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  1. More rental clubs and LASERWAR equipment dealers are appearing in Europe. All of them are looking for the best possible service. The company is actively looking for partners who would like to open a service centre at their club. The German business cooperation is discussed in an interview by the company's official Oksana Bobrikova. - Our clients in Europe know that sending equipment to Russia for repairs is too difficult and expensive, Oksana notes. - That is why we are in touch with major rental clubs, which in the long term will be able to serve customers from Germany and the neighboring countries of Western Europe - Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. LASERWAR partners get preferential pricing on laser tag equipment and spare parts when they open a service center. A member of our team will be happy to assist you in opening a service center at your club. Gennadiy Shedov, technical support Phone: +7 (495) 133-7220 (add. 103) Email: WhatsApp: +7 (964) 616-15-15 Viber: +7 (964) 616-15-15 Skype: The LASERWAR laser biathlon project is also discussed in the interview. We will also cover a successful case study from our Belgian clients. Here, laser biathlon is popular not only as a sporting discipline, but also as supplementary entertainment at military tactical games. Find out more about the project:
  2. In addition to being fun for kids, laser tag is a favourite pastime for adults as well. Making new friends and having a good time are all benefits of participating in sports. But that's not all. The flow is life! Physical activity is extremely important for adults in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking or taking a break from work isn't always possible due to time constraints. With arena laser tag, you'll have a fun time while also getting in a good workout because you'll be running around the maze and squatting to avoid your opponents. In short, it's a great workout at a low cost that doesn't necessitate a lot of practice. Family-friendly activity Come to play laser tag with your friends. Have a fun corporate event, or bring the family for a family weekend with dad, mom, and the grandparents. To make it even more enjoyable, the arenas have been decorated with glowing wallpaper, and illuminated drawings. Sci-fi space style is the most common look. Like in a PC game, you don't have to click your mouse or look at the monitor - you are the protagonists in this arena. It will be a hit with both adults and kids. New skill to your piggy bank Adult players may take on more challenging scenarios, play more methodically and deliberate over their moves, but they still enjoy winning like kids. Laser tag trains dexterity, marksmanship, teamwork, reacting quickly and not standing on the side-lines. Playing laser tag a couple of times a month gives you a useful hobby, and a cool skill that not everyone can boast about. In place of sitting in front of the PC or watching TV, a few hours of playtime can be twice as much as fun. The only downside of laser tag, especially for adults, is that once you've tried it a couple of times, you will never quit.
  3. Laser tag games have become a popular pastime and a social occasion for many people. As someone who enjoys an active and rewarding pastime, you've probably picked up a blaster at least once. Rental laser tag has a number of advantages that make it attractive and convenient, especially during the colder seasons. We'll remind you why playing in the maze is lots of fun. safe for all players; lightweight and stylish equipment; play in all weathers; great alternative to PC games; variety of game scenarios; affordable price; constant movement and exercise; for companies of any size. Share with us what else do you like about arena laser tag?
  4. CYBERTAG is confidently evolving into the arenas of the future. Laser tag used to be an attraction. Now it is more than just fun: it is a fast-paced sports game. The most important feature is "transparency", which is achieved through reliable software and a system for collecting stats. User-friendliness and reliability have been hallmarks of the CYBERTAG configurator for many years. The Statistics section has all the data regarding the fair play. All sets are constantly monitored by the control PC, and the current state of arena actions is displayed on information panels. With the autumn software update, the LASERWAR programmers have improved the operation of the software and introduced some changes to the Statistics section.  CYBERTAG has been Russia's number one rental system for many years. Very soon the world of laser tag will be facing a major event that will change all previous game perceptions.
