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  1. In 2020 we signed a contract with a new client from Serbia who became our reliable business partner. In only one year Revitant/LaserWar club has made a great progress. Today it is the first Laserwar official representative, exclusive dealer and authorized service center in the Balkans. The club’s representatives purchased laser tag equipment, the total price of the order was more than 20 000 USD. Revitant focuses more on outdoor laser tag. The club offers flagship laser tag markers and devices manufactured by Laserwar. Any person interested in simulated combat experience can visit their office in Novi Sad, a city located in the north of the country, try out our equipment in real-life settings and even purchase it for personal use. The company owners are well acquainted not only with the laws and regulations covering laser tag business but with the rules of the game as well. Therefore, they not only sell laser tag weapons and devices, but get players familiar with the rules, teach them how to use and to set up the equipment according to the situation, the company also advises beginner entrepreneurs who are eager to start a laser tag business. Revitant can assist you with the shipping, their employees can pick up the goods at customs and deliver to the client. And they even organize mobile laser tag matches across the whole country. As manufacturers we are pleased to see that Revitant pays a lot of attention to laser tag popularization and promotion of our brand “Laserwar”. The company organizes two-day competitions “LaserWar League of Serbia”. They have established a network of laser tag clubs “CyberTag, LaserTag and LaserWar” and moderate an English forum There you can ask questions about how the equipment operates and suggest your own ideas on what devices could be created or implemented into the game. “In our view partnership is a mutual understanding and cooperation in laser tag promotion across the globe” – emphasizes LASERWAR CEO Sergey Tereschenkov. – “It is extremely difficult to find people who would be of high level expertise in this field. The project owners of Revitant are exactly this type of entrepreneurs we would like to deal with. Let me elaborate, only by studying their website, design, the way they present their product and deliver the information we have learnt something and now we are implementing this knowledge in our own projects. It says a lot. These guys set trends! They have a unique style: high quality photo, video, promo and business card materials. The company is positioning its brand in the market correctly. As laser tag equipment manufacturer we are happy to deal with such highly motivated clients. But in return we are ready to make concessions for our partners from Revitant, we always listen to their feedbacks in terms of product quality improvement and we also support them in their endeavors”. According to LASERWAR CEO the purpose of the company is to open in all cities with population above 150000 in Western Europe with at least one laser tag club that would use our equipment. We are talking about outdoor and indoor laser tag. Our moto is “Laser tag for everyone”. We are sure that cooperation with Revitant will be beneficial for both sides and contribute to realization of future plans. We congratulate the company’s management on the first year and thank you for the fruitful work in the development and popularization of laser tag in Europe. If you want to become a dealer or an official representative of Laserwar, feel free to contact us. Main phone: +7 (495) 133-7220 WhatsApp/Viber: +7 (904) 369-1333 Email: Learn more about LASERWAR franchise.
  2. The main point of the changes is Digital Flag debugging in terms of online play. Previously, customers experienced issues where the configurator detected the flag but did not run it in a network game. In order for the flag to run through the server, its firmware must be updated to version 02.02.20. If when trying to start a round using Digital Flags devices via LASERWAR UI the application gives a warning that it cannot start, please upload the Digital Flag firmware. To do that, follow the steps below: 1. Download the Digital Flag firmware in.json format from the LASERWAR official website. 2. Close the LASERWAR online configurator app. 3. Launch the app by holding down the Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys on your PC keyboard. 4. If done correctly, the "Upload firmware" button will appear at the bottom of the main window after the application is launched: 5. Wait for the server to detect the connected Digital Flag. To ensure that the Digital Flag is detected by the server, open the pre-start lobby by pressing the START button. The connected devices will be displayed at the bottom of the window. IMPORTANT: if you have several Digital Flags, they must be connected to the server one by one to update the firmware. 6. Press the "Back" button to exit to the main application window. 7. Press the "Upload firmware" button. 