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  1. Yalta is a resort, a port, Crimea's pearl, and a crucial location on the LASERWAR laser tag map. The Red Eagle Club has been here for two years. The guys run games on the 9th generation Smart RGB and meet over a thousand laser tag lovers each year. We chatted with club owner Mikhail Aksyonchikov about the club's popularity and the experience of working with one of LASERWAR's most popular generations. Michael, what brought you into the laser tag business? - In 2019, I was finishing my university studies and I wanted to start my own business. This is how the idea for the Red Eagle project came about. A laser tag club was set up in May in Yalta. I became the company's owner as well as the games' head instructor. The initial set of equipment,  "Easy Start," was obtained on a three-month instalment. How quickly were the installments closed, and how long did it take the club to break even? - Yes, we met the deadline. The equipment was purchased in May, and the instalment was repaid in August using proceeds from the games. The club is now bringing a steady profit. We have three instructors and hold over 300 games a year with over 5000 participants. We have grown to be the market leader among laser tag clubs on Crimea's south shore, with a market share of over 70%. The percentage is high considering you started in 2019. What's the most popular laser tag equipment in the club? - The "Phoenixes" and "Predators" are very popular. That is, compact, lightweight, comfy, and long-lasting models. I would stress that they're essential in games, and we've been happy with them through the years. What would your life be like if laser tag didn't exist? - It's difficult to imagine not having a club or playing laser tag. It seems impossible. When we got our first set of LASERWAR equipment, it was the start of a completely new life for me, filled with games, quests, and competitions. What do you believe is the key to success in the laser tag industry? - It is always important to get a feel for your customer. We know exactly who our customers are and their needs. We provide customized strategy, outings, and work 24/7.
  2. Every day more laser tag players prefer a brand new generation of equipment from LASERWAR. We, in turn, continue to upgrade the hardware, fix bugs, improve stability and make changes proposed by active users. Today another software update package is available to download for owners of Alphatag-based laser tag equipment: firmware v. for taggers and v. for hit sensors. Of the main changes, we would like to highlight the following ones: The performance characteristics settings are now saved in internal volatile memory. Thanks to that solution, we solved the issue with resetting when the player wanted to restart his headband/vest; The remote start and stop processes were improved. The version of the Wi-Fi protocol was upgraded. We fixed a bug of inactive taggers during online games; Remote reboot of the complex devices was added. Previously, when reflashing headbands and taggers, you had to do that manually. The equipment will now restart automatically after an update, saving instructors a lot of time; The "Armour" parameter for vests was added. It works in a similar way to PC games - hitting such a player will first take away units of armour strength. Once they reach zero, the player will begin to lose hp. Please note that when flashing laser tag equipment of the Alphatag generation, taggers should be updated first and then the hit sensors. The Alphatag Server PC software must also be updated to version 1.4.22. Failure to do so may result in firmware malfunctions. The app will automatically prompt you to update when your PC connects to the internet. Download firmware: For hit sensors v. For taggers v.
  3. The new generation of LASERWAR equipment, with a range of features not available before, has already created both genuine interest from players and new questions about its use. The crux of the matter is that it is easier to realize the maximum potential under the control of the gaming software on a permanent-type site. One click is all it takes to configure the participants' game settings, split teams, select game scenarios and analyze the stats. "And what about the field players? Players who are used to playing outside, in the woods, on the playground? Are the new platform capabilities not for them?" sceptics will think. And they will be wrong! Because the applications of Alphatag are very broad, and our team working to expand them even further. Playing with Alphatag laser tag equipment is possible offline on any unprepared site without the use of game software. We have created a mobile version of the Alphatag Configurator for setting up equipment in the field conditions. The software  supports Android and iOS. It allows the instructor to easily set up a single game set as well as a group of devices, colour-code player teams and activate game sets using a mobile phone, which is always nearby. A router, complete with a special cable, is used to establish a connection to the game sets, allowing it to be powered from any USB source. A laptop with a powerful battery can be used as a mobile power source for the router. It will also do for real-time statistics. The minimum option is to use only a router powered by a USB source in the car or a Power Bank. This way, the router creates Wi-Fi coverage of the playing area and ensures communication with the game sets. You can buy the router, power cable and Power Bank set to achieve mobility in Alphatag in the online store. Buying of the complete set is cheaper than buying things separately.