  5. We know first-hand that honesty and transparency are key laser tag rules. It is the statistics that help to determine the winner and to analyze all game actions. LASERWAR software supports various data collection systems. Let's talk more about game control and remind you how it works in practice. Offline stats have long been considered a classic in laser tag. The system was implemented in generations 4 to 9 of game equipment. It has lost none of its relevance today. A special feature is that the results are only summarized at the end of the game. This is especially convenient for rental clubs - you can collect all the equipment, arrive at the base and quietly upload the statistics to social media. No dependence on time or place. The Alphatag software goes "far beyond" - statistics accumulated in offline mode are now read by the system. A new section has been added to the software specifically for this purpose. Turning off the taggers and hit sensors does not delete the data. All of our customers have long appreciated the convenience of online statistics. It became available for the 10th generation of electronics and is already firmly established in the latest and most professional equipment of the 11th generation. All information about the current game is broadcast on the screens. The software handles statistics as efficiently and promptly as possible. In addition, the Alphatag Player mobile app is available, which allows you to follow the game from your mobile phone. Another data collection system, real-time statistics, involves playing on a specially equipped playground in an area of continuous radio coverage. All sets are constantly monitored by the control PC, and the current state of play is displayed on information panels. This system is fully implemented in arena laser tag - CYBERTAG. Laser tag is evolving every day, we just help you find the right solution for varied and fair battles.
  6. Time for a good shopping experience! LASERWAR joins the global sale and announces a week of discounts for private players and rental clubs. Black Friday starts on November 12 and runs until November 19. Promotion 1 If you buy ONE or TWO (max.) of any taggers at a time, you will get a 10% discount on your order and a Trinity grenade to each weapon as a gift (i.e. a max. of 2 grenades as a gift). The promotion does apply to the discount card. Please note: One person can join this promotion and receive gifts only once. Promotion 2 When you buy 10 or more taggers, you get a killer set of Cerberus mine, Trinity grenade and Laser tag knife. Please note: the gift is combined with 10+2, 15+3 etc. promotions! You can get both taggers and a game set of devices as a gift. Hurry up to place your order! Contact our managers to make the right choice. Happy shopping!
  7. With LASERWAR equipment, your gadget won't lie idle in the pocket. In laser tag, the phone becomes a kind of remote control and assistant. You will be able to adjust equipment settings and monitor the process on the playground. We are going to tell you how it all works. LASERTAG CONFIGURATOR is Russia's first mobile app for tablets and smartphones on the Android platform, designed to work with LASERWAR equipment. Supports LASERWAR generation 7-9 electronics. The application allows you to create and edit game characters, use ready-made presets of game settings and create your own, select sounds, record game parameters simultaneously in multiple sets of laser tag equipment, read, save and even upload statistics to social networks. LASERTAG CONFIGURATOR is suitable for Android phones and tablets with operating system version 4.0.3 or later as well as for Huawei owners. Important: the Bluetooth and location detection must be enabled to connect the game sets (there may be more than one) to the Configurator. The mobile app can be downloaded for free. Follow the link to learn more. We didn't stop there and made the laser tag game even more convenient and modern. Two mobile apps are available for users of the new generation of Alphatag equipment. One for the instructor and the other - for the player. Alphatag Player - a mobile app for collecting and storing statistics. A participant in laser tag battles will be able to keep track of his statistics during the battle. All the necessary information about him and the team is displayed on the phone screen. It's like being in an online game, but all the movement and actions are real. Alphatag Configurator - an application for instructors. It is used to set the tactical and technical characteristics of the equipment. The settings are identical to those of the Alphatag configurator installed on the PC. Both the apps are suitable for iPhone, Android and Huawei and are free to download. It only takes a couple of minutes, and all these features are available from your phone. Save time and leave it for the game. Mobile apps are designed to do just that.
  8. Dear friends, we had a force majeure and a buggy firmware version was uploaded. We made fixes. The bug-free firmware is now available for download. Up-to-date information on all the changes is already on our website. Offline statistics The updated software allows for the reading of statistics accumulated in offline mode. Turning off taggers and hit sensors does not erase the data, it is only possible to completely clear the statistics using the laser tag console. This is especially convenient for rental clubs - you can collect all the equipment after the games, arrive at the base and quietly upload the statistics to social media. No dependence on time or place. Taggers and hit sensors store data in incremental fashion, i.e. statistics from past games are not deleted when a new game is started. In the software you will find a new item in the Game section, called Reading local statistics. The connected equipment sets are displayed at the bottom, drag and drop them into the main field. You will now also be able to set your own points for death, kill, hit and regeneration. Then press the button with the statistics readout. Game session statistics and changes in the broadcast window Another new feature is the game session statistics file, which reads out all rounds played in a specific time. The broadcast window now has a bar displaying the player's health and the number of rounds. This allows to follow the gameplay in more detail. Resetting to default settings This menu item concerns the game lobby, where the instructor assigns the participants to teams. The game set's settings can be reset to the initial ones by ticking the Default settings box. In addition to these important changes, the bug with reading statistics at the end of the game, resetting parameters in progress, and the bug with team colours in Vampire mode have been fixed. Download the new firmware versions for taggers and hit sensors right now by following the link.
