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  2. Our franchise of virtual reality is a convenient and practical way to launch a modern VR arena based on a ready-made concept with a specific kit of equipment and technical support. WARSTATION makes business unique and fast-growing. Buying a franchise makes it possible to solve a big part of the problems even before they arise. It reduces risks, the time of project promotion and brings it to the maximum level of income in the shortest time. WARSTATION franchise is: - variety of game maps; - light and convenient equipment; - support at each stage of the work; - transfer of all knowledge in the field of VR; - regular software updates; - marketing materials, recommendations; - financial model for your city. Are you ready to start? Contact us. +7 900 220 00 00
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  4. We know how nice it is to receive gifts. Therefore, we constantly delight our clients with favorable offers. That's another reason why owners of laser tag clubs choose LASERWAR. Reason No. 6. We regularly hold auctions, promotions and give pleasant bonuses to our clients. In the company's online store, you will always find laser tag equipment at an affordable price. There are almost constant sales, thanks to which you can buy taggers and devices with a discount of 10%, 20%, 30% and more. During the year, we regularly launch special offers. These are preferential programs that bring additional benefits to laser tag clubs, the service and all players. Nine programs are now available. If your club has broken or outdated game kits, send them to us. We will integrate electronics from them into new body. Promotion "Upgrade your club. Be in the fashion!" will last until the end of 2022.  The LASERWAR company has prepared a favorable offer for owners of laser tag clubs. When you purchase our equipment, you will receive as a gift three months of free use of a unique CRM system for laser tag clubs. On holidays, we also launch special offers. New Year's raffles, contests, "Black Friday", promotions for "Valentine's Day"… This list is constantly being replenished. You can follow the current promotions in a special section.  LASERWAR makes laser tag affordable for everyone, so we take care that you can purchase high-quality equipment at a bargain price.
  5. The owners of laser tag clubs, which were launched with LASERWAR support, have become our reliable partners forever. We emphasize exactly – “partners”. The company has always supported only this format of customer relations. This is one of the reasons why many laser tag clubs choose us. Reason No. 5. We offer partnerships and free franchise. The launching of your own business is very risky. That’s why many entrepreneurs choose a franchise to launch laser tag clubs. This is a reliable and proven method. But LASERWAR offers more profitable way – a partner. To become our partner, what does it mean? Don’t pay royalties, receive full support 24/7, recommendations and ready-made plan, and also equipment at a discount, free software. Now we tell you more. At the start, customers make a minimal one-time payment, and we provide constant support for the club. The business plan, consultations and support, recommendations and guidelines for launching are what is included in the partner package.  For those who start their business in laser tag, we have prepared a nice surprise. We give the ready-made LASERWAR equipment kits at a good discount, and the software and updates to it are free. At the same time, all revenue is yours after launching. No monthly payments. You decide for yourself what to spend your full profit on. For more than a decade, we have been helping beginner laser tag clubs to develop. Many of our partners have been able to become large organizations in a few years what bring great profit and make people happy with an exciting game.
  6. Virtual reality seems no longer like distant science fiction. This is our present and future. We are going to a new level of laser tag. LASERWAR has launched an innovative project – WARSTATION. This is a business of virtual reality that brings real money from the first month of work. The VR market has huge potential. We suggest you not to be afraid of the new things and take a step towards innovations together. Our terms guarantee a payback period from 6 to 9 months. See more information about the project on the website and in social networks: Facebook and Instagram.
  7. Constant work, improvement of equipment and a love of laser tag led us to the fact that there are more than 220 kits of game devices in the company’s arsenal. Moreover, for different types of laser tag. And this is another reason why customers choose LASERWAR. Reason No. 4. The widest range of laser tag equipment. There are 70 taggers and 19 hit sensors for outdoor game in the LASERWAR online store. We produce professional equipment for indoor laser tag under GYBERTAG trademark. You can buy 18 kits for indoor game. The equipment has no analogues. And that’s not all. We didn’t just limit ourselves to just kits for standard indoor and outdoor laser tag and went further. LASERWAR developed weapons for different types of laser battles. Do you need laser biathlon training kits? Or do you want to buy devices for home laser tag? There are several kits to choose for each type. The store has 69 devices that are suitable for different scenarios. You can use popular ones or create an infinite number of your own. For 13 years we have developed 11 unique generations of equipment and software, improving electronics, hardware and software. Almost every year, our customers can get free update for game kits. We make laser tag better and more interesting with each generation!
