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  3. LASERWAR has one more customer in the Netherlands. Our laser tag equipment was purchased by a club from Venlo. Its owner, Peter van Eyck, tells our editorial team why he decided to go into the rental business instead of breeding rabbits. The farm turns... into a playground Peter van Eyck and his wife Esther had been rabbit breeders for over a decade. All was going well until there was an outbreak of disease on the farm that killed many animals.  - We realized we didn't want to go through something like that again and decided to change course, Peter explains. - Then we wondered what could be done with our land and premises. We learnt about strikeball by chance. It seemed like something special to us, so we decided to turn the livestock farm into a playground.  The family had no money for expensive repairs, so they had to use whatever materials were available. - I built a playground out of all the junk we had left over from the farm, laughs the former farmer. - I also used things I could get cheap or free of charge. So, the basement of the barn was converted into an underground bunker. Trenches of old tires were made in the field, some old shipping containers and cars were installed. It turned out super cool and the players loved it. After a year of hard work, an elaborate CQB playground appeared where the rabbits lived. The club opened in June 2019 and is called Area077. 077 is the number for the Venlo city. The journey starts The playground is only a ten-minute drive from downtown. "The Netherlands is only 300 km long and 200 km wide, so players from all over the country came to us. It's very convenient that they don't have to travel long distances," notes Peter. There is an indoor arena measuring around 2,200 sq. m and an equally sized playground in the open. There is a bar on site selling drinks and snacks. Companies coming for the whole day can order lunch. - We mainly use the playground as one big field, but occasionally we divide it into zones so that two groups of guests can play at the same time, explains the owner. - We also have a small shop which is only open when games are held. We sell strikeball accessories and several models of air guns. In quest for an ideal game The business started to sky rocket pretty quickly. The strikeball club was gaining popularity, and soon it was fully booked every weekend.  - At the same time, we noticed that many people are hesitant to come because they are afraid of the pain, recalls the interlocutor. - So we thought laser tag would be a good addition in order to get more income from the playground.  Another advantage of laser tag is that, according to local laws, there are no age limits. Strikeball, on the other hand, can only be played from the age of 18. - I was about to order equipment from another manufacturer, but then I saw LASERWAR products on the Web, the man continues. - The realism of your game sets appealed to me more than the toy guns I had seen from your competitors. Russia is so far away from us. So, I pondered for a few days before ordering. And yet in the end I chose LASERWAR. Peter purchased 40 taggers - Warrior, Ranger, Phoenix, Hornet, Ghost and Berserk - as well as headbands. Everything is running on Alphatag electronics. And a whole batch of additional equipment: consoles, chargers, Digital Flag, Smart battle base, Trinity grenade. The result is a complete arsenal that will cover the club's basic start-up needs.  Ready for laser tag! - Although there is no age limit for laser tag in our country, we focus on realism and therefore only provide services to guests over the age of 14, says the Dutchman. - We don't think adults like playing with screaming kids. We want to gather a group of regular players and also hold games for larger groups - stag/hen parties, friendly gatherings, family parties, etc. Laser tag is prevalent in Holland, and Area077's services are unique in their own way. The club owners hope that this will have a positive impact on the success of the project. They are now actively promoting a new direction. They made a promotional video (see it at the beginning of the article), added information about laser tag to the official website and ran an advertising campaign on social media. The first games are scheduled for early February.  - The plan is to learn laser tag step by step and make the most of it, says Peter. - In the future, I want to try organizing large-scale laser tag events outdoors. This has never happened in our small country.
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  5. We haven't wasted any time, and with the start of the new year we're launching a programme to upgrade game devices. Familiar devices will be redesigned, and some of them will be implemented on a more modern component base with new additional features. This is the result of feedback from our customers, whose requests and suggestions were carefully studied. We implement the most interesting ones. So, let's start with the Dome 3.0 armor disruption system, heavily used in big scenario games - the device has received a new, more modern design and will continue to delight players using LASERWAR laser tag equipment. The device's functionality has not changed. The game set is available on out online shop.
