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  1. In our online shop you will find everything you need for laser tag. The wide range of tagger models can be confusing to the newcomer: the choice starts with simple pistols and ends with combat-like machine guns and assault rifles. But seasoned players already know their "favourite". These taggers have proven to be at their best in all laser tag events, whether it's an ordinary game or a large-scale tournament. We have prepared for you the top three best-selling LASERWAR models. 3d PLACE - AK-12LT Predator assault rifle Players appreciate the Predator for its comfort, durability and practicality. The gun has been put to the test more than once. You will spend long hours playing laser tag with this reliable tagger. The 2.2 Ah lithium battery guarantees up to 36 hours of operation on a single charge. The Predator features a new acoustic jack technology, providing a richer, louder sound. The trigger is made from soft-touch plastic. The system of axle stops and supports ensures smooth operation. The laser tag version is equipped with Picatinny rails for attaching additional accessories. 2nd PLACE - MP9-LT PHOENIX submachine gun Perfect - the word that best describes Phoenix. It is deservedly considered a universal tagger - suitable for adults and kids alike. The submachine gun is small in size. The model is excellent without exaggeration: the body and comfortable grip, loud sound, OLED display and authentic design. Phoenix showed excellent results in the crash test, surviving a fall from the ninth floor. Add to all this Picatinny rails, a killing range and 36 hours of battery life. 1st PLACE - AR-15 Ranger Assault Rifle In its short existence, this assault rifle has won the hearts of thousands of players. The bolt reloading, barrel-mounted hit sensor, four Picatinny rails, original sighting equipment, carrying sling clamp, handy butt plate - all these features in one model. It's the most detailed tagger ever, with a 3,000 mAh lithium battery inside, a Veco branded speaker, robust Bluetooth modules, OLED display - the ultimate package for an assault rifle. All taggers support any generation of LASERWAR electronics, as well as the installation of an OLED display and Feedback function. You've got a lot to lose if this trio of game models hasn't already been added to your club's arsenal. Order these taggers from the LASERWAR online shop.
  2. As a reminder, the timely updating of the software guarantees stable operation, as well as the introduction of new functions and modes. The ninth generation of electronics has been proven by time and thousands of played games. Users of equipment based on Smart RGB electronics are now able to have the updates for their tagger firmware. Version has made a change to the operation of the "barrel overheating". Some of the clients commented that this option did not work even if it was enabled in the settings. We detected the bug and successfully solved it. In the new firmware, barrel overheating works smoothly. As a reminder, the 9th generation of LASERWAR equipment adjusts the number of shots fired before the gun barrel overheats. If you pull the trigger after the overheating, the command "I can't shoot" will sound. The "overheating" state lasts 10 seconds and is not editable in the software - during this time the tagger will "cool down". A loud sound will notify you when the weapon is recovered and you can continue playing. The overheating parameter can also be completely deactivated. Firmware has been uploaded to the public domain. Follow the link to download. The firmware update must be carried out with the equipment charged. In the event of issues, contact LASERWAR technical support.
  3. Arena laser tag continues to draw people from all over the world into the game. Today we're talking about another LASERWAR project. This time CYBERTAG conquered the Armenian capital, Yerevan. A laser tag arena will be housed in the city's entertainment centre. The main part is the maze consisting of shelters of different shapes, sizes and all kinds of interactive elements. Arena laser tag is played in special indoor areas. The new arena is designed in space style. The successful colour combination makes it minimalist but very stylish. Light panels on the walls are used in the decoration. The floor and ceiling lights are evenly distributed across the central base of the arena. The whole arena literally glows, resembling the compartment of a spaceship. Visitors will play on CYBERTAG equipment, made of durable plastic, which guarantees hundreds of laser tag battles. Both adults and kids can feel like a hero and fight in space battles. Laser tag is fun for the whole family and is an arena that even seasoned players will enjoy. LASERWAR goes to great lengths to ensure you get an arena that meets all your needs. Our arenas are equally loved by owners and players alike. You can find out more about our services in this section of our website or by contacting your manager.
  4. We suggest concluding the week with another firmware and software Alphatag update. Several important news is on the agenda at once - the software stability has been improved, as well as the communication between the tagger and the hit sensors. Our technicians have made every effort to eliminate the bug related to the tagger and hit sensor communication. The new firmware version comprehensively improves the performance of all connected equipment. Customers told us that sometimes the connection between the tagger and the armband was lost during the game. This disturbed the game flow and meant that fighters had to call the instructor to reset the game set. Some have encountered the issue of partial stats reading. We have tested everything dozens of times, now the connection is not interrupted, and the stats are saved even outside the router range. Every detail is important in laser tag - a quality sound and lighting create an atmosphere of realistic play. Some Alphatag users wearing vests had issues with a vibration-response. This bug has also been fixed with the new firmware. When the player is shot at, the hit sensors react as they should - with vibration and light indication. You can download the new hit sensor firmware v. from the website, v.1.8.1. will be available within a day. As a reminder, you can keep track of firmware updates for Alphatag in the relevant website section.