8. In the opened window, select the previously downloaded firmware file. 9. Press "Open" - the firmware update process will start. When it has finished, the Digital Flag will be restarted. Then restart the LASERWAR UI app as normal. The game lobby will display icons for players and detected Digital Flags. They can be added to the game by dragging them into the special panel above the commands. When you have finished dragging the device into the panel, you can set the colour command for the device in a newly opened window. The colour of the device can either be grey (neutral) or its background can match the team colour. The device type, charge level, Wi-Fi signal quality and device name are also displayed. The process of turning flags on/off is synchronized with the start of the scenario, and game events (captures, eliminations, etc.) are counted in the online statistics. The number of points for game events is set in the scenario parameters. The software also displays the device status. These are 6 icons with a white background: explosion, damage, error, alarm, capturing, holding. The new Digital Flag firmware, in addition to network synchronization, contains another small change that customers have long been asking for. Flag Control, Confrontation scenarios now have a "Holding time" parameter (range from 0 to 3600 sec.) The "Holding time" is an additional condition for completing the game when there is an infinite round time. If you set this parameter to e.g. 1 min. and run an endless round in Flag Control and Confrontation scenarios, the flag will stop the game when the holding time of one of the playing teams has reached 1 min. This team will be declared the winner. It is important to realize that the "Holding time" parameter only works on an infinite round. If the "Round time" parameter is not zero, the "Holding time" will not be taken into account. We continue our task on connecting new devices to the arena software. Please wait for new releases. We are waiting for your suggestions.
  3. Almost from the very first announcement of LASERWAR's new unique AR-15 Ranger model we got plenty of manual assembly questions from players. We are talking about buying AR-15 bodies for self-assembly. Traditionally, all bodies designed and manufactured by the company can be purchased as a complete set for electronics self-assembly. And today we present a complete set of AR-15 Ranger body parts for self-assembly. The set includes: 1. Body parts (2 halves) 2. Bolt 3. Bolt spring 4. Trigger 5. Trigger spring 6. Fire mode switch (3 parts) 7. Butt plate 8. Magazine parts (2 halves) 9. Magazine plug 10. Magazine latch 11. Sighting equipment for AR-15 (2 parts) 12. OLED display plug (2 parts) 13. Tactical grip 14. Picatinny side rails (2 parts) 15. Speaker 16. IR Module 17. Optical lens 18. Hall sensor 19. Hall sensor adapter 20. Power LED 21. Anti-vandal lock with a key switch 22. Fire mode switch 23. Reload switch 24. Power Socket 25. Fastening set (screws, nuts and washers) As you can see, the new game set far exceeds any of the previous bodies in terms of the number of parts and elements, as the level of detail in the models is constantly increasing. Judge for yourself, a detachable magazine, bolt-on reloading, a lever type fire mode switch - the increased functionality brings additional design elements to the model. The game set is already available in our online shop in the Integration bodies section, at a cost of 162 dollars.
  4. Valentine's Day is coming up. Are you still thinking about the gift? If your loved one can't imagine life without laser tag, you're sure to find a suitable option on our online store. To help you choose the best option, we've compiled a selection of gifts especially for February 14. AK-15 Warrior A new LASERWAR game set for loyal fans of weapons of home production. The Warrior is, by all accounts, an improved version of the AK-12LT Predator, a recognised laser tag classic. The cast body of AK-15 is made of shockproof amorphous polymer. The material has high viscosity. It is resistant to breaks and cracks. It is not afraid of winter frosts, heavy rain, dust and dirt. The weapon has a bolt reloading like in the original Kalashnikov rifle. The game set is equipped with the best existing optical system for laser tag - Parallax. With it, the player has to aim carefully, just like in a real gunfight. Your favorite fighter will be able to hit the target from up to 700 metres away. Find out more. AR-15 Ranger Assault Rifle A new game set for connoisseurs of foreign weapon classics. The Ranger is based on the famous American AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The body is made of weapon plastic. The fire mode switch and bolt reloading operate in the same way as in the original rifle. Recognisability and uniqueness are two mutually exclusive qualities that LASERWAR engineers have combined in the new AR-15 Ranger. The Ranger's low weight and compact size make it easy for a petite girl or a brutish man to play. Find out more. MP9-LT Phoenix submachine gun Another unique tagger manufactured by LASERWAR. Designed with the practical experience of laser tag clubs in mind, as renting clubs know best what their customers need. Weighing just 780 grams, the submachine gun is comfortable to hold for anyone of all sizes and skill levels. At the same time the Phoenix does not look like a toy. The Picatinny rails for all kinds of additional equipment and an authentic flame extinguisher increase the resemblance to combat weapons. The pistol grip, which was approved by the Russian Special Police Force, takes into account the anatomical structure of the palm and the grip specifics. The reload button with clear end-position locking will appeal to beginners and old timers. Up to one and a half days of uninterrupted play time on one charge! Find out more.  