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  1. An experienced laser tag instructor is like gold dust. Everything is critical in this profession: how you present yourself, your voice, your ability to give advice and coordinate people. So, for those who are just embarking on their journey, we have compiled some useful tips and a comprehensive list of life hacks that you can use immediately. Put it into practice by playing laser tag. Let's go! Game start: the simplest scenario Following the introduction of the guests and the initial briefing, the simplest scenario should be played. What purpose does it serve? Players will be able to acclimate to the playground, the equipment, and the opponents and teammates. The first scenario requires little time. If the fighters move and fire confidently, you can increase the gameplay difficulty. Replace equipment A breakdown is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to equipment during the game. Additionally, there is one rule to remember: breakdowns are repaired following the game, not during it. Once you determine the cause, the player's zeal wanes, you lose track of the game, and one of the teams will be outnumbered. That is why an experienced instructor should always have a backup gun. Broken weapon - replace the weapon - send the player back into the fight.  Downtime in the game must be avoided. Don't forget to rest The majority of people who come to play laser tag do so to relax. A good instructor doesn't treat the players in a "punishing" way. So, there is always a break between different scenarios. You can always have a drink of water between rounds. Laser tag attracts people of all fitness levels. If the workload appears to be insufficient for you, it may be prohibitively so for others. Think about that. Additional entertainment - after the game After greeting the guests, everyone should be immediately included in the game. You do not need to divert attention to additional enjoyable activities: the archery range, the climbing wall, and target shooting can all wait. Otherwise, the instructor will have to gather guests from various locations. Concentrate on the program and sequencing; you should already have a solid program in place. Continuously educate yourself You will gain experience in the process and will almost certainly be able to supplement these points with your own. Continue your education, connect with other trainers, and share your experiences via social media. And don't forget that one day it was you who came here to play laser tag for the first time. Make sure that the first game never becomes the last. This is what a good laser tag instructor does.  
  2. A new version of LASERWAR Online Configurator is available to users. Now you can stop a round if necessary and return to the game after a while without resetting your settings and statistics. This is handy during sports tournaments. Pause mode allows you to fight fair and not lose the points you've earned. The online game can be paused if rules are suspected of being broken, or if equipment settings have failed. There is no need to shut down and restart the software. Let's take a closer look at how the update actually works For instance, the instructor observed that the control point had been captured against the rules. He needs time to return the device to its previous settings. All participants (or a certain number of them) are paused and 'disarmed' via software. During this time, the instructor clears up deficiencies and gets the players back into action. The pause and resume buttons are at the bottom of the screen. The pause is displayed on the tagger display. To use the mode, simply updating the software is insufficient; the new firmware version V10.4.14.1 must also be downloaded. We are constantly improving the LASERWAR online configurator and will continue to do so.
  3. LASERWAR laser biathlon has carved out a niche for itself as a tool for training athletes and organizing public sporting events and attractions. But for some time now there have been shortages of Laser Biathlon Junior in our online shop, due to difficulties in supplying its base, the MR-512 rifle. LASERWAR specialists have acquired a replacement, and the Junior is now operational from a new base. There are virtually no fundamental differences between the familiar variant and this one; all of the set's technical specifications remain at a high level. The sighting equipment consists of a diopter-type rear foresight and backsight. The comfortable buttstock with rubber shoulder pad, comfortable grip and moderate weight make the set comfortable for both adults and young athletes. You can purchase the Junior Laser Biathlon set from our online shop.
