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  1. We broadcast directly from the eastern capital Tokyo. Today is the last day of the international exhibition of equipment, goods and services for amusement parks and attractions Leisure Japan 2023. Our leading managers are working on the location. They talk about laser tag and VR in such a way that it's impossible to break away. That's why our list of clients does not stop replenishing. The exhibition is also a great opportunity to communicate with those who have been working with LASERWAR for many years. We have already managed to meet with all Japanese partners. We discussed new products and agreed to replenish the arsenal in laser tag clubs. Here are some figures on the results. About 300 partners – so many laser tag clubs and VR arenas are planned to open next year. More than 150 organizations – so many companies wanted to cooperate with us and launch collaborations. Something interesting is waiting for us! Follow the news and don't miss it.
  2. Dear friends, we officially declare that LASERWAR has conquered the Land of the Rising Sun. Only the second day of the exhibition has passed, and we have already found more than 100 partners. Our business cards are flying like hot cakes. Laser tag and virtual reality from LASERWAR simply have no competitors. But the good news doesn't end there. There will be another representative of the company in Japan - an official dealer. Now it will be possible to purchase proven and reliable laser tag equipment there.
  3. admin


    There are not enough fingers to count how many events we managed to attend just this fall. And here's more news – LASERWAR is in Japan right now. It hosts the international exhibition of equipment, goods and services for amusement parks and attractions Leisure Japan 2023. We have brought three unique projects at once. Along with laser tag, there is also virtual reality – WARSTATION, AVATAR GAMES. Finally, the East will learn what a powerful laser tag and truly exciting VR games are. There is no end of those who want to know, touch and test our equipment. Today is only the first day of the exhibition, and we have already concluded several deals. All because LASERWAR is reliable and profitable. Now the Japanese also know about it. There are still several days of the exhibition ahead. We stock up on a good mood and establish diplomatic ties.  
  4. Dear friends, we upgraded some models of taggers. Now, they have a metallic bolt instead of a plastic one. You can replace the detail on your own, it will take you just several minutes. We prepared a detailed video guide for you – take several simple steps – and your old plastic bolt will be replaced with a new reliable metallic one. You can upgrade the following models: АК-25, AK-12LT, АМ-22 and AK-15, but you will have to disassemble the last rifle in a different way than the video shows.
  5. admin

    Meet Barracuda!