  8. During 13 years of work LASERWAR has created laser tag game with safe equipment for children and adults. This is another reason why clubs choose us. How is this possible? We tell in the article. Reason No.3. We produce certified laser tag equipment. We care not only about quality of equipment, but also about players’ safety. That’s why we create kits that comply with different standards, even international one. Children in 86 countries play briskly with our tagers. This is because LASERWAR equipment complies European CE standards and is certified by the Eurasian Economic Union. Before releasing the device, every detail, starting from the “filling” elements to the body, passes a comprehensive check. We test equipment in all conditions, durability and quality, work in any weather. The results are reflected in the passport of the game kit that we apply to each device. It has operating rules, description and operation of equipment, warranty obligations and recommendations for handling. Within two years from the date of purchase, the device can be sent to a service center for repair. If the need arises. That’s how LASERWAR guarantees the reliability of the equipment. We make laser tag safe for all players!
  9. The company's online store has been replenished with souvenir products. At the May Maneuvers we awarded the winners of the sports tournament, laser tag shooting and The Hunger Games with cups in the form of popular tagger mockup. The participants liked our branded prizes so much that we decided to put them on sale. Unique models of Predators are available in the online store in three colors: gold, silver and bronze. Taggers will become a pleasant decoration of the laser tag club or your personal collection. You will also be able to purchase cups for rewards in competitions or tournaments. Laser tag fighters will definitely appreciate such prizes! You just have to choose the color you like or buy all the cups at once! Follow the link to order branded prizes from LASERWAR.
  10. In the new version of the program fixed: — localization of role names when changing the language; — statistics export format for one team; — issuance of medals for game achievements; — saving the date of the last visit; — when recording the TTX settings in bulk, the weapon type icon does not change. Innovations: — Display of the RSSI level with icons. A completely green Wi-Fi icon (RSSI from -65 and above) is an excellent signal. The green icon without one division (RSSI from -75 to -65) is a good signal. A yellow icon without two divisions (RSSI from -85 to -75) is a bad signal. The red icon without three divisions (RSSI from -85 and below) is a very weak signal bordering on the absence of a Wi-Fi connection. — when the tournament is held, its name is now displayed in the final PDF file of statistics. — the ability to export the local database of players to a CSV file (saved on the desktop of a personal computer). — devices (EDS and Digital flags) are now displayed in the broadcast window (dynamic statistics). In addition to the device icons themselves, the indicators necessary for each of the devices are also displayed – the holding time of a particular team, the time before the explosion, and so on. — added mass reloading of defeat sensors and taggers, as well as clearing statistics. — added the display of local game status. If the kit is running in a local game, it will be displayed in the software with the corresponding icon. The application of TTX settings will not be available. When you try to record the settings, the software will issue a corresponding warning. The Alfatag software update is already available, the latest versions of sensors and taggers have been uploaded to the website.
  11. Dear friends, prices for the products increased in our online store. We work on production of laser tag equipment in the same way that we had in the past. LASERWAR team takes the orders. Payments are made without changes. The delivery time of orders will also increase. At this time, we are focused on the customers’ support. We are sure that everything will work out soon. The company is ready for any situations. Now we are working on a 10-th generation software update. Recently an update of the firmware and software of the 11-th generation was released. In the online store, you will also find a wide range of taggers, hit sensors and devices. LASERWAR is always in touch and ready to help with any problems. If you have questions, call us or contact us using the form on the site.
  12. On 16-18 May, our company will visit Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo & Summit. We will take the best LASERWAR equipment and go to the East Kingdom. This is an important event for everyone who belongs to the field of entertainment. The list of participants includes leading architects, designers, contractors, investors, entrepreneurs and buyers in Saudi Arabia. Together with leaders from the sector in the country, we will share our ideas and experiences. We will show high-tech devices and arrange a test drive for Easterners. The expo participants will have another surprise from the company. We will present a new project – WARSTATION – and tell about how we create new virtual reality.
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  14. You don’t know what epic scenario to choose for laser tag? How to select the best equipment for the area? We have developed a catalog with ready-made scenarios for outdoor laser tag. If your ideas for battles are over, you can find some variants in the catalog. Simple tips will help to avoid mistakes and make the game epic and comfortable for participants. What is in the catalog? Recommendations for setting up playgrounds. They will help you to decide on placement of equipment at the playground, starting points and instructor’s base, to select tagers and other devices for defined playgrounds. Nine exciting scenarios in different genres. Do you want to become a policeman and to prevent prisoners from taking possession of the treasures? Maybe to fight with walking dead? To survive at the range in style of “The Hunger Games”? In the catalog you will find a lot of alternatives for outdoor laser tag. Each scenario has detailed description. How many players can participate, which devices is better to use, what round time, what features of the game and level of difficulty. Here we even left tips for instructors. With such arsenal, the players will not definitely be bored. For everyone, there is an option to taste.