  6. Atrax Expo 2022, the international amusement park and ride equipment exhibition, will be held from 3-5 February in Istanbul, Turkey. This will be LASERWAR's first overseas visit in 2022. ATRAX will be held for the 9th time. The annual event is attended by thousands of industry professionals - representatives of government agencies, local authorities and municipalities, investors, architects, landscape architects and leisure industry gurus. The event attracts a record number of visitors from Europe, Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2020, it was attended by more than 18,000 people. 180 companies from 22 countries exhibited their products. This year's theme is Happy Cities. Entertainment projects that create more social opportunities and focus on the happiness of city residents come to the fore. There is no doubt that laser tag fits perfectly into this concept. LASERWAR is going to present the best works. There will be classics from the lightweight and indestructible Phoenix to the nine-kilogram Degtyarev light machine gun, as well as our top-of-the-range devices. Of course, we prepared new sets: AK-15 Warrior, AR-15 Ranger and its modifications, SR-21 Ghost sniper rifle and MG-21 Berserk machine gun. The focus will be on the 11th generation of Alphatag: we will tell guests about the technology and software, and demonstrate innovative hit sensors. CYBERTAG rental equipment is always of great interest at these events. Visitors to our stand will find out what laser tag arenas, complete with virtual reality technology, will look like. Looking forward to meeting dealers, current and future customers and simply interested visitors! Find us at the Istanbul Exhibition Centre, stand No. A-332. See you soon!
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  9. Two-factor authentication (2FA) has been in effect for some years when signing into a VKontakte account. At initially, it had no effect on our software's operation. However, the modifications to the 2FA algorithm upset the established order. Our testing, as well as feedback from users of laser tag equipment showed: when two-factor authentication was on, it became impossible to upload game statistics - the software simply did not allow entering the security code from the VKontakte Administration. We swiftly rectified the situation. The app will now do a security check and prompt you for the password when inputting your login and password. Next, you will need to provide access to the account for the app: "Sharing - Cybertag Configurator". Once you've met all of the requirements outlined above, you can begin publishing your game statistics on VKontakte. The new version of Lasertag Configurator 8.6.8 is available for download.
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  12. Let's take a closer look at the software and firmware functionality that has been added. An update of the desktop Alphatag Server 1.10.5, hit sensors firmware v. and taggers firmware v. have already been uploaded to the website and are ready for download. And while you're updating the software on your game sets, we'll tell you about the introduced changes. - Feedback form Perfection has no bounds. Even the software we develop is susceptible to instability under certain circumstances. Each time we receive feedback from you regarding issues with the app, we make every effort to resolve them as quickly as possible by requesting additional information, clarifying details, analyzing screenshots, etc. To increase our developers' efficiency, we've added a feedback form. Now, if you encounter an issue, you can describe it without having to close the app, attach any necessary files, and send us all the necessary information. - Pre-configured team lists This feature is primarily focused on conducting tournaments using Alphatag generation equipment. With a list of participating teams in hand, the organizer can import them into the software and quickly populate the game lobby. The player base section allows for the editing of members, teams, and tournaments.
  13. Dear friends, we've made it a habit of gathering all enthusiastic laser tag players and club leaders at the same event on a regular basis. We are pleased to announce that the traditional LASERWAR presentation will take place in February 2022. This time, we're going to combine it with a laser tag club conference. During the presentation we will talk about the achievements of recent years and production novelties, show the first samples of future taggers and additional equipment, and present breakthrough projects in the laser tag industry. At the conference, representatives from the rental industry will discuss the following topics: - establishing and promoting game clubs; - strategies for increasing the rental club's profitability; - developing sports laser tag and a variety of other questions. The list of participants, topics, and speaker order are currently being finalized. If you would like to share your experience, share a successful case, or propose a new project, please contact Sergey Tereschenkov, the company's CEO, at The presentation will take place at Gagarin SPACE, 124 Yaroslavskoye driveway, Moscow, according to preliminary information. The exact date, time, and location will be announced after the New Year's holidays. Laser tag lovers are most welcome!
  14. Hello friends, I am new to this forum and this is my first post here. I just recently started to play this game 'Star Trek Online' from Steam. But I am having a problem, I can't play it on the entire screen. But finding the problem I searched online to solve it and found a post like this. They suggested using the compatibility mode. I'm a little worried about whether this method will work perfectly. Can anyone suggest some ideas?
  15. Laser tag opens up the door to your imagination. You can feel like a Spartan, a superhero, or a gunfighter if you have a blaster. The free Cybertag software has 22 scenarios available by default, but this is not the limit. You can make your own version of the game using our editor. The scenario editor consists of events, actions and parameters. By changing them, you can set a new story spin. The function allows you to start from scratch and make your own scenarios. Do you use the editor? Please share in the comments the game plots you have created. It is important to us that you get maximum and convenient functionality when you choose CYBERTAG equipment. The software is ahead of other arena manufacturers in terms of the number of built-in scenarios. The fast edit feature will help you respond quickly to customer requests.