  9. You can't imagine modern laser tag without additional equipment. Among the large selection, it's easy to find exactly what you need for the rental club. But there is a device that is used in almost every game. Smart Control Point is used for scenario battles. It is certainly the most popular device in the laser tag world. Advantages: it's lightweight, stylish, easy to use and can be set up in a minute. The device has a rich functionality and clever design. The Point notifies you about all gaming activities with a bright backlight. And don't forget about the powerful speaker. Three main scenarios are available: Capture Control Point, Battlefield Point and Command Centre. The device has been upgraded to meet the users' needs. It has shrunk in size but gained even more functionality. Without the Point, it is impossible to imagine the work of thousands of rental clubs in Russia and abroad. Smart Control Point has probably been in your club for a long time. If not, you can buy it in the shop after you decide on the device color.
  10. Time Point is one of LASERWAR's in-house top products. The device combines interesting design, functionality and affordability. Today, let's talk more about the device's scenarios. Three scenarios were available in the initial set: Time Gates, Time Stealers and War of the Worlds. Later on, we came up with another scenario that is used on large-scale scenario games such as Brothers in Arms. Evacuation Point is a relatively new, but time-tested gaming story. The idea: teams should lead as many participants as possible to the Point within a set round time. The Point only counts shots from players with different IDs. Bunkering and cheating are excluded. All players must fire one shot each, indicating that all team members have completely evacuated. The scenario is loved for its originality and impossibility to cheat. In another Time Gates scenario, one of the teams has to "colour" the gate with its own colour. The main objective is to keep the Gates under control until the launch, while the other team is actively attacking and trying to destroy the them. Playing the Time Stealers, players of two teams shoot at the Time Point. The countdown for all players begins. When the Point is hit by one of the teams, the leading side "pumps out" the other team's time until there is no time left or until the end of the round. Those who completely steal the opponents' time win. War of the Worlds - a maximum of four teams can play. The Time Point's colour changes to the colour of the team. Then the countdown of the capture time starts together with the countdown to the end of the round begin. The players who have possessed the Point the longest win. You can order the device in the online shop. Here you can find more information on the product.
  11. In our online shop you will find everything you need for laser tag. The wide range of tagger models can be confusing to the newcomer: the choice starts with simple pistols and ends with combat-like machine guns and assault rifles. But seasoned players already know their "favourite". These taggers have proven to be at their best in all laser tag events, whether it's an ordinary game or a large-scale tournament. We have prepared for you the top three best-selling LASERWAR models. 3d PLACE - AK-12LT Predator assault rifle Players appreciate the Predator for its comfort, durability and practicality. The gun has been put to the test more than once. You will spend long hours playing laser tag with this reliable tagger. The 2.2 Ah lithium battery guarantees up to 36 hours of operation on a single charge. The Predator features a new acoustic jack technology, providing a richer, louder sound. The trigger is made from soft-touch plastic. The system of axle stops and supports ensures smooth operation. The laser tag version is equipped with Picatinny rails for attaching additional accessories. 2nd PLACE - MP9-LT PHOENIX submachine gun Perfect - the word that best describes Phoenix. It is deservedly considered a universal tagger - suitable for adults and kids alike. The submachine gun is small in size. The model is excellent without exaggeration: the body and comfortable grip, loud sound, OLED display and authentic design. Phoenix showed excellent results in the crash test, surviving a fall from the ninth floor. Add to all this Picatinny rails, a killing range and 36 hours of battery life. 1st PLACE - AR-15 Ranger Assault Rifle In its short existence, this assault rifle has won the hearts of thousands of players. The bolt reloading, barrel-mounted hit sensor, four Picatinny rails, original sighting equipment, carrying sling clamp, handy butt plate - all these features in one model. It's the most detailed tagger ever, with a 3,000 mAh lithium battery inside, a Veco branded speaker, robust Bluetooth modules, OLED display - the ultimate package for an assault rifle. All taggers support any generation of LASERWAR electronics, as well as the installation of an OLED display and Feedback function. You've got a lot to lose if this trio of game models hasn't already been added to your club's arsenal. Order these taggers from the LASERWAR online shop.