  4. Through our work, we learn about parts of the globe that don't make the news and are rarely mentioned in books. This summer, for example, the island of Réunion welcomed a new LASERWAR-affiliated laser tag club. Réunion is a French overseas region in the Indian Ocean. It is a relatively small area of land, covering 2,512 sq. km  and home to approximately 830,000 people. Sugar and rum are successfully produced here in the tropical climate. The agriculture sector is on the rise. And now they're playing laser tag as well. Gilles Gassin and Christophe Payet founded Lazer Pro Evolution, a rental club. The club hosts laser tag games, celebrations, and corporate events using outdoor laser tag equipment. The club's arsenal consists of a 12AK-12LT Predator, 12MP-9LT Phoenix, and a 1 AR-15 Ranger, as well as 25 wireless Smart RGB headbands and a variety of gadgets, including a laser tag knife, Smart First Aid Kits 2.0, Smart Control Point, RGB Electronic Target, and a Basic First Aid Kit. Of course, there are remote controls, chargers, scopes, routers, and other devices. The game is played at an open playground in green thickets of tropical plants, which complement artificial shelters. The islanders of Réunion are still unfamiliar with laser tag. Thus, businessmen are now faced with the task of attracting as many people as possible to the new recreational activity. They accomplish this by running radio advertisements, printing leaflets and posters, and distributing them to businesses. Additionally, they have a Facebook page.  - We selected LASERWAR equipment due to the variety of weapon models, devices, and accessories, the club's owners explained. - It is built on cutting-edge technology, which is continually updated and improved. Your company's service is second to none in terms of quality and speed. Your equipment can safely be recommended to other entrepreneurs - but not on our island! We wish to be the sole occupants of this space. The only thing we wish for is French-language user manuals and instructions. We are delighted that our products are showing up in the remotest corners of the world. LASERWAR will gradually conquer the world, ensuring that every country has access to fun, active recreation, and laser tag. We previously reported on another laser tag club opening in Cameroon.
  5. The week begins with another update of LASERWAR online configurator. This time, we've prepared two significant changes for you: the software's functionality has been expanded, and the realism of laser tag battles has been further enhanced. Within a day, the updated version 1.133 will be available for download, but in the meantime, we'll discuss the new features. Possibility of upgrading hit sensors and additional devices Until now, the hit sensors and additional devices have been flashed into the LASERTAG CONFIGURATOR. There is now no need to install additional software. Everything is contained within a single application - LASERWAR UI. Hit sensors must be equipped with firmware from the 10th generation. The app will not include headbands, helmets, or vests from previous versions. Flashing is performed in the "Hardware settings" menu. It was previously known as "Network Setup" and was used solely to rename the tagger's Wi-Fi network. This function has been retained, but a new firmware function for hit sensors and additional devices has been added. The standard PRO remote control is in the list of such devices. The technology is identical: the hit sensor or remote control is activated in re-flash mode and the app is initiated. Next, under "Hardware settings", select "Other devices" under "Hardware type". The screen will display the connected equipment. A critical point - only remotes manufactured after 2017 with an integrated Bluetooth module will have their software updated. Additionally, new scenarios, including local ones that can be activated via remote control, will be available in the near future. However, you will need to reflash the device to fully use them. The entire update process will take approximately 30 seconds. Displaying the number of ammo and hp Another significant update is that the software now displays each player's remaining health and ammunition. Customers requested this feature, which is now included in the updated software. The player will be able to monitor ammo and hp on the tagger display or on the screen, if there is no tagger. All indicators are updated in real time - a very convenient feature resembling one used in PC games. Our company will continue to develop the LASERWAR online configurator's functionality.
  6. Created during the last months of the Great Patriotic War, the Degtyarev RPD was the first domestic machine gun to fire an intermediate cartridge. By the late 1940s, it was in full production and served the Soviet Army for nearly two decades. Today, over 40 nations use or have used foreign-made RPD machine guns and their modifications. The model was used in many conflicts during the 20th century and remains today a formidable weapon, well known around the globe. You have a unique opportunity to purchase the last RPD from LASERWAR. It is effectively the "last of the Mohicans" - production has ceased due to the impossibility of obtaining a base for integration. You take it in your hands and immediately feel the dormant power of battle metal. No strikeball drive unit will give you that experience. Seven kg of weight, tight bolt springs, the smell of gun grease - there's nothing like it. You are holding history! And even though its fighting life is over, we've given it a second life - a gaming one. LASERWAR engineers have integrated a set of laser tag electronics and ParallaX optics inside the model. This weapon will grace any club's arsenal or will appeal to the player who seeks maximum authenticity in his equipment. As the saying goes, nothing is more real than the present. The weapon weighs 7.2 kg. The length is 112 cm. The killer firepower of the ParallaX optics will leave no chance for your opponents. Folding bipods, bolt reloading - everything is like in a real combat prototype. Don't miss your chance to buy the last copy of historic weaponry. The machine gun costs 880 USD, please contact LASERWAR managers, if you are ready to purchase it.