  16. New Year is coming, and many owners of rental clubs are going to upgrade the equipment arsenal and open new branches. If you are one of them, don't miss out on a good deal. It will also appeal to entrepreneurs who are just planning to launch a laser tag business.  From December 15, you get a discount on ALL products from the Game Devices section of the LASERWAR online shop when buying any business sets. You can purchase devices that are not included in the selected package to implement any laser tag scenario. The promotion is valid until January 15 inclusive and is not combined with other discounts. Hurry up to make a purchase amounting to RUB 100,000 or more before December 31 and take part in the New Year's Eve giveaway!
  17. We put in a lot of effort every year to keep laser tag fresh and interesting. Anyone, regardless of gender or age, will find something interesting in it. Additional devices, such as those in charge of generating a wide range of game scenarios, can help with that. In this new video, we've gathered together five of LASERWAR's top products for you. They range from well-known brands to newcomers who are just getting started. We briefly describe the main advantages of each and show them in action. The invisible and dangerous Cerberus, mimicking the action of a tripwire mine. "The "newcomer" of rental clubs - the simple Time Point with 4 scenarios. An immortal laser tag classic, the Smart Control Point - one of the most popular and sought-after devices on the market. A clever and practical Smart Battle Base Create the scenario of your dream. The innovative and one-of-a-kind Digital Flag, which opens up previously unattainable opportunities for rental companies. Which devices would you include in your own top list? And which one do you consider to be the best in your experience? Leave a comment below.
  18. We have studied many years of experience of individual players and rental clubs, and compiled 8 bundles for different occasions. All are already available to order from the online shop. It is cheaper to buy such a bundle than to purchase the devices separately. Grenade launcher bundle - for those who appreciate spectacular explosions and realism in laser tag fights. Explosive bundle - if you know a thing or two about spectacular explosions, ambushes and traps, then that is your choice. Maximum opportunities to diversify familiar scenarios. Individual bundle - the essentials for an individual fighter in one bundle. Medic bundle - a set for the medic game character. Fits perfectly into scenario games. Stalker bundle - a game set that allows surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. We are talking about the world of scenario laser tag games, of course. Sniper bundle - if a sniper rifle is your constant companion during scenario games, this bundle is what you need. Zombie budle - A set for fans of blockbusters from the category of "Dawn of the Dead" and "Resident Evil". Ideal for quests involving "monsters". The bundle is suitable for both rental club and outings. And, of course, they make a great gift for a loved one - especially on New Year's Eve. Choose your bundle now!
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    Report website glitches and problems, suggest new ideas or improvments, ask questions about the website, etc.
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    Hornet modelling

    I bought some Hornets from Laserwar and now am looking to buy some cheap holsters to fit them. Since holsters are usually somewhat formfitted, I need to know the styling of the pistol in order to buy holsters that work well with the gun. What pistol type is the Hornet modeled after? Thanks.
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    Emitter length

    I read on that the parallax is quite a bit shorter than the prism. How long is the prism? Parallax? Thanks.
  22. We have recently received news from the Fortress laser tag club in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. They hold many laser tag events for kids and teenagers, but this time they decided to hold an ice laser tag battle for seasoned athletes. The game took place in early November. According to club representative Konstantin Tyunin, it was a trial event in a new format. The organizers invited members of the local Torpedo hockey club to play laser tag on ice. Just like a standard playground - with inflatable figures and control points. The equipment was provided by the rental club. Its instructors ran the game. - It was the first such experience for the hockey players and for us. Torpedo is one of the most popular clubs in Kazakhstan, so we decided to have this cooperation. The boys are good at teamwork, so they learned the principles of laser tag quickly. The impressions of all the participants were good. Now we are thinking about a permanent collaboration, we can develop this area as show projects. To learn how the ice battle unfolded - see the photo and video reports. And take note of this case - we're sure it's a good way to promote our favourite game.
