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  1. ASIA ATTRACTIONS EXPO 2024 - the Asian exhibition of entertainment and attractions amazed with its size. Thousands of participants and even more guests from all over the world. LASERWAR team has spent three mazing days in Guangzhou. We saw a great number of attractions: from classical slot machines to innovative carousels. But you can't imagine modern entertainment without virtual reality. Our VR projects are very popular abroad. During the exhibition the guests highly appreciated the games created by the WARSTATION and AVATAR GAMES team. They liked not only the graphics, scenario but also a well-thought-out format for small areas and favorable conditions for starting a business. Laser tag is also in demand for Asian audiences. We told a lot about our company, production and sales of our laser tag equipment. As a result - new acquaintances, partners and impressions. China met us with great interest, friendliness, as if hinting that there was only more to come.
  2. LASERWAR will visit the largest exhibition in the East - Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo 2024. AAA Expo is more than 130,000 square meters, 6,500 representatives from around the world and 150,000 visitors. Just imagine the scale! And we’re in the middle of it. From 10 to 12 May we will present all our franchises and open the world of the future for participants from Europe, America and Asia. We will present our VR-games and exclusive novelty - PRO-CARDS. Strengthening the position of leader in the entertainment industry and giving unlimited opportunities for new partners. See you later!
  3. Friends, we know that many laser tag players have been waiting for this. Without any  words, we inform you that we have done a lot of work to introduce new functional and  optimization of the LASERWAR configurator. 1. Access levels have been updated in the software. Now there is an administrator, an  instructor and a guest. When you first launch the software, you will see a window for  registering a user with the “administrator” access level.  Registration through social networks is possible. “Administrator” has access to all the  functions of the application. A “guest” (unregistered user) will not be able to record settings, launch the game, or  work with statistics. In fact, the “guest” only opens the application and follows the links  from the “News” and “Cybertag” sections. The “instructor” changes the tactical and technical characteristics settings, play games,  saves and publishes statistics. He cannot edit fiscal data of completed game sessions,  add new users or delete existing ones, or edit access rights. 2. Connection with the developer in case of errors in the application. Similar functionality has already proven itself in Alfatag and will now be available to the  users of the tenth generation. The “Feedback” item has appeared in the general  settings of the application. In case of a problem while working with the software,  describe it in as much detail as possible, check the “Attach logs” (don’t forget to set the  time interval) and “Attach a database” checkboxes, then send a report to us. As soon  as possible, the developer will identify the causes of the failure and fix it. If necessary,  he will contact you at the email address specified in the report. 3. Full customization of the application appearance. Previously, you could only change the background of the main window and the start  lobby, as well as images and links for the “News” and “Cybertag” sections. Now there is an opportunity to: — design each section according to your taste: upload the images you like instead of  the standard ones. — change the appearance of the main menu: now there is a possibility to remove  unnecessary tiles (e.g. in the screenshot). — upload your own images (only in .svg format) for weapon class icons — upload your own images instead of standard player avatars — upload images for command icons — use your own column names in statistical tables. In the general settings of the application (gear in the upper left corner of the main  menu), there appeared an item called “Interface Settings”, which will allow you to make  changes. 4. Adding arena sounds. In the “Sounds” section of the Configurator a new subsection has been added, it is  called “Arena Sounds”. For each scenario three background tracks are prepared. If  necessary, you can download the music files you need (only .mp3 format is  supported). Playback starts automatically after the start of the round. “Event Sounds”  are also available - the launch of a particular scenario, double/triple kills,  activation/deactivation of IEDs, capturing/holding flags - these and many other game  events will be sounded by the application. You can find the entire list of event sounds  in the item of the same name, and also replace these effects with the ones you like. 5. The medals received by the players can now be viewed directly during the battle.  They are displayed both in the start lobby and in the dynamic statistics window. When  you hover your mouse over the icon, there will appear a description of what you have  received the medal for. This function is enabled in the round settings. 6. We solved the problem of equipment firmware using the Configurator. While starting  a network game, some kits might not start. Now, in this situation, the software will send  the “start game” command to the tag gun until the kit starts or the user stops the round. To set this parameter, go to the application settings, find the item “Timeout for waiting  for the game to start with a tag gun” and set the time during which the software will  attempt to start the game on the kits. If at the same time the Configurator indicates that the statistics on the kit are damaged,  it will automatically stop the game on this tag gun, clear the statistics and reactivate it.  The automatic statistics clearing function will help users with this. 7. While adding a gamer into the database, you can create an avatar according to your  personal taste. 8. New terms of the end of the game. — “Limitation on frags for each player.” As soon as any fighter completes the number  of virtual kills mentioned in the scenario settings, the round will stop. — “Limitation on frags per team.” As soon as the fighters of each of the teams  participating in the game commits the specified number of virtual kills, the round will  stop. 9. Now it is possible to publish game session statistics on social networks. 10. As practice has shown, the more records are stored in statistics, the higher the  probability of hanging of the application. Right up to exiting.  Not to upset the fighters,  the developers have added a function of deleting games. You can clear both an  individual game (session) and for a selected period of time (including completely).  11. Access to application sections during the game. Previously, when starting a  network game, the user could only switch between the start lobby and the dynamic  statistics window. Our developers have opened access to all sections during the game.  To do this, just click the “Back” button in the lobby. The LASERWAR online configurator update will become available in the next 24  hours.