  12. As a reminder, the timely updating of the software guarantees stable operation, as well as the introduction of new functions and modes. The ninth generation of electronics has been proven by time and thousands of played games. Users of equipment based on Smart RGB electronics are now able to have the updates for their tagger firmware. Version has made a change to the operation of the "barrel overheating". Some of the clients commented that this option did not work even if it was enabled in the settings. We detected the bug and successfully solved it. In the new firmware, barrel overheating works smoothly. As a reminder, the 9th generation of LASERWAR equipment adjusts the number of shots fired before the gun barrel overheats. If you pull the trigger after the overheating, the command "I can't shoot" will sound. The "overheating" state lasts 10 seconds and is not editable in the software - during this time the tagger will "cool down". A loud sound will notify you when the weapon is recovered and you can continue playing. The overheating parameter can also be completely deactivated. Firmware has been uploaded to the public domain. Follow the link to download. The firmware update must be carried out with the equipment charged. In the event of issues, contact LASERWAR technical support.
  13. Arena laser tag continues to draw people from all over the world into the game. Today we're talking about another LASERWAR project. This time CYBERTAG conquered the Armenian capital, Yerevan. A laser tag arena will be housed in the city's entertainment centre. The main part is the maze consisting of shelters of different shapes, sizes and all kinds of interactive elements. Arena laser tag is played in special indoor areas. The new arena is designed in space style. The successful colour combination makes it minimalist but very stylish. Light panels on the walls are used in the decoration. The floor and ceiling lights are evenly distributed across the central base of the arena. The whole arena literally glows, resembling the compartment of a spaceship. Visitors will play on CYBERTAG equipment, made of durable plastic, which guarantees hundreds of laser tag battles. Both adults and kids can feel like a hero and fight in space battles. Laser tag is fun for the whole family and is an arena that even seasoned players will enjoy. LASERWAR goes to great lengths to ensure you get an arena that meets all your needs. Our arenas are equally loved by owners and players alike. You can find out more about our services in this section of our website or by contacting your manager.
  14. We suggest concluding the week with another firmware and software Alphatag update. Several important news is on the agenda at once - the software stability has been improved, as well as the communication between the tagger and the hit sensors. Our technicians have made every effort to eliminate the bug related to the tagger and hit sensor communication. The new firmware version comprehensively improves the performance of all connected equipment. Customers told us that sometimes the connection between the tagger and the armband was lost during the game. This disturbed the game flow and meant that fighters had to call the instructor to reset the game set. Some have encountered the issue of partial stats reading. We have tested everything dozens of times, now the connection is not interrupted, and the stats are saved even outside the router range. Every detail is important in laser tag - a quality sound and lighting create an atmosphere of realistic play. Some Alphatag users wearing vests had issues with a vibration-response. This bug has also been fixed with the new firmware. When the player is shot at, the hit sensors react as they should - with vibration and light indication. You can download the new hit sensor firmware v. from the website, v.1.8.1. will be available within a day. As a reminder, you can keep track of firmware updates for Alphatag in the relevant website section.
  15. As in real life, the direct purpose of the shotgun is to "clean up" buildings and work in close combat. It's not the most popular tagger in laser tag, but when it comes to efficiency and indoor play - it's second to none. For those who like to burst into ambushes and sweep enemies along the way, we've upgraded the GASTAT shotgun. The severe and powerful tagger has undergone a slight transformation in appearance. The shotgun is now fitted with an outer tube. This improves the performance of the optical system. The range is close to real combat parameters. GASTAT is far from a compact and lightweight tagger. It weighs just over two kg and is 65 cm long. But the shotgun is convenient to hold in your hands, and its power is capable of nailing down up to four enemies. The tagger supports the feedback function. Carrying sling clamps are included in the scope of supply. To buy a shotgun, go to our online shop. Please note that this model is made to order. Contact our managers for more information.