop.
  3. Friends, today we are opening sales of the "Pulsar" sci-fi blaster mock-up. It includes similar parts for assembling the tagger. Now you have an opportunity to assemble everything yourself and insert electronic components of any generation.  The set includes more than 20 parts for assembling. In our online shop, you can read more information about the parts, find out the cost and order the "Pulsar" mock-up.
  4. LASERWAR never stops developing and upgrading software and firmware. The updated version of the Alfatag Server will be released today. The upgrade is focused on improving work with offline statistics. Let us tell you more about the changes. Firstly, each participant will now receive medals on the results of a local game. Previously, awards for activity on the laser tag battlefield were given only on the results of the online battle.    Also, pay attention that the number of medals displayed on the list has been increased from seven to ten. Secondly, we have eliminated collisions that occurred during the generation of offline statistics. So, we have fixed the problem with data reading when one or more sets changed color. If during the game players' IDs were changed or several fighters had the same IDs, then the generation of offline statistics will be impossible, and the server will generate an error.    Be attentive when holding local games and don't let such situations with IDs happen if you plan to get statistics on the results after the game. Version will soon be available for download. Use only updated software, we wish you pleasant games.
  5. We have excellent news for sports lasertag federations. We have prepared a unique modification of the Smart RGB headband which is an essential item for playing lasertag in sports groups, at tournaments and competitions of any level. The headbands are designed in two colors, blue and red, and they will be perfectly suitable for lasertag clubs and for those who play lasertag in teams. Also, it's an excellent choice for fighters who choose to play with a sports "Pulsar" gun. By default, the taggers are already equipped with inserts of the same colors - red and blue. "Pulsar"and a renewed headband will make a perfect set designed to maintain a new standard of quality in lasertag team games. New defeat sensors can be combined with LASERWAR brand safety bumpers for MP9-LT and АК-12LT. They are also designed in blue and red colors. SMART RGB headbands of the "SPORT" series are already available for order in our online shop.
  6. Lasertag is confidently growing into a mass sport from year to year. Tournaments and competitions are held every week, and more and more schools and sports classes are opened. Sports laser tag is evolving with every new day and has already gained popularity all over the world. For example, the first sports laser tag school was opened in Great Britain. Training sessions are organized in London and Ramsgate for children and teenagers, and the best players will participate in international competitions. On January 21 the school will open its doors to the public, giving children and grown-ups a chance to learn more about lasertag, its rules, and its equipment. By the way, the school's players use LASERWAR equipment. We are glad that laser tag is developing and attracting millions of people from all countries. A little bit more and we'll meet at the world championship.
  7. Friends, we are launching the sales of our renewed brand award gifts. Distinctive design and solid stand - now LASERWAR brand awards are available in their new style. A not long time ago we introduced new unmatched souvenir gifts for lasertag clubs in our online store, they are tagger mock-ups on a stand. Golden, silver, and bronze Predator mock-up award gifts have rapidly gained popularity among the fighters. We decided to further upgrade the awards and we made them even more brilliant and durable. Now the award gifts are available in a new stylish design - not the entire body but only individual parts of the tagger mock-up are coated with gloss paint. The killer feature of the award is its solid stand in the form of the LASERWAR logo made of durable metal. The Predator mock-up is fastened to the stand by two iron screws. Such an award won't just become a centerpiece of the club's awards collection but it will also serve as a true and worthy trophy for dedicated laser tag fighters. And the icing on the cake - you can receive souvenir awards within a short time. We guarantee prompt shipment and delivery to any place in the world. You can order LASERWAR brand gifts by clicking on the link.
  8. As usual, the updates were carried out in three directions: fixing bugs, optimizing the application, and adding functionality. First of all, we have improved the application performance when a big number of game sets are used (40 and more). We have accelerated the opening of configurator windows and corrected some interface errors and hiccups occurring during the loading of graphic elements. We have upgraded the game data recovery system that is used in case of an application crash. As for new features that have been added - we have introduced a fiscal statistics system. Earlier we told about this special feature in the Alpha-tag application. Now it's available to the fans of the 10th generation equipment. What is fiscal data needed for? This data can partially replace the CRM system, it allows owners of active recreation clubs to view all statistics about lasertag events, number of players, equipment used during the game, and profits directly in the application. When the game session is finished, the application will offer to save all the necessary information. And in the future, this data will be displayed in the "Games history" section. In that way, the owners can keep track of their lasertag club work during a given period and see dynamics through easy-to-grasp graphs. If you don't need to use fiscal data, you can hide it by clicking on the option called "Window for filling in after game fiscal statistics" in the app's settings. The update is already available in Microsoft Store.