  23. With the arrival of the cold weather, many people ask: Can I play laser tag in winter? Definitely yes. It's perfect for both frosty winters and hot summers. As long as you enjoy physical activity and can find the time, games can be played any time of year. We're sure you've played laser tag more than once in winter and had a lot of fun. After all, it's different from playing in the warmer months. But for newcomers it will be useful to know that the most important thing is clothing. There is no need to wrap yourself up so as not to make it difficult to move around. Choose an insulated and waterproof uniform. Laser tag in winter is even more about moving than it is in summer. Want to freeze? - Run and make fewer stops. A great exercise in the fresh air. In terms of equipment, we have taken care of everything. The taggers are made from durable material and the batteries can withstand up to 12 hours of use in extreme cold. Laser tag is all about safety. There are no paint balls that freeze, the gun shots with harmless IR pulses. Again we are debunking the myth that games are only played during the warm season. Laser tag is versatile in many ways. It is suitable for all ages, for all seasons and for all celebrations.  
  24. The LASERWAR Laser Biathlon is now available in a new application. "Stoik", a Krasnodar social-sports public organization for disabled people, won a presidential grant to promote laser para biathlon. We want to support the project and tell our subscribers about the initiative. Oleg Stekolnikov, a Sochi resident, invented laser para biathlon. Oleg is a wheelchair person, and he has developed a new adaptive sport for people with similar physical disabilities. Paralympic biathlon for wheelchair people serves as the inspiration. What makes it different from the classic Paralympic discipline is that you can run in a wheelchair or even use an electric wheelchair. Laser tag rifles and targets manufactured by LASERWAR are also allowed for shooting. Para biathlon was well-received by more than 200 wheelchair persons from the Krasnodar region and other parts of Russia. It's possible to show strength and endurance, stamina, and precision while participating in sports. People of all genders and ages find it fascinating. Our aim is to get as many people with disabilities involved in sport and active living as possible," says Oleg Stekolnikov. Incidentally, in August this year, a laser para biathlon competition was held in Sochi as part of the Para-Art festival. The competition was open to people with disabilities, including those with mobility and hearing impairments, as well as kids with special needs. Oleg Stekolnikov was also one of the festival organizers. Laser para biathlon sections are already in operation in Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod. A presidential grant, which was won by the "Stoik" NGO for the disabled, will make it possible to open similar sections in five more Russian regions. This will allow wheelchair persons in our country to participate in a new sport. LASERWAR congratulates the people of Sochi on receiving the grant. t with your wonderful project!
  25. XP Mobile Laser Tag

    What is your favourite game mode?

    There is no proper dress code for laser tag anaheim. It is recommended to wear dark coloured shoes and a comfortable dress while playing this game. Comfortable shoes help you to run properly while chasing your enemies and does not cause any accidents.Dark coloured clothes are helpful because it does not glow that makes you an easy target for the enemies. Therefore, you must not wear light coloured clothes or a combination of light and dark coloured clothes in the game of laser tag anaheim. You will get a variety of dark coloured equipment at our company.
  26. Since we want to end the year on a positive note, we're launching a promotion: all customers, who buy equipment for 2000 dollars or more, automatically participate in the draw game. The winners will be announced on New Year's Eve, 31 December. To take part in the promotion: - from 1 to 30 December, purchase LASERWAR equipment worth 2000 dollars or more. You can make your purchase any way you like - through a manager or on the online shop. The main thing is to pay for the game sets before the draw results! - keep your purchase invoice - it will confirm that you have taken part in the game. The account of each participant who fulfils the conditions of the promotion will receive a number. At the end of December, we will randomly choose three winners. First place – Rgb Target LASERWAR Second place – Artifact (4 pc.) Third place – Medic box Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a useful gift to your cart. Good luck everyone!
  27. We are still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus and it's not a reason to abandon your favorite hobbies. Outdoor laser tag is ideal for spending time in the open, but there's also a great option for those who still choose to spend more time at home. It's possible to play laser tag in a large group or in a more intimate setting. These events necessitate the use of laser tag sets that we've prepared specifically for that purpose. In this case, you manage the whole process, most importantly you don't have to travel to the playground or spend time for game preparations. Everything you need to do is unpack the set, select a scenario, and begin playing. The game sets include handy and lightweight taggers, hit sensors, chargers, control panels. A laser tag duel set, a Russian-American rifle set, and a four-player set are all available for purchase from our shop. Home laser tag is sure to be appreciated by kids. The kids' game set is great for young fighters. Visit this page to learn more about the latest deals and discounts on the equipment of your interest. Never lose heart or panic - there will always be laser tag if you're a fan of the activity.
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