  7. The Colt M4-A1 SKAT, known to many players and very popular at one time, is receding into the rear view mirror, joining the LASERWAR model archive. And it is being replaced by a new model, the M4 SHARK, ORIGINAL assault rifle. This is a classic M4 assault rifle with a long M-LOK foregrip and a Picatinny rail across the top of the foregrip and receiver. The tube of the optical system continues the hexagonal foregrip and does not interfere with the mounting of additional equipment. The folding sighting equipment, mounted on the top rail, allow the gun to be fired both with the front sight open when folded and with the diopter sights unfolded. Yes and don't forget about the collimators with optics. The ergonomically designed sliding buttstock with a soft butt plate enables the model to be adjusted to suit any build. The model is switched on as usual by the fire mode switch. Use the bolt to reload the weapon. The gun's clever design makes it equally suitable for left-handed or right-handed players. Three generations of electronics - the timeless 9th generation classic for offline statistics, the 10th generation with online statistics and the multi-capable Alphatag allow you to choose the option that best suits your needs. Choose the Prism or Parallax optical system. Other parameters are, as usual, set by LASERWAR's high quality standards. This new model can be a star of your playing season! Go for it!
  8. We have good news, guys! There are fewer and fewer blank spots in the LASERWAR universe. Our laser tag equipment is now also available in Cameroon. The Republic of Cameroon is a country in western Central Africa. Africa is well-known for its numerous nature reserves and national parks, as well as for its mountainous terrain and active volcano. A new laser tag club under the LASERWAR flag will open in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, one of the country's largest cities. Its owners have set up a site with outdoor equipment. So, just recently, 13 MP9-LT PHOENIX with safety bumpers, 12 Smart RGB headbands, Bluetooth base, Universal remote, Spider and Firefly chargers left for Cameroon. And that's the 84th country on our list. Africa is not the end point! We are sure the list will surely grow: there are still many countries and cities on the map that lack good laser tag. 
  9. In today's fast-paced world, organizing a party is more hassle than it's worth. It's faster to simply show up with the company to a prearranged location and have a good time. Are you pondering about making your celebration bright and memorable? Celebrate playing laser tag. Birthday party for kids and laser tag The pickiest birthday persons are kids. The kids will not be surprised by the presence of toys and colorful balloons. They exist in a mix of real world and video games. That's why no kid would refuse to play a real war game. In laser tag, kids are armed with a tagger. They wear a special vest and headband and will be able to actually save his team from being defeated. When the game is over, game participants will congratulate the birthday kid. If you want, you can prepare a gift and hand out diplomas to each of the players as a remembrance of the battle. A birthday party in laser tag is more emotional than just another feast with delicacies or a cinema trip. Celebration for adults Laser tag is an activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or gender. The absence of live ammunition and heavy weapons ensures the game safety. It is not necessary for participants to receive special training, just sit through the briefing and then go into battle. For adults, it will be a great way to de-stress and release energy after a working day. Other than working out, laser tag is also a good alternative to exercising. Monotonous exercises at the gym will be replaced by something new. Guests on their birthday will not be bored if they play laser tag. Everyone will be passionate about the fight. Many people have long wanted to play shooting games, but because of fear or injury have never done so. Safe and non-injurious laser tag is therefore an excellent option for these individuals. For a fun-filled holiday, all that's left to choose is whether the game is a sci-fi blockbuster or a Hollywood chiller. For example, celebrate a birthday playing a Team Deathmatch scenario. Each team will be divided into two groups. One group will then take on the responsibility of destroying the opposing team. The team that "kills" the most opponents in a set amount of time wins. The fairly simple rules and short rounds are suitable for guests of all fitness levels, ages and genders. Or play Hunger Games. Participants will quickly and independently find weapons and, at the signal of a coloured rocket, begin survival - every man for himself. The game is one hour long. The celebration will take place in the spirit of a thrilling film.  