  5. As in real life, the direct purpose of the shotgun is to "clean up" buildings and work in close combat. It's not the most popular tagger in laser tag, but when it comes to efficiency and indoor play - it's second to none. For those who like to burst into ambushes and sweep enemies along the way, we've upgraded the GASTAT shotgun. The severe and powerful tagger has undergone a slight transformation in appearance. The shotgun is now fitted with an outer tube. This improves the performance of the optical system. The range is close to real combat parameters. GASTAT is far from a compact and lightweight tagger. It weighs just over two kg and is 65 cm long. But the shotgun is convenient to hold in your hands, and its power is capable of nailing down up to four enemies. The tagger supports the feedback function. Carrying sling clamps are included in the scope of supply. To buy a shotgun, go to our online shop. Please note that this model is made to order. Contact our managers for more information.  
  6. Today we will share with you how to run games without using a router. That's a piece of cake with the new generation of Alphatag equipment. All you need is a phone and a willingness to pick up a tagger and plunge into fight. First of all, install the Alpatag Configurator mobile app on your gadget. It adjusts the performance characteristic of the taggers at a distance. The app is available to iOS and Android users on the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery. And it's free to download. The ALPHATAG_NET network is already installed when you receive the new generation equipment. Activate the hotspot or modem mode on your phone to allow other devices to access the mobile internet. The access point must be renamed to the name of the same network stored in the tagger - ALPHATAG_NET. Then go into the app and configure the equipment to your needs. It's simple and only takes a couple of minutes. But note an important point - the phone completely replaces the router, you can play even without a PC or laptop. But in this case, playing offline is available; the app only supports parameter setting. For a full-fledged online game, you will need a PC. Alphatag continues to generate genuine interest. The equipment has a number of features that were previously unavailable to other generations. LASERWAR plays, conducts testing and discovers new facets of laser tag with you. Try out our lifehack, share your impressions and stay tuned for more updates.
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  10. IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 will take place on the Spanish coast from 27 to 30 September. All next week, the LASERWAR team will be at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, one of Europe's largest exhibition centres. This is the first overseas exhibition since pre-season 2019, and we are delighted to be able to participate in international forums again. IAAPA Expo Europe has a long history of bringing together professionals from the entertainment industry. More than 12,000 visitors from 107 countries are expected this year. Participants present innovative products and services and examples of their application in theme parks, water parks, family leisure centres, zoos, science centres and resorts. LASERWAR is also presenting its best work in the forum. There will be classics from the lightweight and indestructible Phoenix to the nine-kilogram Degtyarev light machine gun, as well as our top-of-the-range devices. Of course, we prepared new sets: AK-15 Warrior, AR-15 Ranger and its modifications,SR-21 Ghost sniper rifle and MG-21 Berserk machine gun. The focus will be on the 11th generation of Alphatag: we will tell guests about the technology and software, and demonstrate innovative hit sensors. Important projects of the future are the global player base LASERWAR Base and the VR project. Visitors to our stand will find out what laser tag arenas, complete with virtual reality technology, will look like.  Looking forward to meeting dealers, current and future customers and simply interested visitors! So, look for us next week at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via, stand number2-277. See you soon!
  11. IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 opened in Barcelona on 27 September after a two-year break. 430 exhibiting companies gathered at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via exhibition centre. And LASERWAR is among them. Our team meets guests at the company stand armed with masks, antiseptics and the best examples of laser tag equipment. This will be the company's first international exhibition since 2019, and we are fully prepared. Along with making new acquaintances, we anticipate meeting current clients. In the coming days, some of them will be able to pick up their orders directly from the stand. Around 30 meetings with buyers are planned in total. In the forum, we will present our best work. There will be classics from the lightweight and indestructible Phoenix to the nine-kilogram Degtyarev light machine gun, as well as top-of-the-range laser tag devices. Of course, we prepared new sets:AK-15 Warrior, AR-15 Ranger and its modifications,SR-21 Ghost sniper rifle and MG-21 Berserk machine gun. The focus will be on the 11th generation of Alphatag: we will tell guests about the technology and software, and demonstrate innovative hit sensors. Important projects of the future are the global player base LASERWAR Base and the VR project. Visitors to our stand will find out what laser tag arenas, complete with virtual reality technology, will look like. Additionally, guests can practice shooting at a laser shooting gallery, hold the taggers of their choice, and speak with consultants about the operation of laser tag equipment at the LASERWAR stand. IAAPA Expo Europe has a long history of bringing together professionals from the entertainment industry. More than 12,000 visitors from 107 countries are expected this year. Participants present innovative products and services and examples of their application in theme parks, water parks, family leisure centres, zoos, science centres and resorts. There are four more days of work, new acquaintances, meetings and socialising ahead. Our stand number is 2-277. All are welcome!