  9. "Adrenaline" in practice! LASERWAR announces a pre-order for shock bracelets. Friends, you may have noticed that this fall we do not cease to delight you with new products - Mobile "Wild West" laser tag, innovative "Pulsar" space blaster and now it's time for another new product - "Adrenaline" shock bracelet. A device for those who are looking for a real thrill. From this day on, fighters will experience a new level of laser tag game. LASERWAR announces a pre-order for shock bracelets. "Adrenaline" is a lot of new feelings and emotions. Colorful design, quick setup, multifunctional button, comfortable strap — and that's not all. The indicator light will inform you about the chosen power level – there are three of them in total: light, medium and high. The device monitors the health level, with any decrease, a short-term impulse will be received. The shock bracelet is already available for order in our online store. You can connect "Adrenaline" only with a set of equipment of the 11th generation - "Alfatag". Friends, when developing the shock bracelet, we used the safe principle of electrical muscle stimulation. But please note that the device is not recommended for use by players with health problems.
  10. Dear friends, we have prepared short descriptions of "Wild West" scenarios. We remind you that there are 7 of them including the training mode. You can choose the required scenario using the shooting range game software. It is supplied in the set by default and no additional payments are necessary. The set also includes by default a USB radio base which is used to connect the shooting range to the computer. With an electronic shooting range, you no longer play a simple "shooter" game. You exercise your accuracy skills, logical thinking and reaction speed. Having at hand a variety of scenarios, a choice of complexity level and a selection of scenarios to any taste. 1. Arcade shooting range Number of players: 1-4 Number of targets: 1-250 Goal: Hit the target while it is flashing with the player's team colour. Points: When the flashing target is hit, 1 point is awarded, if the target is missed, 1 point is lost. If the other team's flashing target is hit, 2 points are lost.   2. Training mode Number of players: 1 Number of targets: 1-250 Goal: Blackout flashing targets as soon as possible. When the game starts, all the targets are flashing, once the target is hit, it stops flashing, and after the last target has been hit and blacked out, the game round starts again. Points: Percentage of the average time of the shooter's reaction speed after all the targets blacked out. The reaction time of 100 ms is taken as a maximum point.   3. Counterstrike Number of players: 2 Number of targets: 4-250, an even number Goal: To mark the rival shooter's targets with your colour. When the game starts, half of the targets are flashing with the colour of the first player's team, and the second half of the targets have the colour of the second player's team. When the shooter hits the rival's target, it changes the colour for the shooter's team colour. When all the targets have been coloured in one team's colour, the game round starts again. Points: A number of rounds finished in favour of the shooter or his team.   4. Outpost Number of players: 2 Number of targets: 4-250, an even number Goal: To mark the rival shooter's targets with your colour. When the game starts, half of the targets are flashing with the colour of the first player's team, and the second half of the targets have the colour of the second player's team. Unlike "Counterstrike" scenario, here each target has got its strength points, each target has 10 points. Each time the rival's target is hit, it loses 1 point of its strength. After the target with the last remaining point of strength is hit, it changes its colour for the shooter's team. If the shooter hits his own team's target, the target gets 1 point of strength, however, if the team's own target is hit when it's full with 10 points, then the target will lose half of the strength points. Each time the targets are hit, they change places at random, but they don't change their state (the team's colour and strength points). When all the rival's targets have been defeated, a new game round starts. Points: Several rounds were finished in favour of the shooter or his team.   5. Moving the target Number of players: 1 Number of targets: 2-250 Aim: To hit a moving target A flashing target can move only in two directions, it can not jump over the neighbouring targets. The direction of movement and time while the target is flashing is chosen at random within determined ranges. Points: Each time the flashing target is hit, one point is awarded, if the target is missed, then one point is lost.   6. Level up Number of players: 1 Number of targets: 2-250 Goal: To get the maximum possible level in the given time. "A moving target" scenario is taken as a base. With each level up, the flashing time of targets is reduced. Therefore, the higher the level, the more difficult it is to hit the target. Each time the target is hit, the level goes up, if the target is missed, the level goes down. The achieved level is displayed on the segment indicator of each target. Points: Correspond to the current level.   7. Colour mixer Number of players: 1-3 Number of targets: 4-250 Goal: Hit the target while it is flashing with the player's team colour. The "Arcade shooting range" scenario is taken as a base. But unlike it, the remaining targets are flashing with the colours of teams not involved in the game process and they change colour approximately once a second. Points: When the flashing target is hit, one point is awarded, if the target is missed, then one point is lost. If the other team's flashing target is hit, 2 points are lost.