Recommendations for choosing a laser tag club See our guide to finding the perfect laser tag club for your birthday party. - see photos of the playground and appreciate the area preparation; - choose a club that has banquet facilities, because to host a party you'll also need a space for leisure activities. - find out where the banquet will be held and how you can order food. Learn if the receptionist will be able to place the order; - check whether there is a recreation room and how many people it can accommodate. After the game, guests may become physically exhausted and wish to tidy up. Learn beforehand what scenarios are available so you don't get bored while playing. - read reviews from other players who visited the club. Birthday party with laser tag at home If you don't want to go anywhere, but want to throw a birthday party with laser tag, we have HOME LASER TAG game sets. You don't have to travel to a laser tag club to have fun, you can play at home, in your yard, or even in your flat. This package comes with various weaponry, headbands, chargers, and remotes in a compact size. There are only a few basic steps: gather your guests, select a scenario, and get started. Family game sets For those who like to enjoy a cozy holiday in the company of their loved ones, laser tag sets for up to four players would be a perfect choice. The set includes: four taggers, four headbands, the same number of chargers and one remote control. The choice of weapons is designed for dad, mum and the youngest participants. All game sets are easy to use and require no special knowledge set up the equipment. A birthday party with laser tag will be a memorable one. It's a great opportunity to celebrate a long-awaited holiday in a healthy and fun way. Absolute safety and affordability are the main advantages. There are no age restrictions or boring scenarios. Have festive battles on the playground or play at home by choosing from ready-made LASERWAR game sets. A thrilling sports game ideal for any company.
  10. The Alphatag generation offers a number of important features for professional-level play and even more realistic combat. Outdoor laser tag vests have never been lighter or more technologically advanced. The headband's electronics are used in the new vest as well. Because of the durable material and replaceable cuff, it will last for many years. It's simple to operate and adjust game parameters thanks to the OLED display control unit. OLED display on your vest! Built-in control units with a 0.98-inch display are included in Alphatag vests. Basic gameplay information is displayed on the screen, including communication with other game sets, status indicators and firmware updates. The charge level is visible in all sensor modes. The instructor will be able to connect a second tagger using a hit sensor, or allow the fighter to wear a helmet, vest, and two weapons at the same time. Inside the control unit there is a processor and communication module. You will not find a more unique solution anywhere else! The vest can now be used to control the game. When the software is turned on, the integrated display transforms into a mini remote control. More hit zones The eight hit sensors are hexagonal engravings with a branded logo. They are located on the back, sides and front. The sensors are positioned in a new way, covering the entire vest and eliminating blind spots, increasing the number of hit zones. The photoelectric sensor's unique 140-degree sensitivity angle unmistakably detects even a weak IR pulse. It is equipped with light and vibration indication. When a player is hit, all sensors flash, except the one from which the shot was fired. In the daylight, the bright sensor light is visible, and in the dark, it is clearly visible. New parameter - "Armour" The new Alpha headband reveals the computer game's "Armour" feature, bringing it closer to real-world combat. In previous generations, such a parameter did not exist! When opponents fire at it, it is reduced. The hp are reduced only after the armour has been completely destroyed. Armour can regenerate on its own depending on the performance characteristics after the player has escaped fire. Only those who use a vest as a hit sensor have this option. Playing without a tagger The vest in the new generation of equipment is self-contained. The player can choose to enter the playground without using a tagger. To begin the game, activate the Hostage scenario, turn on the vest, and press the start button. Note that the waistcoat and headband can be used together or separately. Wearing a vest and a headband increases the hit zone and makes the game more dynamic: hiding from your opponent poses a real challenge. Record-breaking battery life  With the Wi-Fi module turned on, the power source is a powerful 10,000mAh external battery that lasts for 36 hours without interruption. This is a significant increase over the alternatives.  The vest can be worn in all weathers. Polycarbonate is used to make the sensors and control unit, which protects the electronics from scratches, drops, and other damage. Ideal rental solution  The three-layer breathable Air Mesh lining can be easily removed for washing. The vest itself is dirt-free, and any stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth. After hours of combat, the vest's weight does not feel or put pressure on the player. The four adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit for both kids and adults. A new type of the Alphatag vest uses cutting-edge software to communicate wirelessly. Smart NFC technology will ensure a fast connection to the tagger and other devices. Hundreds of hours of play will be possible thanks to the durable material and clever electronics. The vests are available to order in four colours.