  4. The upcoming release - LASERWAR Online Configurator, v. 1.129 will be available on Microsoft Store in a few days. Meanwhile we'll tell you about the new features. LASERWAR programmers continue to work on extending the software functionality. They promptly fix bugs discovered during the software operation. The main change introduced by the new release is the collection of statistics on game sessions. We have already explained the "game session" term. A session is a series of games during which the players share the same team.  The advantage: when the next game starts, the team is still the same - no time to spend on creating new ones. It is now possible to view detailed stats for sessional games and save them to the online stats server. A button to send the statistics to the server has been added. We have been repeatedly asked to add the following feature by customers who actively practice online games in their clubs. The "Number of hp" parameter, which you will find under "Weapon specifications", allows players to set a limit on resurrections per round. A fighter who has run out of hp will not be able to continue the game and help his team. Electronics will block all attempts to respawn using first aid kits or other devices (auto-resurrection will also be off). This change is made both at the software and firmware levels. Remember to update your taggers to version V10.4.10.3 if you plan to use this functionality. Please note that the "Number of hp" option is ONLY available in online game. The bug related to delayed start in online game has been fixed. If you start a round with a "Time to start" setting that is not zero, and want to make changes to the team at the last minute, you can stop the countdown by pressing the "Stop" button. This is a new feature. We've also solved an issue that was causing custom sound effects not to be recorded in the taggers. These are the most important changes. In addition to the mentioned ones, the following changes have been introduced to LASERWAR-UI, v.1.129 named weapon classes in the sound package of the same name. Now it's much easier to navigate through the variety of sounds. Weapon classes in the "Weapon Specifications" section have been renamed; switching between connected game sets in the "Weapon specification" section using the N (next) and B (back) keys or the up and down arrows. We continue to work on the LASERWAR Online Configurator functionality. Look forward to new updates.
  5. There will be a long weekend from May 1st to May 10th in Russia, but work on your requests, dispatch of orders and technical support continues. Our sales department is open on May 4, 5, 6, 7. Day off - May 8. Technical support - May 4, 5, 6, 7 from 9:00 to 18:00; May 8 from 9:00 to 15:00. Days off - May 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10. From May 11 we work as usual. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us for all further questions in the interim.
  6. We would like to present the unique weapons for laser tag fighters and to show you three legendary taggers for thrilling battle. They are based on body of AR-15 RANGER. Every little detail has been carefully taken into consideration to create the perfect weapons. This laser tag riffles will not leave any chances to the opponent even at a great distance due to the high accuracy. MG-21 BERSERK laser tag machine gun has light weight, original design and unique personality. SR-21 GHOST is a reliable sniper rifle, ideal for laser tag games and tournaments. These novelties from LASERWAR will diversify your laser tag arsenal as much as possible. Choose the most realistic, proven and the safest equipment for the best games.
  7. The Russian Laser Tag Federation holds the International Sports Laser Tag Tournament, it is on June 11-13, 2021 in Smolensk. Guests and participants of the event will have 3 days of sports battles on the main arena of the city.  Competitors are teams from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan. Join you too! If you cann't come to us, we will organize an online broadcast on the Federation's YouTube channel. Competitions will be held in 5 age groups: 7-9 years, 10-13 years, 14-16 years, 17-19 years, 20+ years. Follow the news in the event group VK: (in russian)
  8. Although support for the 8th generation equipment has been officially discontinued, we still fulfil individual orders using previous generations of equipment. This time we received an order for a batch of covers for third-party helmets. The helmets on the 8th generation of equipment were designed for fire tag, one of the most realistic types of laser tag, with fans having the highest demands on authentic equipment. The Ops-Core helmet, which has good functionality, was proposed as the basis. Soft shock absorption pads are attached on the inside of the helmet by means of Velcro fasteners. The pads may be adjusted to the player's needs. The helmet mounts accommodate a night vision unit. There are rails to attach a helmet flashlight, action camera and Velcro panel. The suspension system of the helmet is fully adjustable and allows it to fit virtually any player. The helmet is also suitable for use with headphones. Our goal was to create a cover that would blend into the style of the helmet as closely as possible, without looking alien or reducing the helmet's functionality. And we have coped with that task with dignity. Unlike our past cross-shaped models, the new cover is designed to fit the helmet like a second skin. By mounting the fixing elements of the helmet over the cover fabric it forms an integral unit with the helmet and cannot be accidentally lost in the turmoil of battle. The camouflage fabric and hit sensors blend seamlessly into the overall outfit styling. All of the helmet's fasteners remain fully functional and the helmet can be fully packed with additional equipment. The model has proved so successful that it will soon be available in our online shop in Gen 9 and Gen 10 versions. And those still using outdated equipment have no reason to worry. Even though the 8th generation has been discontinued, we still continue to support all our customers. Call our managers and we will solve any issue. By the way, you have a unique opportunity to order a similar helmet for the upcoming International Laser tag Festival, for which preparations are in full swing. Don't miss out on that opportunity while there is still time.  