  11. We really care about each of our customers and do our best to keep them pleased. That's one of the core values of the company. That's why many laser tag clubs choose LASERWAR. Reason No. 15. We work for the result. What does it mean? It's important to us that our customers receive the required products on time. In our case, it's not only high-quality equipment for laser tag or a ready-to-go solution for business in the entertainment industry. But also an epic game with reliable devices and a profitable own business. To achieve that, LASERWAR specialists support and assist customers at every stage. As a matter of fact, until the moment of the delivery of goods to the customer's door or the club's opening. And even after this you can contact us and be sure to get help. For example, if you face some difficulties with setting up the equipment or repairs. We never stop supporting our business partners. Do you want to expand or pump up your club? Our managers will advise you on how to do it quickly and with minimal expenses. Besides, we are constantly looking for new ways to strengthen and expand the company, and we promptly adapt to different situations. Thus, our customers can be sure that LASERWAR will provide them with professional service at every stage and will assist in solving any questions.
  12. LASERWAR has been working in the laser tag industry for more than 13 years already. All this time we have been developing, manufacturing and selling our equipment but it hasn't been the only thing we cared about. Sharing experience and developing laser tag - that's what our company has been striving for. That's the reason why many clubs choose us. Reason No. 14. We work openly. To share the best experience openly, honestly and fully is one of our company's key values. We want everyone to be able to learn absolutely everything about our work. That's why the LASERWAR team regularly takes part in major gaming equipment exhibitions - "RAPPA EXPO" and "Innoprom" in Russia, SEA Expo & Summit in Saudi Arabia, Seoul International Sports & Leisure Show in South Korea. That's how we make people all over the world familiar with our exclusive developments and promote laser tag as an active entertainment activity. Under the support of our company laser tag battle is developing as a separate kind of sport. To fulfil this purpose we have created the Russian Laser tag Federation. The federation's branches and sports clubs where adults and kids can practice laser tag with the professionals are appearing In each region of our country. Annually we hold all-Russian competitions, where we bring together the best sportsmen on one playground and help them share their experiences. Our company is a regular partner of many educational and entertainment festivals, contests and games. For example, every year our specialists take part in the IT and Business festival called "Tabtabus", and in a popular military-sports team game called "The Hero Race" where the company presents all its novelties and achievements. LASERWAR actively shares its knowledge with the new generation. We organize excursions at our production facility, master classes and interesting lectures and we tell schoolchildren and students about all stages of equipment production. For example, this summer our company has started cooperation with "TOP" Computer Academy. Our specialists have already started classes with the academy's students, helping them study the IT sphere and get a quick plunge into the profession. We never forget about our partners. We are in touch with laser tag clubs which are working with our equipment. The owners often come to our office to find out about the new products, ask for advice on how to develop their clubs more efficiently and share their ideas and suggestions. Each customer can count on our full support. Right now the company is developing in the sphere of the VR industry. In 2021 LASERWAR launched a new project called WARSTATION, that's a Virtual Reality arena. We regularly tell about our work, publish releases about new equipment and interesting events and share our experience honestly and openly. Follow our news on our website and on social networks.
  13. Feel yourself a real cowboy with a new laser tag equipment Dear friends! Soon our online shop will feature one more novelty - the "Wild West" mobile laser tag shooting gallery. It is a fully mobile attraction which makes the game exciting regardless of place and time. The laser tag shooting gallery is compatible with any type of taggers produced by LASERWAR. We have developed a unique software for the shooting gallery. It allows you to manage the game, calculate statistics and edit scenarios. And a new design immediately catches the eye. Targets are designed in the best traditions of cowboy style. We promise to reveal all the details soon - there will be a landing page with information about the laser tag novelty. As of now, we have prepared a special video in which we are telling about all advantages of the "Wild West" mobile shooting gallery.