  4.   For each player laser tag his. For someone - a drive game, for others - sport, for the third - a hobby. But every year laser tag is modernized, revealed in a new way. We have something to tell you, the whole story in one video.
  5. We would say we are lazily breaking into the world’s exhibition space... But! As a tradition, every February our team goes to represent the company’s products in the international arena. This year is no exception!  From February 27th to 29th, the LASERWAR team is going on the first overseas trip this year. Mumbai — "Indian Gate". There will be the country’s largest international exhibition in the entertainment industry — IAAPI Amusement Expo.
  6. Title: Elevating the Virtual Reality Experience: Exploring WarStation's Immersive VR Shooter In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has evolved from a niche technology into a captivating and immersive platform, reshaping the way we interact with digital content. Among the myriad of VR experiences, WarStation has emerged as a beacon of quality, offering a transformative journey into the realms of intense shooter combat. With its innovative approach, attention to detail, and steadfast commitment to delivering an unparalleled immersive experience, WarStation has not only redefined the boundaries of virtual reality gaming but also set a new standard for quality in the VR landscape. WarStation places players at the epicenter of thrilling shooter combat scenarios, where split-second decisions, combat reflexes, and tactical prowess are put to the test. The game provides an unparalleled level of immersion, allowing players to step into an alternate reality where every shot fired, every movement, and every strategic maneuver resonates with palpable consequences. The intricately detailed environments, lifelike interactions, and fluid mechanics create an unmistakable sense of presence, blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. One of the hallmarks of WarStation is its uncompromising approach to quality. From the rich, atmospheric soundscapes that draw players into the heart-pounding action, to the stunningly rendered battlefields that stretch as far as the eye can see, every aspect of the game has been meticulously crafted to elevate the VR shooter experience. The attention to detail extends to the intuitive controls and responsive feedback, ensuring that players are seamlessly connected to the virtual world, further enhancing their sense of agency and involvement. Moreover, WarStation's commitment to quality is evidenced through its dedication to fostering a vibrant and welcoming community. The game not only offers thrilling solo experiences but also provides robust multiplayer features, allowing players to collaborate, compete, and engage in shared adventures. The sense of camaraderie and competition that permeates these interactions serves to enhance the quality of the overall experience, underlining WarStation's ability to create a sense of belonging and shared purpose within its virtual realm. A key factor that contributes to the quality of the WarStation experience is the continuous innovation and evolution of the game. The developers show a clear commitment to refining and expanding the game, introducing new content, features, and improvements to ensure that players are consistently engaged and delighted. This dedication to ongoing enhancement not only enriches the gaming experience but also sets a precedent for other VR titles, emphasizing the transformative potential of striving for continuous improvement and innovation. In the wake of the rapid expansion of the VR landscape, the quest for quality in virtual reality experiences has become increasingly significant. WarStation stands as a testament to how quality can greatly impact a player’s perception and enjoyment of VR gaming. By prioritizing the delivery of an immersive, polished, and captivating shooter experience, WarStation has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in the realm of virtual reality gaming, garnering acclaim and fostering a dedicated community of enthusiasts. Ultimately, the rise of WarStation and its unwavering commitment to quality underscores the profound impact that an exceptional VR shooter experience can evoke. As virtual reality continues to mature and captivate audiences worldwide, the pursuit of quality, innovation, and immersion will undoubtedly elevate the medium and open doors to new and enthralling digital frontiers. In conclusion, WarStation's dedication to quality, innovation, and immersive shooter gameplay has elevated the standards for virtual reality experiences. With its meticulous attention to detail, commitment to community-building, and steadfast pursuit of excellence, WarStation has set a compelling precedent for both current and future VR titles, enriching the overall landscape of virtual reality gaming.