    There’s a new addition in our arsenal! New combat rifle AR-23 «Barracuda» is now in «STEEL» series. The tagger is made from steel and weapon plastic, that’s why it’s able to face rent usage.   Gun tube is covered with light-alloy cover with Picatinny rails. Optics system Prizma or Parallax allow to hit the target at the range of 250 - 400 m. You can turn on hardware with running-fire level located under the thumb of the right hand over pistol grip. Reloading is carried out with the help of a bolt. The new weapon is already available in our online and ready to bring joy to players.
  6. Dear friends, LASERWAR expands laser tag opportunities. We constantly improve our services and developments. That’s why system update of mobile shooting club Wild West is our next step.      Version 1.1.3 brings a new feature – background music. Now, the users can choose, add and turn on any audio files during the competition. You will see a player for music management on the top of the main page of the app – there will be buttons “play”, “pause”, “track back”, “track forward” and the name of the audio file.     You can set up special parameters in “Settings” section. For example, you can upload and play your music. Also, we added several default tracks – in case a user doesn’t want to upload their music files. In the dropdown, you can set up the volume of the played tracks.     In addition, there’re two more features – you can turn on and turn off the music together with a scenario, turn on the music in order or in random sequence. If you choose the first option, audio files will be played right after the beginning of the game and will stop after the competition is over. If you choose the second option, the next track will be chosen randomly. Now, playing in a shooting club will get even more dynamic and atmospheric.
  7. The Leisure Japan 2023, a grand international exhibition of equipment, products, and services for amusement parks and attractions, will be held in Tokyo from November 28 to 30. We are preparing for this trip thoroughly. This is a unique opportunity for our specialists to learn about trends and best practices in the entertainment industry, establish partnerships, and get ideas for creating new devices and software. We are certainly determined to show our best products and developments to the guests of the exhibition. The exhibition will unfold at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, which has been running since 1995. More than 300 manufacturers and suppliers will present their goods and services at the exhibition. It is expected that about 20 thousand real buyers will visit the stands of the companies. In addition, the program includes educational sessions and training seminars with the participation of respected experts. The LASERWAR company will not miss the chance to be at the very center of this event. We have a lot to surprise industry professionals. We will bring Russian VR projects, and cool laser tag game kits and show new products that are just about to go on sale. We expect visits from our regular customers from France, Portugal, UK and Germany. Such exhibitions are a great opportunity to meet partners who have been working together with LASERWAR for many years. The exhibition is just over a month away! We look forward to seeing everyone at our booth S1-7-11. See you in Tokyo!
  8. Well-loved machine pistol KEDR with reliable steel case is available again in our online store. The weapon is similar to its military prototype, the tagger is turned on by the selector switch, it’s reloaded with the help of the bolt handle. Folding stock allows to throw accurate fire from the shoulder or get a compact CQB tagger for fighting in cramped rooms. Picatinny rails allow to add extra detachable equipment, for example, a tactical light or a laser aiming device. The weapon is available in limited series, so, those who love military hardware shouldn’t waste a chance :)
  9. Dear friends, we didn’t bring joy to you with software updates for a long time. So, now we have an incredible piece of news for all fighters! We didn’t only improve mobile laser tag shooting club Wild West, we added a unique scenario.    Now, every shooter can try and improve not only their accuracy, but also their carefulness. Our new game mode “Perfect match” will help. The idea is that the participant must accurately follow the sequence of flashing targets.       There’re two stages in this scenario. First, the targets light up randomly for a short period of time, then, they go down, and a player has to repeat the sequence from their memory.   Game mode starts with a single target. If a shooter hits the target, then, two targets will light up, then, three targets will do the same and so on. If the target is hit, it blinks with the player’s color – red or blue. If a player fails to hit the target – it blinks with white.    The app shows how any points you got, the targets’ indicators display the number of the targets to be hit at this stage. There’s an endless number of levels.    The more sequences the player repeats, the more points they get.   
  10. Dear friends, recently, a new upgrade for laser tag shooting club was released, and we already have one more update. This is a scenario for people who are capable of great endurance – here’s what you’ll find in a new version.   We know that many of you are already experienced fighters and you can easily hit any targets. That’s why LASERWAR developers upgraded laser tag shooting club app and created a new game mode of increased complexity – “Obstacle zone”. A player must hit all targets as quickly as possible during a certain period of time. At the same time, they have to overcome dangerous obstacles. For example, a ruined bridge, horizontal log, wire entanglement, fighting hole or underground manhole. The next target a player has to hit flashes or blinks the color of the player’s team. Once a fighter hits the target, it goes down or flashes white – you can set this up in an app. Once the last target is hit, the round is over and it’s turn of another player. Once all participants pass the obstacle zone, the scenario is over.    The one who passes the obstacle zone faster than the others and completes their round is the winner.   The update is available on the website. Those who already have software for laser tag shooting club “Wild West” can simply renew the software in settings section.