  14. Our specialists are constantly developing new technologies and solutions for laser tag equipment. But we also make sure that our customers get high-quality technological equipment with maximum benefit. And that's one more reason why laser tag clubs all over the world opt for LASERWAR products. Reason No.12. We offer the best price-quality ratio. We understand how pleasant it is to buy reliable products at a good price. That's why our game sets are made from the best materials and they are available to everyone. And we specifically selected equipment for each type of laser tag. In our online shop, you'll find unique weight and size models which have already become famous for their resistance and endurance. Powerful taggers are made of cast steel, weapon plastic or metal, and some parts are made of polyamide plastic and wood. This provides a high impact resistance of game sets and also gives them an atmospheric look. Ideal for outdoor laser tag. LASERWAR exclusive weapon models are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. They will withstand very high dynamic and static loads and will function reliably in any weather conditions. And with this, taggers are lightweight and comfortable to use. They are most often chosen for sports laser tag games and children's pastime activities. You can buy all these products at affordable prices. LASERWAR laser tag equipment will serve you for many years and won't fail you in any game battle. We guarantee that everyone will find the required product in our online shop and will be satisfied with the purchase.  
  15. LASERWAR cares not only about the quality of laser tag equipment, but also about the comfort of the players during a game session. We have prepared a pleasant surprise for our customers. We launch sales of a special bag for the "Medic" game set. Now, this vitally important device will be always at hand! And the first buyers will get the bag with a discount. The pouch is made from durable fabric with a camouflage pattern. It doesn't wear out by rubbing and does not get wet. It has a handle for transporting and special bands for fixing. You can carry it around with you by mounting it onto your belt, backpack or vest. The Velcro fastener will protect the device from falling out. It's an essential thing in battlefield conditions. You can order the pouch together with the "Medic" game set. It's available in additional options of goods in our online shop. The price is 14 dollars.
  16. Dear friends, we have prepared a sensational news for you. We know how long you have been waiting for it and we won’t delay this anymore. LASERWAR announces a pre-order for the exclusive and universal Pulsar tagger. You can get this unique development right now. Pulsar is available for pre-order during October and you can become the owner of an ultra-modern tagger in November. This weapon has the sensor of second hand, innovative reloading, additional battery, recoil to maximum, special OLED display; and these are not all the advantages of the new tagger.  In pre-order, the cost of the Pulsar depends on the specification of the tagger. Minimal price of the play set of ninth generation with a Prism optical system, without a OLED display and Feedback function is $478. For more details, please, contact our managers.
  17. We feel responsible for the quality of laser tag equipment and we are ready to supply all necessary information concerning it. That's why all LASERWAR products are now obligatory marked with bar codes. Bar codes are used for the identification of the products. Our customers can be sure that they get equipment from the official manufacturer. Bar-coding system simplifies the process of collecting and processing information for our service centers - the bar code makes it easy to track those who assembled the equipment as well as its movement in the warehouse. This will significantly reduce the time spent on repair work.  Bar-coding also guarantees that all operations are under proper control and it speeds up the inventory process. 
  18. The company's equipment can be found in practically every corner of the world - in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. A new arena has been recently opened in Oceania, on the island of Tahiti. Taggers and devices are very popular abroad. Hundreds of laser tag clubs have credited us with their trust. And that's one more reason why many customers today opt for LASERWAR. Reason No.11 Our equipment is used for playing in most countries in the world. More than 300 rental clubs have appeared on the laser tag community map over 13 years of the company's work. Once they chose LASERWAR and didn't regret it. Many customers bought not only our equipment but also the franchise. Together with our company, they started their own business from scratch. Full support, operational efficiency, reliability and guarantees - that's what have led our partners to us. As of today, our franchises have grown into big organizations and entertainment centers. We continue to support our customers even after they have already purchased equipment or started their business. We help them grow and overcome possible difficulties. Our specialists are always in touch to help customers solve any problems. LASERWAR has created an interactive map to display all the customers. Everyone can mark his club on this map or find out who is already using the company's equipment in the city. People in 86 countries play using our game sets. We make sure that our partners are always happy. LASERWAR quality work is proven by millions of customers who trust us.
  19. Dear friends, LASERWAR is an international brand. That’s why it has several production sites in different countries, as befits a large company. It means that our customer can order and get the best laser tag equipment from anywhere in the world in a short time. One of the production sites is located in Latvia. So we can send taggers and devices to any European country. Moreover, customers from Europe can receive a value added tax refund if they have a company that works with such a tax. We are constantly working to improve the equipment, producing new high-quality play sets. Soon we will delight you with interesting news. They will be in different parts of the world, in every laser tag club of the LASERWAR partners.