  7. The Avatar Games VR Franchise: A Journey Through Immersive Storytelling and Unforgettable Adventures The Avatar Games franchise stands as a testament to the captivating fusion of cutting-edge technology and compelling storytelling, inviting players to embark on mesmerizing adventures in rich, fantastical worlds. From its inception, the franchise has epitomized the seamless integration of innovative game design, immersive narrative arcs, and breathtaking visual spectacles. Each installment in the Avatar Games series has masterfully woven together elements of exploration, action, and intricate lore, captivating audiences and solidifying its status as a pioneering force in the realm of gaming. At the heart of the Avatar Games franchise is its unwavering commitment to creating deeply immersive worlds that beckon players to explore and uncover their mysteries. The franchise's games are renowned for their lush, vibrant environments, teeming with life and teetering on the edge of the extraordinary. Whether venturing through the dense, mystical forests of Pandora or navigating the awe-inspiring landscapes of distant planets, players are consistently enveloped in a world that feels alive and begs to be discovered. Central to the franchise's allure is its masterful storytelling, which weaves an intricate tapestry of rich lore, compelling characters, and epic conflicts. The narratives of the Avatar Games transport players into realms where they are not merely spectators, but active participants in a grand narrative. Whether forging alliances, facing formidable adversaries, or unraveling the enigmatic histories of the worlds they inhabit, players are afforded the agency to shape their own destinies within these captivating universes. Moreover, the franchise has continually pushed the boundaries of technological innovation, leveraging the latest advancements to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. The integration of cutting-edge visuals, adaptive AI, and immersive sound design serves to transport players into realms that feel strikingly tangible and alive. This steadfast dedication to technological advancement has not only set the standard for visual excellence in gaming but has also paved the way for the evolution of gaming as a medium that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. The Avatar Games franchise has also demonstrated a remarkable versatility, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences that cater to a broad spectrum of players. From high-octane action sequences to contemplative, atmospheric explorations, the franchise has adeptly navigated various genres, appealing to players with distinct preferences and gaming styles. This adaptability has allowed the franchise to resonate with an expansive audience, fostering a community of enthusiasts drawn together by their shared passion for immersive digital experiences. Beyond the confines of gaming, the Avatar Games franchise has fostered a potent sense of world-building that extends across multiple forms of media. From captivating novels that expand upon the intricate lore of the game worlds to compelling visual adaptations that bring these narratives to life, the franchise has transcended the realm of gaming to engender a rich, interconnected multimedia landscape. This multi-faceted approach to storytelling has not only enriched the overarching narratives of the games but has also invited enthusiasts to engage with these worlds in various compelling forms. As the Avatar Games franchise continues to captivate audiences with its spellbinding narratives, breathtaking visuals, and innovative gameplay, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling in gaming. Its ability to craft immersive, enthralling experiences has not only solidified its position as a pioneering force in the industry, but has also inspired a generation of gamers to seek out new horizons, embrace compelling narratives, and revel in the boundless frontiers of interactive digital experiences. With each new installment, the Avatar Games franchise reaffirms its status as a vanguard of immersive storytelling and unforgettable adventures, inviting players to embark on extraordinary journeys beyond the confines of reality.
  8. admin

    jobs instructor in Malta

    Hello if you interesting work like laser tag instructor in Malta EUROPE we can discuss it pl send your resume to
  9. We broadcast directly from the eastern capital Tokyo. Today is the last day of the international exhibition of equipment, goods and services for amusement parks and attractions Leisure Japan 2023. Our leading managers are working on the location. They talk about laser tag and VR in such a way that it's impossible to break away. That's why our list of clients does not stop replenishing. The exhibition is also a great opportunity to communicate with those who have been working with LASERWAR for many years. We have already managed to meet with all Japanese partners. We discussed new products and agreed to replenish the arsenal in laser tag clubs. Here are some figures on the results. About 300 partners – so many laser tag clubs and VR arenas are planned to open next year. More than 150 organizations – so many companies wanted to cooperate with us and launch collaborations. Something interesting is waiting for us! Follow the news and don't miss it.