Hornet Laser Tag Pistol Perhaps your partner already owns a favorite laser tag rifle and has figured out his or her favorite game style of a sniper or an assaulter. Then the partner is sure to be happy with a quality laser tag pistol as a second weapon. The Hornet is just the right thing for your sweetheart. The high-precision Parallax optics allows a target to be hit from distances of up to 100 metres. The Hornet is not a plastic toy. Externally, it is almost indistinguishable from a combat pistol: the bolt reloading verifies that. The game set provides up to 20 hours of game performance on a single charge. Find out more. Electronic target for laser tag A gift for those who want to perfect their shooting accuracy. The game set includes four RGB electronic targets and one Hornet version 9 Smart RG laser tag pistol with special firmware that allows the game set to be activated without a headband. The game set helps the laser tag enthusiast develop focus, reaction and the ability to quickly aim and shoot accurately at the bull's-eye. Find out more. If you're afraid of making the wrong choice but you'd like to please your partner, order a gift certificate. Just do the following: - Contact our managers in any way you like and let them know you would like to purchase the certificate. - Transfer the amount shown on the certificate to the account provided by the manager. - Get your certificate electronically in .pdf format. - Print it out and present it to your partner together with a sincere declaration of love. See the promotions section for more details.  Remember, whichever gift you choose, it's always more fun to play together. Shared hobbies bring people together! Choose laser tag game sets for two and enjoy the action together. Take advantage of the moment: LASERWAR has a special offer on "Laser tag for two" game sets. Grab a 5% discount from 9 to 16 February! Hurry up and make your dear ones happy with sophisticated gifts. 
  5. Great news for AR-15 Ranger owners. LASERWAR has produced a set of foresights and backsights specifically for this rifle. You can see the result of our work in the attached photo. The Ranger image is now complete and every detail is in its place. The permanent cost of the set when ordering from our online store will be 6 dollars.
  6. The new release - LASERWAR online configurator, version 1.125 - is already available on Microsoft Store. Let's cover all new feature of the software.  The new version of the programme introduces two sets of changes. The first set deals with the scoring of points for interaction with arena game devices - Digital Flag, Control Points, IGBs. We changed the scoring for capturing the Digital Flag in certain scenarios. For example, in the Digital Flag scenario, points were awarded for raising the opponent's flag regardless of whether the player was killed en route to his base. The points were still counted. In this scenario, points are now awarded to the player and team only if the player has brought the opponent's flag to his base (i.e. made a full capture). We are for fair play! In scenarios with a "device capture" (Flag Control, Confrontation, Outpost, Hospital, Arsenal) points are now awarded for the capture (points range from 1 to 199 per minute). The scoring is not done all the time, but every 10 seconds or so, so that the software does not overload or glitch on weak PCs or tablets. Due to the fact that it will soon be possible to add not only the Digital Flag but also Control Points and IGBs to the online game, the "Captures" column has been renamed to "Devices" in the statistics (In the "Last Game" section and the pdf file). It will take into account all actions with all devices (so far we have four such actions - capture, hold, install, destroy). The second set of changes relates to the update of the tagger firmware to version Download firmware version V10_4_7_5 from the official LASERWAR website. An additional feature has been added to the new tagger firmware at the request of one of our customers. We were asked to make a mode where players would have their health points taken away little by little at the start of the game (this was to help combat players who were constantly sitting in ambush and not active on the playground). The idea seemed worthwhile and a feature called "Infection" was added to the firmware. When it is active, the player periodically begins to lose health after the start of the game. Settings for this parameter have been added in the Weapon specifications section: Health reduction interval when infected (i.e. the frequency with which the player loses HP) The amount of HP reduction when infected (damage from one "infection" event) "Time to death from infection" is the amount of time given to an infected player if he does not cure the infection within the round time. The "infection" can ONLY be treated with the commands "Bandage" (0x8323E8) and "First aid kit" (0x8B..E8). Other commands: reanimation, new game, double health, start game, add health points will have NO effect on the "infection"! If a