  11. Many competitive advantages are included in the new generation of Alphatag equipment. It is intended for professionals and ensures reliability in every detail. Our customers have already had the opportunity to see the unique OLED displays on the hit sensors and taggers. The majority of the time, OLED display control units on headbands/helmets/vests serve as a special tool for the instructor. It can, for example, configure the hit sensor to connect a second tagger or allow a fighter to be fully equipped with a headband, vest and two weapons all at once. All basic information is recorded on the headband display. When the main sensor is turned on, the OLED displays the sequence numbers and names of the devices that are connected to it. For the first time, Alphatag can connect up to four devices at once, a feature not available in previous generations. We plan to expand the functionality to seven devices in the near future. In idle mode, the headband display shows the device name, percentage of charge, and Wi-Fi connection status. Except for Wi-Fi, the tagger's display repeats the same readings. The monochrome OLED display aids team members in orienting themselves in the game. You have control over the tagger-headband connection even at this early stage. A tick icon will appear on the displays after a successful connection to indicate that you are fully prepared to play. The headband automatically connects to the tagger when they come together. The gun's OLED display will show the name of the sensor with which it has been paired. When a large number of game sets are turned on at the same time, this function comes in handy. When the game begins, the tagger displays basic information about the player. Aside from battery life, it will be able to track remaining health, ammo, firing mode, damage inflicted, and armour points (in the case of using the vest as a hit sensor). Never before has an OLED display had as many parameters as in Alphatag equipment. The high brightness makes it possible to see all indicators even in daylight. The abrasion- and impact-resistant glass protects against falls and knocks. The display has record low power consumption and a large operating temperature range.
  12. Alphatag equipment represents new possibilities and a significant leap forward in the laser tag industry's future. Many ideas have been implemented to ensure the comfort and instant connectivity of software and game sets. A comfortable and long-lasting headband is the most important piece of equipment. The collapsible design stands out among all of the headband features. You can detach the hygiene cuff in a few minutes and access the electronics by simply undoing the zip. In the face of high customer traffic, this makes maintenance and operation much easier. The Air-mesh material used in the three-layer cuff ensures good ventilation while playing. It fastens with Velcro, making it simple to remove for washing. The Alphatag generation headband now has a new look. After a long game, the improved shape doesn't press on your ears and feels great on your head. Completely redesigned cuff fastening. With the help of a handy elastic band and clip, you can now find the right size for you. The five hit sensors and two control units have been placed in such a way that they do not add any weight to the headband. Let's talk about the sensors themselves: they're hexagonal in shape and engraved with the company's logo. There are five sensors for the first time, greatly increasing the range. The photoelectric sensor's unique 140-degree sensitivity angle unmistakably detects even a weak IR pulse. Each one has a vibration motor and a super-bright LED. When a player is hit, all five sensors will light up, but only the one on the fighter's side will vibrate. When a player dies virtually, two sensors at the headband's back alternately vibrate. The sensors blink both in bright sunshine and in the dark. The two control units, one of which houses the OLED display, provide a perfect balance. It serves as a quick mini remote for the instructor, capturing all of the game's essential information. Thanks to its powerful built-in battery, the lightweight and comfortable Alphatag headband will last nineteen hours of play. The headband is not only simple to use, but it also adds new features to the game. You have the option of entering the playground without using a tagger! The new generation of device is ideal for a Hostage scenario. One of our main goals is to make your game as comfortable as possible in any situation. Even after hundreds of games, the headband will still look good. If dropped, the sensors and units will not shatter because they are made of durable polycarbonate.