  15. We continue a series of posts about why many owners of laser tag clubs in the country choose LASERWAR equipment. Here's another reason. Reason No. 2. We are the leaders of the domestic laser tag market. This means that LASERWAR equipment is bought most often. More than 200 cities and 86 countries trust us. They were the ones who were able to check the tagers in operation and evaluate their work. Clubs know firsthand that our employees can be approached for advice at any time. Support is provided. The company launched an online store with high-quality laser tag equipment. The assortment includes not only gaming devices, but also unique software. And also a convenient system for managing military sports clubs. We are constantly improving. Free software updates and new generations of equipment has been released. Now the company has successfully launched a project in the field of virtual reality – WARSTATION. The quality and success of the company is confirmed by thousands of customers around the world who have trusted LASERWAR for many years.
  16. Dear friends, we are glad that over the years you have been buying laser tag equipment from our company. We always read your feedback and comments, suggestions. This makes LASERWAR better. We have prepared a series of materials in which we will tell you in detail why customers around the world choose us. There are several reasons for this. Reason No. 1. We have 13 years of experience in the producing and selling of laser tag equipment. Since 2008, every day of LASERWAR’s work is dedicated to laser tag. During this time, more than 140 types of laser weapons and devices for outdoor and indoor games have appeared in our arsenal. You can buy high-quality products from us. Reliable and safety. With our equipment it is possible to play in different conditions. Severe wind and -30 degrees outside? Ice storm? The scorching sun? Tagers will not fail in battle in any weather. More than 10,000 customers have already checked and evaluated their work. We have accumulated enough experience in the laser tag industry. Our employees will help you to decide on the choice of equipment for laser battles. We definitely know what is the best for you.
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    Hornet modelling

    In theory, it looks a bit like a glock, but in fact it is an individual model
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    Emitter length

    Parallax best accurancy 2x smaller and the distance the same or 10-20% more with sun.
  19. The exhibition with products of our dealer Laser War s.r.l. will be held in Rome, Naples and Modena in spring. Festival participants will be able to try their hand at laser tag with LASERWAR high tech equipment. On April 7-10 there will be a huge inflatable maze and laser weapons at the ROMICS International Festival in Rome. Guests will get a chance to experience the unique PHOENIX taggers in the battle. On April 22-25 our devices will be presented at Naples COMICON. The festival program will be eventful. Not worse than the famous San Diego Comic-Con International. The premieres of comics, games, meetings with popular people, and a large platform for laser tag with the best equipment are what awaits the participants. On May 20-21 at PLAY: Festival del Gioco our dealer will present not only devices for laser fighting. At the exhibition in Modena the participants will be able to immerse in the world of virtual reality with exclusive technologies from LASERWAR. Some of our equipment has already been sent to Italy for preparing. In order not to lose us among all festival participants, follow the news on official websites.
  20. Dear partners, friends and clients! LASERWAR is a world producer of lasertag equipment with a twelve-year history. We quickly and successfully coped with small delays in deliveries to different countries. Indeed, we have found new ways to deliver products to the European market through our dealers and production partners, which are located in Latvia. Now you can order lasertag equipment to Europe without independent customs clearance, without customs duties and taxes. In fact, this is the delivery of lasertag weapons to your house! Why did this become possible? First of all, we have increased deliveries to our dealers in their warehouses in Europe. If you have a VAT ID (identification number of the value added tax payer), you can get the equipment directly from a warehouse in Latvia. There are stored products, that have already passed customs clearance. Secondly, a part of the LASERWAR equipment under the license agreement is already produced in the European Union. So now you can order lasertag weapons with delivery right to the doors of your house. Easy and simple! We have great respect for every client and try to save your time, strength and money! We work for your convenience.
  21. The company LASERWAR, despite the logistical problems related to the closure of airspace for Russian air transport, has found stable ways to send laser tag equipment for all foreign partners. As before we supplied and will supply equipment to Europe and the USA by ground and air transport. We have established contacts with dealers and improved payment methods. Now you can order laser tag equipment through LASERWAR or through our dealers, partners. We continue to accept payment in any currency through Alfa-bank. But if difficulties arise you can transfer money for equipment directly to our dealers in Europe (for example, Serbia, Latvia) and China. Please note that the delivery time of laser tag weapons has increased by one or two weeks. But LASERWAR is already working on this task. We have increased deliveries to our dealers in their warehouses. This will allow a quick return to two weeks of delivery. We are constantly working to improve the service and now our company has become stronger! We continue to develop, create and sell high-tech laser tag equipment.