player is cured during the round, but is then killed, he will be infected again after being revived. The option to activate/deactivate the "infection" has been added to the scenario settings menu. It is switched off by default in the standard scenarios. Three new scenarios have been added: Contamination, Pandemic and Paragraph 78. The infection is switched on by default in them. The scenarios differ in the number of teams playing: Contamination - 2 teams, Pandemic - 4 teams, Paragraph 78 - 1 team. The new firmware fixes a bug that was noticed by our customers: in multiplayer, if you applied the "Double life left in the round" (0x8322E8) command to the killed player, he would be able to shoot and hit opponents while being killed. There was nothing that could be done with him - he was already dead. He was a sort of "zombie". A lot of work has also been done to solve the issue of taggers ending the round prematurely in online play (the taggers announced the end of the round and quit the game). We have also found bugs, fixed the software and conducted a series of field tests at operating laser tag clubs. We continue our task on connecting new devices to the arena software. Please wait for new releases. We are waiting for your suggestions.
  7. The shortened version of the 5.45 mm AK-12K assault rifle was presented by the Izhevsk Kalashnikov Concern at the Army-2017 military-technical forum three years ago. The full-size AK-12 IRBIS has long had a well-deserved place in our arsenal and is in high demand by players who value highly authentic weapons. And what could be more authentic than a model based on a real combat prototype? We have expanded our AK-12 range and today we are introducing a compact version of the AK-12 IRBIS. The barrel of the new model ends just behind the gas tube, thus reducing the overall length of the gun by 7 cm. There are no particular design differences from the full-size model, still the same reliability and power of combat steel. Numerous Picatinny rails allow for the fitting of all types of attachments and sights. As always, options with different types of optical systems are available on our online store. The choice is yours.
  8. For the fans of the stealth action genre and the trilogy of HITMAN game, we're introducing 2 new modifications to the Hornet and Phoenix pistols. Now the weapons have added silencers - the Prism optics. Shooting and reloading are accompanied by a low level of noise - all in keeping with the saint rules of the genre. Choose  game set or set for 2 playersand enter the game. Taggers for secret agents We have refined the Prism optics to it. The tube looks like a silencer. You can purchase weapons separately (1500 roubles more relative to any generation) or as part of new game sets: "for two" and laser tag business. The gun is suitable for outdoor and indoor play. It is indistinguishable from a firearm in appearance and fits easily in the palm of a kid's or adult's hand. Use the bolt to reload the weapon. The operating time can be up to 20 hours one charge. We've added laser to the standard arsenal of all mercenaries, assassins and secret agents. The weapon is safe to play thanks to its operating principle: when a player approaches an opponent, he presses a button located on the handle thus initiating a virtual death to the enemy. The range of impact is within 0.5 m depending on the lighting. Another LASERWAR flagship, proven by thousands of rental clubs around the world, is the Phoenix submachine gun with the Prism optics. The compact design withstands the jerks and loads that all laser tag battles are filled with. Up to one and a half days of uninterrupted play time on one charge! The game set includes a tactical grip and OLED display. Like the other taggers in the Hitman Edition range it has a low noise level for all sounds. Hitman Edition for two players Includes a minimal set of equipment for a laser tag game for two players in the Hitman style. At the cottage, at home, in the park - play for fun! Hornet pistol with an OLED display and Prism optics - 2 pcs. Laser tag knives - 2 pcs. Li+ charger - 2 pcs. Headbands - 2 pcs. Smart NANO remote - for free. Hitman — a game set for business The game set is not only suitable for playing games with fans of the series, but also for playing the following 8 scenarios: Digital Flag, Flag Control, Confrontation, Military Base, Outpost, Hospital, Cracker and Arsenal. Until May 01, 2021, we are offering a 10% discount on all equipment. Hornet pistol with an OLED display and Prism - 2 pcs. MP9-LT Phoenix with an OLED display - 8 pcs. SR-21 Ghost sniper rifle with an OLED display- 2 pcs. Headbands - 12 pcs. Digital Flag game device - 2 pcs. Cracker game device - 2 pcs. Smart PRO remote - 1 pc. Smart battle base - 2 pcs. USB base - 1 pc. Spider charger - 2 pcs. Firefly charger - 2 pcs. Get a 10% discount until 1st May, 2021. Play out scenarios for an assassin, mercenary, silent killers and keep your hideout secret until the end of the game. Eliminate your opponents noiselessly! Request a commercial offer The scope of supply can be changed, e.g. you can buy sights, tactical grips or add more game devices. Call 8 800 551 88 02, add 102 и 114. Via WhatsApp or Viber:  +7 (900) 225-55-52 (Victoria), +7 (951) 701-77-55 (Sergey). By E-mail: (Victoria), (Sergey).