  20. Hello everyone, LASERWAR launches a limited edition of Red Alert. Only now you can buy an exclusive "Bomb Simulator" in Nuclear Red colour. It’s all about bright design, shock-resistant material, 24-hour battery life, powerful sound and a special password guessing function. There’s no doubt, you already know all the advantages of this device. Proven and reliable device is made in a new style from now on.  You better make it quick and try to become the proud owner of the unique red "Nuclear Suitcase". The number of devices is limited. You can purchase it at the old price - 176 dollars. Please contact the managers for further details.
  21. The RPG-22L THUNDER, which has proven itself in laser tag battles, has a unique feature. it is a “one-shot weapon”.  A disposable grenade launcher can inflict maximum damage with a single shot, but it’s useless after that until it is reactivated on the base. Numerous requests from players and customers have prompted us to release another version of the grenade launcher.  We've updated the firmware by adding auto-recovery with a time delay and an indicator LED which can let you know when it's ready to fire.  Now, after a certain pause, the grenade launcher is ready to fire again. You can choose a version which will be suitable for you,  during the ordering process on the website. Both the traditional “basic” firmware and the modified “Privatka club” firmware with automatic reloading of the grenade launcher are available.
  22. Virtual reality amaze adults with graphics, details and modern equipment. Children just say: "Wow, I want to play more." VR games capture the imagination of children, open their mind and also in parallel form useful skills. For instance: - keeping fit; - development of logic and thinking; - raising accountability; - expansion of horizons; - improvement of communication skills. Each child will find something of their own, while playing in VR. But do not forget that what is happening can scare little players. This experience is breathtaking, and not everyone can withstand the appearance of another universe. We recommend to put an age limit, which means allowing only children over six years to play.  For younger visitors, you can equip a small area that will not have any technical equipment or dangerous items.
  23. If you have decided to open the arena of the virtual reality but don’t know from where to start, we have prepared three package offers for you on this occasion. They differ in arena area, number of players, map-locations and also game mechanics. You choose a service package based on your demands and finances. Basic, Extended, Maximum are the three thoughtful tools for the business of virtual reality. You can find more details about offers on our website. We help you to create your own VR club with quality equipment, regular update of software, corporate identity and technical support. If it’s necessary, we go to the opening of the arena and help to train the staff. Are you ready to start? Contact us.
  24. We know very well how difficult the path of a novice entrepreneur can be. That’s why we prepared all terms for start of your business with minimal risks and losses. Choosing WARSTATION you get: Your own game content Our development department creates games on Unreal Engine 4. We update and supplement the maps regularly, and now our partners can use 12 VR maps for team game. Brand WARSTATION brand is already famous both in our country and abroad. Opening arena, you can develop your own business or choose our option for business. No restrictions. Marketing Support We give away ready-made photos, all materials for building, graphic and brand book, design of our web sites and arenas for free. Full support of our partners at the start. Profit from the first month With the right marketing strategy, you will start making a profit from the first month, which will grow only further. Help in staff training We are not limited just to our package offers. If it is necessary, we go to the opening of the arena and help to solve all issues and problems personally. Are you ready to start? Contact us.
  25. LASERWAR is responsible for the quality of every detail of equipment, so many laser tag clubs choose our game kits. Why are we so sure about this? Telling you in a new article. Reason No. 10. We create laser tag equipment from the beginning, with our own hands. The unique full-cycle production is established in LASERWAR. It means that laser tag kits are completely made on the basis of the enterprise by the hands of our employees. Each element is produced inside the company. We have created the necessary conditions in the offices so that employees can assemble laser tag equipment quickly and efficiently. Soldering of circuit boards on automatic installation, add-soldering of connectors and DIP components, subsequent washing in ultrasonic baths, drying and coating with protective varnish - this is how new taggers and devices appear in LASERWAR. Our employees monitor the serviceability of every detail and do not miss defects in production. After assembly, the equipment is tested for durability. We test the devices, correct errors, defects and only then send them to our customers. This is how we control and ensure the high quality of our equipment.
  26. LASERWAR continues to improve and apply all the best developments in business. We have created an autonomous attraction that fills the game with new unique features. It's time to introduce the software that leads to the fascinating world of the Wild West. The software for the Wild West mobile laser tag shooting gallery was liked by the players at the last May Maneuvers. It was its first appearance. We have collected a lot of positive reviews, improved the system and are ready to launch software for mass use. The new software is the most convenient application with a cool color interface, statistics, ease of management and the ability to edit scenarios. You can run the game at home or outside. The software does not tie you only to the laser tag club. Wild West is a fully mobile attraction. The application is suitable for computers, laptops, Windows tablets that have a USB port. It's already available for download via the link.
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