  22. Alphatag is the best laser tag equipment on the market and will remain of interest and in demand for a long time. You are leaving behind competitors who can only offer a mid-priced arsenal with limited functionality. You are bringing together professionals who love milsim and prefer to play laser tag in a mature way. You are gaining opportunities for large scenario games and tournaments for hundreds of participants. You are providing the foundation for a successful business for years ahead. After all, it is the generation of Alphatag that will become the basis for the development of the military and tactical direction in laser tag.
  23. Dear friends, military conflicts, and international events have little bearing on the company's operations. LASERWAR is perfectly equipped to deal with any situation. We continue to manufacture and deliver laser tag equipment to our customers in the same way that we had in the past. Payments for orders are made in advance and are not subject to change. During this time, we will be concentrating on assisting and safeguarding your interests. We have a large network of representatives in several countries, European consumers can pay for their orders through our European dealers. Because of the complexities of aviation, delivery times will slightly increase. We are confident that things will improve soon. LASERWAR is always available; our management are there to answer any questions and assist in the resolution of any issues. Dear friends, military conflicts, and international events have little bearing on the company's operations. LASERWAR is perfectly equipped to deal with any situation. We continue to manufacture and deliver laser tag equipment to our customers in the same way that we had in the past. Payments for orders are made in advance and are not subject to change. During this time, we will be concentrating on assisting and safeguarding your interests. We have a large network of representatives in several countries, European consumers can pay for their orders through our European dealers. Because of the complexities of aviation, delivery times will slightly increase. We are confident that things will improve soon. LASERWAR is always available; our management are there to answer any questions and assist in the resolution of any issues.
  24. A large-scale laser tag event for employees of IT businesses was organized in Armenia in October-November 2021. It was organized by our long-time partner, the rental club LaserWar Armenia. It is the country's oldest laser tag club and the organizer of the laser tag federation. Find here more info on the matter. Many IT specialists and technicians interested in new technology are among LaserWar Armenia's consumers. As a result, it was decided to hold an IT Cup event for the most active. Teams from 16 of Armenia's largest companies took part. Each team consisted of 13 players plus 5 in reserve.  The organizers chose realistic scenarios that were as similar to combat missions as feasible, such as capturing a building, defusing a bomb, rescuing the "president," and so on - a total of 10 scenarios. The competition was held in 3 stages at three beautiful settings. It was set up exactly like a major competition, complete with training, spectators, and rewards. As a result, three teams were declared the strongest. They were awarded valuable gifts and cash prizes of USD 6,000. The prize fund was built up thanks to entry fees and the sponsors. LaserWar Armenia is planning a second IT Cup in 2022, which promises to be even more spectacular. The organizers told us that 30 teams have already applied.  The photos and video are provided by LaserWar Armenia.
  25. Apart from powerful and cool taggers, what should your rental club have? That's right, identical devices. They increase the game's appeal and realism by a factor of 10. The top-of-the-line additional equipment from LASERWAR will be covered in the second half of this article. The devices are compatible with electronics from the tenth generation. Each one has a distinct role to play and is unique in its own right. Two Digital Flags, Crater laser tag bomb, Electronic target, Smart PRO remote, Sights, Headband and Spider and Firefly chargers - you'll see the process of unpacking them from the start, and at the same time learn about their main advantages. All of our devices are available for purchase through our online store. In the first video, we unpacked four tagger models for you at once. Click here to view it.
  26. Two pieces of wonderful news arrived at the same time: the company's equipment has moved closer to clients in East Asia, and a Cybertag 2.0 arena has opened in Seoul. The opening of LASERTAG KOREA has made all of this feasible. The guys got outdoor and arena laser tag equipment worth 220.000 dollars and became LASERWAR's official dealer in South Korea.  In addition, one of Seoul's largest shopping malls now has a Cybertag 2.0-branded arena. Our designer recommended zoning choices for the venue as well as materials for the club. You can see the result in the pictures shared by the partners. As a reminder, you can not only buy laser tag equipment from LASERWAR, but also order a turnkey playground solution. Our professionals will develop a concept and perform any design project. The price is determined on an individual basis. For more information, please see the section devoted to Services.
  27. For you, we've unpacked four tagger models of LASERWAR's tenth-generation. This equipment is designed to withstand hours of use and will complement your rental club's arsenal. Today's top sellers are AR-15 RANGER, AK-15 WARRIOR, MP9 PHOENIX and SR-21 GHOST. The taggers have already become indispensable equipment for many laser tag clubs. Their appearance, practicality, and utmost likeness to the actual thing are what set them apart. You'll learn about the features of each and witness how we pack and assemble orders in this video. We hope that the unpacking may be useful to individuals considering laser tag equipment purchases. You can read more about the taggers here. All products are available on our online shop. The second part of the unboxing will be available soon, but in the meantime, watch and share your thoughts in our Facebook group.
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