  13. Our engineers worked hard to ensure that Alphatag users could enjoy the updated software over the weekend. Right now, let's cover in detail which bugs we managed to fix. Statistics The most serious bug was found by our customers while the device was in use. It was discovered that the statistics from all taggers were not always read at the end of the game. As a result, the round data were not correct. This ruined the effect, as inaccurate statistics from even one participant prevented an accurate picture of the laser tag combat. We made corrections, and the game data is now read without any glitches. Feedback A 'feedback" function, similar to previous generations of equipment, was added. The instructor, by pressing the 'bell' next to the charge indicator, can identify the desired player - the selected tagger will produce a short beep. If you have a big number of sets connected to the software, this is handy. Players' names The names of the players in the pre-start lobby were the next thing to alter. As you may know, when fighters are assigned to teams, their nicknames are assigned at random. When entering another area of the app, the player would enter a name that was unique to him, but it was not preserved. For example, if the performance characteristics needed to be changed and the instructor opened the relevant tab, the previously saved name was reverted to the standard name. We fixed that bug as well. Game Start The last significant alteration is the identification of game sets entering the game. Instructors discovered that some taggers had not been activated on more than one occasion when initiating an online battle. In order to quickly identify this bug, LASERWAR programmers added a feature to indicate sets that have responded to the "Game Start" command. As a result, when you click on the relevant button below, a counter will appear: If an inactive game participant is found, the instructor merely needs to power reset his tagger and hit sensor. The connection will be restored and the player can return back to the game.
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  15. For many professional gamers, the unveiling of the premium Alphatag equipment was a long-awaited occasion. In terms of technology, we made significant progress, bringing up a slew of new opportunities for laser tag enthusiasts. And, in order to make them as simple to use as possible, our company has created user-friendly software that includes the greatest solutions in the industry. The Alphatag Server is intended for configuring laser tag equipment parameters, changing game scenarios, and collecting and publishing statistics. Users may rapidly configure all relevant parameters thanks to the user-friendly UI.  We made an overview of the software's functionality for you. Alphatag is designed for professionals and guarantees control of all gaming processes. Game An area in which the instructor can not only choose from the given scenarios, but also alter and create new ones. You run and control the laser tag battle from here. After it's finished, you can examine the statistics and post them to social media. Users of our software will not miss out on important changes. When you launch the software, an exclamation symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen indicates that updates are available. It only takes a few seconds to download them. Settings For the first time, the performance characteristics are separated by device type: hit sensors and taggers are programmed separately. Our software's capabilities allow us to adjust any parameter based on the player's preferences. Do you want a magazine capacity of 100 rounds for a pistol and automatic reloading? Nothing can be easier! And what about the vest armour? The software also provides this setting, which is not available for previous equipment generations. Or one-of-a-kind perks that can either increase or decrease the maximum amount of ammo and damage. Introduce an element of surprise into your game. You may alter the game set loudness, shot power, vibration mode, background brightness, auto reloading, and other parameters under the defeat sensor settings. In the tagger settings, you can select the weapon type. Set the amount of rounds and magazines, the damage, the rate of fire, miss fire, the reload and breakage times and the overheat factor. All settings are recorded instantly: one click and the game sets are ready for battle. Players' data base It stores the club's visitor data. Keep a record of your fighters, use this information in the game. Once a visitor has been recorded into the database, they may be readily assigned to any of the game sets linked to the software. You can use the app to browse the LASERWAR online shop as well as check all current news on the website and social media. System of awards and medals Throughout the game, players gain incentives and medals for doing specific activities, such as the first kill, taking a control point, or destroying the opponent's base. All achievements are displayed in real time. Game stats can be sent to print or posted on a social networking site. The Alphatag Server software sets up the equipment quickly. The program is appropriate for running rental clubs and is simple to use for both the player and the instructor. The programme is available for all devices running on the Windows 8/10 OS. Because we value our customers' time, we created a mobile version of Alphatag Server for Android and iOS. Download the software here for free.