  10. Dear friends, we officially declare that LASERWAR has conquered the Land of the Rising Sun. Only the second day of the exhibition has passed, and we have already found more than 100 partners. Our business cards are flying like hot cakes. Laser tag and virtual reality from LASERWAR simply have no competitors. But the good news doesn't end there. There will be another representative of the company in Japan - an official dealer. Now it will be possible to purchase proven and reliable laser tag equipment there.
  11. admin


    There are not enough fingers to count how many events we managed to attend just this fall. And here's more news – LASERWAR is in Japan right now. It hosts the international exhibition of equipment, goods and services for amusement parks and attractions Leisure Japan 2023. We have brought three unique projects at once. Along with laser tag, there is also virtual reality – WARSTATION, AVATAR GAMES. Finally, the East will learn what a powerful laser tag and truly exciting VR games are. There is no end of those who want to know, touch and test our equipment. Today is only the first day of the exhibition, and we have already concluded several deals. All because LASERWAR is reliable and profitable. Now the Japanese also know about it. There are still several days of the exhibition ahead. We stock up on a good mood and establish diplomatic ties.  
  12. Dear friends, we upgraded some models of taggers. Now, they have a metallic bolt instead of a plastic one. You can replace the detail on your own, it will take you just several minutes. We prepared a detailed video guide for you – take several simple steps – and your old plastic bolt will be replaced with a new reliable metallic one. You can upgrade the following models: АК-25, AK-12LT, АМ-22 and AK-15, but you will have to disassemble the last rifle in a different way than the video shows.
  13. admin

    Meet Barracuda!

    There’s a new addition in our arsenal! New combat rifle AR-23 «Barracuda» is now in «STEEL» series. The tagger is made from steel and weapon plastic, that’s why it’s able to face rent usage.   Gun tube is covered with light-alloy cover with Picatinny rails. Optics system Prizma or Parallax allow to hit the target at the range of 250 - 400 m. You can turn on hardware with running-fire level located under the thumb of the right hand over pistol grip. Reloading is carried out with the help of a bolt. The new weapon is already available in our online and ready to bring joy to players.
  14. Dear friends, LASERWAR expands laser tag opportunities. We constantly improve our services and developments. That’s why system update of mobile shooting club Wild West is our next step.      Version 1.1.3 brings a new feature – background music. Now, the users can choose, add and turn on any audio files during the competition. You will see a player for music management on the top of the main page of the app – there will be buttons “play”, “pause”, “track back”, “track forward” and the name of the audio file.     You can set up special parameters in “Settings” section. For example, you can upload and play your music. Also, we added several default tracks – in case a user doesn’t want to upload their music files. In the dropdown, you can set up the volume of the played tracks.     In addition, there’re two more features – you can turn on and turn off the music together with a scenario, turn on the music in order or in random sequence. If you choose the first option, audio files will be played right after the beginning of the game and will stop after the competition is over. If you choose the second option, the next track will be chosen randomly. Now, playing in a shooting club will get even more dynamic and atmospheric.
  15. The Leisure Japan 2023, a grand international exhibition of equipment, products, and services for amusement parks and attractions, will be held in Tokyo from November 28 to 30. We are preparing for this trip thoroughly. This is a unique opportunity for our specialists to learn about trends and best practices in the entertainment industry, establish partnerships, and get ideas for creating new devices and software. We are certainly determined to show our best products and developments to the guests of the exhibition. The exhibition will unfold at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, which has been running since 1995. More than 300 manufacturers and suppliers will present their goods and services at the exhibition. It is expected that about 20 thousand real buyers will visit the stands of the companies. In addition, the program includes educational sessions and training seminars with the participation of respected experts. The LASERWAR company will not miss the chance to be at the very center of this event. We have a lot to surprise industry professionals. We will bring Russian VR projects, and cool laser tag game kits and show new products that are just about to go on sale. We expect visits from our regular customers from France, Portugal, UK and Germany. Such exhibitions are a great opportunity to meet partners who have been working together with LASERWAR for many years. The exhibition is just over a month away! We look forward to seeing everyone at our booth S1-7-11. See you in Tokyo!