  12. An experienced laser tag instructor is like gold dust. Everything is critical in this profession: how you present yourself, your voice, your ability to give advice and coordinate people. So, for those who are just embarking on their journey, we have compiled some useful tips and a comprehensive list of life hacks that you can use immediately. Put it into practice by playing laser tag. Let's go! Game start: the simplest scenario Following the introduction of the guests and the initial briefing, the simplest scenario should be played. What purpose does it serve? Players will be able to acclimate to the playground, the equipment, and the opponents and teammates. The first scenario requires little time. If the fighters move and fire confidently, you can increase the gameplay difficulty. Replace equipment A breakdown is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to equipment during the game. Additionally, there is one rule to remember: breakdowns are repaired following the game, not during it. Once you determine the cause, the player's zeal wanes, you lose track of the game, and one of the teams will be outnumbered. That is why an experienced instructor should always have a backup gun. Broken weapon - replace the weapon - send the player back into the fight.  Downtime in the game must be avoided. Don't forget to rest The majority of people who come to play laser tag do so to relax. A good instructor doesn't treat the players in a "punishing" way. So, there is always a break between different scenarios. You can always have a drink of water between rounds. Laser tag attracts people of all fitness levels. If the workload appears to be insufficient for you, it may be prohibitively so for others. Think about that. Additional entertainment - after the game After greeting the guests, everyone should be immediately included in the game. You do not need to divert attention to additional enjoyable activities: the archery range, the climbing wall, and target shooting can all wait. Otherwise, the instructor will have to gather guests from various locations. Concentrate on the program and sequencing; you should already have a solid program in place. Continuously educate yourself You will gain experience in the process and will almost certainly be able to supplement these points with your own. Continue your education, connect with other trainers, and share your experiences via social media. And don't forget that one day it was you who came here to play laser tag for the first time. Make sure that the first game never becomes the last. This is what a good laser tag instructor does.  
  13. A new version of LASERWAR Online Configurator is available to users. Now you can stop a round if necessary and return to the game after a while without resetting your settings and statistics. This is handy during sports tournaments. Pause mode allows you to fight fair and not lose the points you've earned. The online game can be paused if rules are suspected of being broken, or if equipment settings have failed. There is no need to shut down and restart the software. Let's take a closer look at how the update actually works For instance, the instructor observed that the control point had been captured against the rules. He needs time to return the device to its previous settings. All participants (or a certain number of them) are paused and 'disarmed' via software. During this time, the instructor clears up deficiencies and gets the players back into action. The pause and resume buttons are at the bottom of the screen. The pause is displayed on the tagger display. To use the mode, simply updating the software is insufficient; the new firmware version V10.4.14.1 must also be downloaded. We are constantly improving the LASERWAR online configurator and will continue to do so.
  14. LASERWAR laser biathlon has carved out a niche for itself as a tool for training athletes and organizing public sporting events and attractions. But for some time now there have been shortages of Laser Biathlon Junior in our online shop, due to difficulties in supplying its base, the MR-512 rifle. LASERWAR specialists have acquired a replacement, and the Junior is now operational from a new base. There are virtually no fundamental differences between the familiar variant and this one; all of the set's technical specifications remain at a high level. The sighting equipment consists of a diopter-type rear foresight and backsight. The comfortable buttstock with rubber shoulder pad, comfortable grip and moderate weight make the set comfortable for both adults and young athletes. You can purchase the Junior Laser Biathlon set from our online shop.
  15. Through our work, we learn about parts of the globe that don't make the news and are rarely mentioned in books. This summer, for example, the island of Réunion welcomed a new LASERWAR-affiliated laser tag club. Réunion is a French overseas region in the Indian Ocean. It is a relatively small area of land, covering 2,512 sq. km  and home to approximately 830,000 people. Sugar and rum are successfully produced here in the tropical climate. The agriculture sector is on the rise. And now they're playing laser tag as well. Gilles Gassin and Christophe Payet founded Lazer Pro Evolution, a rental club. The club hosts laser tag games, celebrations, and corporate events using outdoor laser tag equipment. The club's arsenal consists of a 12AK-12LT Predator, 12MP-9LT Phoenix, and a 1 AR-15 Ranger, as well as 25 wireless Smart RGB headbands and a variety of gadgets, including a laser tag knife, Smart First Aid Kits 2.0, Smart Control Point, RGB Electronic Target, and a Basic First Aid Kit. Of course, there are remote controls, chargers, scopes, routers, and other devices. The game is played at an open playground in green thickets of tropical plants, which complement artificial shelters. The islanders of Réunion are still unfamiliar with laser tag. Thus, businessmen are now faced with the task of attracting as many people as possible to the new recreational activity. They accomplish this by running radio advertisements, printing leaflets and posters, and distributing them to businesses. Additionally, they have a Facebook page.  - We selected LASERWAR equipment due to the variety of weapon models, devices, and accessories, the club's owners explained. - It is built on cutting-edge technology, which is continually updated and improved. Your company's service is second to none in terms of quality and speed. Your equipment can safely be recommended to other entrepreneurs - but not on our island! We wish to be the sole occupants of this space. The only thing we wish for is French-language user manuals and instructions. We are delighted that our products are showing up in the remotest corners of the world. LASERWAR will gradually conquer the world, ensuring that every country has access to fun, active recreation, and laser tag. We previously reported on another laser tag club opening in Cameroon.