  9. Guys, we were pondering about the following question: on the basis of which military tactical game is it more profitable to run business? We decided to compare the most popular types - airsoft, paintball and laser tag. Each of them has pros and cons, its own army of fans, successful clubs where you can play with the appropriate equipment. What do these businesses have in common and what is different? We evaluated initial equipment investments, profitability and payback of all types of business, analyzed price data per each game hour. We analyzed which business is the most expensive and which has the best opportunities for event marketing. Watch the fresh video review to learn more about our conclusions.
  10. Rental club experience has consequences for weapons. The game sets have an impressive margin of safety, but there isn't a device in the world that lasts forever. Don't panic! The specialists at the LASERWAR Service Centre will give them a second life. Nothing is impossible for our team. We restore not only the appearance, but also the functionality of laser tag weapons, change the mechanisms, and introduce electronics. Before: After: We offer the follwing services: - We will sandblast and paint the equipment bringing it to good condition. The sandblaster effectively cleans solid surfaces of rubbish, dust and soot. The taggers will shine like new after painting. The cost is 30 dollars per tager. - We integrate electronics into your bodys. You choose what kind of electronics to put in the taggers and we do the rest of the work. The cost is 50 dollars per tagger (not including the cost of the electronics themselves!). Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your rental club's arsenal on a budget! Please send us equipment photos so that we can estimate the exact cost and scope of work. Having made all the required calculations our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact information E-mail: Phone: +8(4812) 37-70-00. Gennady Shedov
  11. Introducing a limited edition sniper rifle based on the M-series strikeball drive unit. Connoisseurs of American firearms will easily recognise the distinctive M4 body, fitted with a long slatted foregrip for mounting additional ammo, tactical grips and bipods. Use the bolt to reload the model. The buttstock is collapsible. The optic sight is mounted on the upper Picatinny rail. A standard tactical grip is included in the game set. An optional universal bipod or folding tactical grip/bipod is available. The Prism optical system allows a range of fire of up to 350 m, the Parallax extends the range to 550 m. A hit sensor is mounted in the barrel. Li+ batteries are used as power source, providing up to 30 hours of battery life. The weight of the game set is 3 kg. The length is 98 cm. The Li+ 2,2 Ah. accumulator is the heart of the game set. The new device is already available on our online store at a price of 545 dollars. We remind you that the model will be produced in a very limited edition. Don't miss your chance!
  12. Finally, we are ready to show the recently promised surprise. Building on the AR-15's body-based range, we are introducing a lightweight machine gun based on the AR. A recognizable high-strength plastic body, external gun tube, universal bipods that can be transformed into a tactical grip and a high-capacity "double drum" type magazine - this is what the MG-21 Berserk is all about.   Sure, this machine gun does not compete in authenticity with real combat prototypes; it has a different target audience.   After all, laser tag for kids still exists. Not everyone can play with a real combat prototype weighing 4-6 kg, but many young laser tag players would like to be in the role of a machine gunner, covering their team in battle. Plus, the arsenal of rental clubs is complete with the advent of the AR product range, consisting of the Ranger assault rifle, the Ghost sniper rifle and the Berserk light machine gun. The models, designed with all the nuances of rental operation in mind, like the Predators, Phoenixes and Warriors will take their place in club racks, giving players new emotions. The new product is already available on our online store at a cost of 435 dollars.