  11. There is still controversy surrounding the bolt of the most popular tagger - АК-25 «Predator» among the users of our equipment.    Opinions are divided. Some people believe that a universal scheme with a bolt and a duplicate reload button is convenient for any situation.  The others opt to a classic scheme – reload button - and believe that a bolt is superfluity. We invite our buyers to make a choice when placing an order in our online store. Reload type option now allows to choose a classical option with a button and without a bolt and a universal option with a bolt and a dublicate button.
  12. Before you know it, we breathed freely after an exhibition in Austria, and now it’s time to pack our suitcases again. This time, LASERWAR goes to Thailand. From 24th to 26th of October, a Thai city Bangkok welcomes an entertainment industry exhibition Thailand Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo 2023. This current visit to Thailand will be the first time for our company. The forum will take place in Impact Exhibition Centre. The representatives of amusement parks, aqua parks, family fun centres and museums will gather together to demonstrate their developments and discuss the future of the industry. The guests will discover the brand-new products and technologies, learn from world-famous experts and interact with their colleagues in the industry. According to the organizers, the exhibition will unite more than 18 000 professionals from global attractions industry from more than 20 countries of the world. More than 620 companies- exhibitors will take up residence on the thousands of square metres of the exhibition area. They will show their products and services of 125 various categories. Among the participants, there will be the major global producer laser tag equipment, which LASERWAR has been competing with successfully for years.   Every year, we bring our best products to exhibitions. This time, we won’t change our traditions.   We will bring laser tag sets and Russian VR games and will tell the participants about the brand-new solutions which are waiting for announcement. Got interested? We are waiting for you in an exhibition centre in Bangkok.   The number of our mount is K19. See you there!
  13. Our team continues to travel around the world. And now we are in the heart of Europe - in Austria. From September 26, there is the international exhibition of equipment, goods and services for amusement parks and attractions - IAAPA Expo Europe 2023. More than 630 exhibitors, more than 17,500 square meters of space, about 100,000 participants from all over the world - we definitely could not miss such an event. LASERWAR is in the center. The first customers who get acquainted with the predominant and ultra-modern equipment for laser tag are already looking at us. And not only. The company presents new technological projects - AVATAR GAMES and WARSTATION. We have created our own mini-arena right in the exhibition hall and immerse participants in the fantastic worlds of the VR universe and arrange team battles. Want to try? Look at us - we will tell you and show you what real entertainment is. The stand number is S-1609.
  14. «The King is Dead – Long Live the King!» – this is a traditional saying the reign of one French king ended with and the epoch of the one started.   It’s safe to say that AK-12LT PRO is the patriarch of laser tag. Hundreds of laser tag clubs started with this simple and affordable tagger. It’s still a reliable workhorse used by many rental clubs and sports teams who master laser tag sports which is about to be officially recognized.   Its era is passing away. AK-12LT PRO «Predator» is no longer in production. But it’ll be replaced with no less brutal successor which incorporates the best features of its predecessor and new options. It’s a decent successor. Meet АК-25 «Predator» We improved case detailing by working on its press form. New «Predator» has a rubber magazine and soft rubber safety cap. This will make the game safer for young players and athletes and protect them from injuries during an exciting game. You can choose the color of a safety cap when placing an order.    Also, taking into account previous experience, we equipped the tagger with durable metallic recharging assembly. Bolt handle, sometimes damaged by the players in the heat of the fight, is now made from metal and painted with bright paint. You can choose the color of “Predator” when buying a device. Here’re the options to choose from: Orange bolt – orange safety cap Blue bolt – blue safety cap (SPORT Edition) Red bolt – red safety cap (SPORT Edition) Red bolt – black safety cap   Blue and red bolts are available only in “sport” edition.    The novelty is already available in our online store, its price is almost the same.  The new era starts. «Predator» is going away, welcome АК-25 «Predator»!
  15. admin

    Medic v.5: Update

    The experts from LASERWAR company continue to improve the models that have been popular among the players and rental clubs.  Universal game device «Medic v.5» has been widely known as first-aid kit, even though it offers much more opportunities. The device can not only restore your health and battle reserve, it can also act as a medicine box, an anomaly point, etc. Now, the device is even more convenient and reliable. Medic’s battery case is replaced with an in-built 7,4 V 2200mAh lithium battery. If it’s fully charged, you can play without stopping up to 5 days. The device can be recharged with the help of a standard SmartLi+ recharger.   In addition to an accumulator, the device is also equipped with an anti-vandal lock for turning the device on.