  13. Many users have already experienced the convenience of a complete mobile laser tag control centre, allowing the adjustment of settings in any environment. We continue to work on bringing new features and improving the system. The next update of the LASER TAG CONFIGURATOR mobile app for LASERWAR's laser tag equipment of the 7-9th generations concerns the firmware of the Zombie game sets. The official Zombie headband v. firmware for the update of headbands and vests is now available for download via the app. In addition, the software firmware is available for download from the company's official website. On 6 December, the updated version 9.3.7 was posted on the official Android app cluster Google Play and HUAWEI AppGallery. As a reminder, this app is not designed to work with X-Gen equipment.
  14. The enemy is getting closer, nerves are on edge, but time hasn't come yet to reveal yourself. We need to let enemy get closer. Your finger rests on the radio fuse button and a firestorm sweeps away half the enemy group at once... We have seen this many times in the movies. We have always wanted to experience that in laser tag. Now the dream has come true! The Cerberus laser tag mine has long been a favorite in the arsenals of laser tag clubs. And now it has new features. Whereas previously the mine was detonated by integrated sensors or a detonation from a nearby IR ammo, it is now possible to activate a hidden mine by pressing the remote fob button from 40 to 80 m away. The range of the button will be maximum in direct line of sight and slightly reduced indoors, but quite sufficient for a spectacular Cerberus ambush. With each new device from LASERWAR, laser tag becomes more exciting and interesting. The new product is already available on our store. When ordering a mine with a radio fuze, you just need to select the appropriate option, which will add 1,300 roubles to the cost of the mine. For the time being, the option is only available when ordering a new mine; it is not possible to purchase a remote fob separately for a previously purchased device: an upgrade of the electronic hardware is required. But a no-win situation never happens: please contact a service centre for help.
  15. To solve issues with integrating laser tag electronics into "iron" M-series and Kalashnikov models, LASERWAR engineers developed special magazines, the internal structure of which included structural elements for installing the speaker and electronics boards. There's also some space for an OLED display. But installing a display with a glass cover is difficult at home, as it requires precise machining. We therefore offer for sale magazines with an already milled whole and a glass cover for the OLED display in case you plan to install it. To order a magazine ready for display installation, please select the appropriate option in the product card. If selected, 550 roubles will be added to the overall cost. The magazines for the AK-series and M-series models are already available to order on our store.
  16. We have great news for rental club owners. Smart Control Points from LASERWAR have become smaller in size. The height of the device has been reduced from 68 cm to 54 cm. For 12 years, LASERWAR has been keeping an ear to the ground and focusing on the needs of operating laser tag clubs. The transformation of the Smart Check Point is also dictated by customer demand. Without this device, one wouldn't imagine the operation of thousands of rental clubs in Russia and worldwide. No sporting tournament is complete without it. As we always dreamed, laser tag has become a game for all ages. Many kids aged 6 and over go to the rental clubs. To make it easier for them to complete game missions, we've released smaller Control Points. Now even small fighters will have no problem capturing CPs and bringing victory to the team.   At the same time, the device has become more reliable. We have reinforced the base with additional plywood rings, so that the Point will withstand shocks and falls. In terms of convenience and functionality, the "shorter" version is just as good as its taller predecessor. Here you will find the same bright display panel, informative seven-segment display, three versatile scenarios, robust protective cover, comfortable fabric carrying handle. This is the very device you know and love. And it has become even better! Do you want more scenarios and possibilities in one device? Cast your eyes on our Digital Flag project. In 2021, it will be the new flagship of the laser tag industry. For more information, click here.
  17. We released a new gaming device Cracker for scenario games, its cost $120. The price includes the device, a connecting cable and a mating connector for connecting to various game objects with electric locks, pyrotechnics or a computer. Due to programmable parameters and binding to a "live" player, a cracker will become a key device in games. Its using is limited only by the organizers' imagination. The set includes the device itself, a connecting cable and a mating connector for connecting to various game objects. The capabilities of the device are in our video review (now only in russian, but you can ask our english or french-speaking manager about its functional).
  18. Let the New Year bring you only bright discoveries and achivements in life, in your career, in laser tag. Wishing you in 2021 to be healthy, to have positive emotions and a fortune! In the new year, LASERWAR will delight you with a new generation of weapons Alfatag, new play sets, reliable software and large-scale events. From December 30 to January 10, we are on New Year's holidays. If you have a question during this time, don't hesitate to write us, and on January 3, 6, 9 we will answer you. Happy Holidays!
  19. Hi there! We are launching the new Alpha tag website, but we already want to talk about some of the features of the new platform. We are going to talk about headbands. Their shape has been revised. The new anatomical design eliminates pressure on the ears; you won't feel discomfort in your head even after hours of play. The headband sensors are smaller in height compared to those on classic laser tag headbands. In terms of aesthetics, we have come to hexagonal shapes; the branded engraving on each sensor will help you not to confuse the Alpha tag headband with any other device capturing the IR beam. Each hit sensor and vibration motor is marked with a super-bright LED. When hit, only the sensors that received the IR pulse will vibrate. The player will always understand which side the shot was fired from and will be able to respond quickly. Speaking of hits. The Alfa tag headband contains a unique photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees. That means that the headband will accurately capture even a weak IR pulse. No arguments about who hit the target. The cold-blooded electronics honesty prevails! The headband has two control units, one of which has an OLED display. The charge level, progress bar with firmware upgrades, status indication - see all that in the future updates. Alpha tag is a platform for true professionals. Follow the news feed and subscribe to the group. We can endlessly talk about a whole set of features and advantages waiting for you.
  20. LASERWAR knows the amount of effort and funds the customers invest in opening and developing rental clubs. That’s why we try to bring the best solutions in electronics, programming and design to our products. The process of improving taggers and software does not stop for a minute and together with the creation and testing of new products. What distinguishes LASERWAR products from its competitors? Why do entrepreneurs and professional laser tag players work with us worldwide? Why does LASERWAR have the best money/quality ratio on the market? Let's name 7 reasons in the new video.
  21. Here is a video sketch of a game played by guys from a LASERWAR club, the city of Smolensk. What's so special about the video? You can see in action our new product – the Hornet laser tag pistol. The game set successfully passed the tests by kids' laser tag and was appreciated by young discoverers. Rental club owners will find it useful to look at the game from the kids' perspective: they will understand the kids' thinking in terms of the range, the kid's movement and interaction with other kids. We hope this will help you organize kids' events. And this video is a must for mums and dads who are still worried about whether playing laser tag will be safe for the little one. The video shows many kids under 10 years of age; there are those who have not yet gone to the first grade. As you can see, they all enjoy playing. The battles are supervised by experienced instructors. Laser tag equipment shooting with infrared pulses is absolutely safe. So we assure you: parents have absolutely nothing to worry about. Laser tag has plenty of advantages for boys and girls. Laser wars are equally fascinating for kids of all ages - the younger ones take a pattern by the older ones, while the older ones learn the basics of strategy and tactics. Together they learn to work as a team and to trust each other. It is important that little fighters do not have to argue about the winner. Laser tag equipment clearly captures hits and prevents cheating. And that means the game will leave only positive emotions. Happy faces in the video are a solid proof. Click here to learn more about laser tag for kids.
  22. We would like to introduce you a new overview of laser tag equipment. It includes five best taggers, which we, as a manufacturing company, recommend for rental clubs and use at all kinds of events. The LASERWAR product range today consists of almost 80 taggers, among which each player will choose the equipment to his or her taste. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice. Just for that purpose we shoot such videos. This time the choice fell on the models that are most popular with our customers, tested by numerous competitions and earned the trust of professional players and ordinary laser tag club-goers. Many of our subscribers put a LIKE under the videos. The TOP-list includes our super-new gun – the HORNET pistol. A few months after its launch, the Hornet received great reviews and established itself as a stylish and accurate tagger. As we had hoped, it was to the taste of both adults and kids. Order models from the video overview now in the LASERWAR online shop.