  9. We continue to introduce you to the features of the new Alpha tag generation. Today, let's talk about the hit sensors that are available to the Alpha tag player. There are three types - a headband, helmet and vest. All sensors are made based on the experience of real players visiting clubs in all parts of the globe that use LASERWAR equipment. They are distinguished by their wearing comfort, clever design and rich functionality. 8 features of sensors in Alpha tag 1. In Alpha tag, it is the hit sensors that become the key device of the game. All other devices will be connected to the headband, vest or helmet 2. The new sensors connect to weapons and gaming devices in a couple of seconds. Bring them close together and Smart NFC technology ensures a fast connection. 3. The sensors also connect to each other: you can play with 2 devices at once, e.g. a headband and vest, vest and helmet, helmet and vest. When playing with two touch-screen devices, you choose the primary one. 4. The new smart sensors store game statistics and transmit data to the server when the player is in the network range. 5. Alpha tag sensors have a recognizable hexagonal shape, each with a branded engraving. There are 5 sensors on the headband and helmet and 8 on the vest. 6. All sensors are equipped with control units with a 0.98-inch OLED display. The screen shows the information the player needs: communication with other game sets, player status indication, firmware update. The charge level is visible in all sensor modes. Inside the control unit there is a processor and communication module. 7. The sensors are equipped with True Colour light and a photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees. 8. Each Alpha tag headband defeat sensor is equipped with a separate vibration motor. When hit, only those sensors that have received the IR pulse vibrate. The new low-profile sensors make it easier to feel the vibration: the player understands which side the shot has come from. A real "sixth sense" in professional games.   Headband A lightweight and comfortable classic option: Anatomically shaped: no pressure on the ears. It feels good on the head even after hours of play. Replaceable cuff with three-layer breathable Air Mash fabric. Replaceable for washing, easy to change to a clean one. 5 hit sensors. Operating time - 12 h. Li+ battery - 2900 mAh, 3.7 V. Time to full charge - 4 h. Go to the online store. Go to the online store.   Helmet Closer to the milsim atmosphere: 5 hit sensors. Comfortable fasteners are adjustable in length and won't chafe the skin. The helmet locks securely into place without squeezing the head. Battery life - 12 h. Li+ battery - 2900 mAh, 3.7 V. Time to full charge - 4 h.   Vest For extended games: 8 hit sensors. Includes a load bearing system. Replaceable lining with three-layer breathable Air Mash fabric. Performed in the same colour scheme as the vest and is easily replaceable for washing. Operating time - 36 h. Li+ battery - 10,000 mAh, 3.7 V. Time to full charge - 12 h.   Next time, we'll tell you how to turn on and connect the sensors and assemble the game complex in Alpha tag. The fighter chooses which devices to use in the game: primary and secondary weapons, a vest or headband, devices such as the Medic, and even a smartphone - up to 7 gadgets can operate at once! Stay tuned.
  10. Alpha tag, the new 11th generation electronics platform from LASERWAR, goes on sale from early 2021. The emergence of Alpha tag is about moving going the hardware and software limitations of previous generations of technical solutions that were founded a few years ago. This is comparable to the way software and hardware have changed with the rapid development of PC technology. Without the migration to new standards, the use of increasingly large memory modules or hard disks was becoming impossible, so new operating systems and file systems having more features saw their way. LASERWAR engineers and developers built hardware and software reserves into Alpha tag that should last for years to come. The switch to a new element base reduced the supply voltage to 3.7 V and, consequently, led to the use of new batteries. Today, batteries for Alpha tag are available on our online store. These are Sparky batteries in two form factors - linear and rectangular. Their capacity is 5200 mAh at 3.7 V. Please note! Important! Please note that: Lithium batteries for Alpha tag can ONLY be charged with Firefly or LI+ chargers. Charging must be done under constant supervision for no more than 3 hours! Attempts to use other chargers will result in permanent battery damage!
  11. Hi there! The Hornet laser tag gun is the hit of spring 2021, and that's an official statement. Are you an entrepreneur and looking for something to diversify your rental club's fighting arsenal? Or an experienced fighter dreaming of a precision pistol in addition to his beloved assault rifle or "quickscope"? "The Hornet will suit all needs. It will make a strong statement at the May Manoeuvres international laser tag festival. This is the only LASERWAR pistol that operates with Parallax optics and is capable of engaging targets up to 100 meters away. The only LASERWAR pistol available in the 11th Alphatag generation. Take a closer look: all the advantages of the model in a new video from our team. We also offer an Electronic Target for laser tag based on the Hornet and RGB Target. It will allow competitions to be held between players and whole teams. A set like this will be a new asset for your club. And the Laser Tag Pistol Duel game set, starring the Hornet, will be a godsend for your family. With it, laser tag is available everywhere - in the summer house, in the woods and in the yard. Go to the set.
  12. Due to numerous requests from customers, in March we concluded an agreement with UPS - a global express delivery service. All shipments that LASERWAR sends to customers with this company are now covered by insurance. If the goods are damaged during transportation, the insurance company will reimburse the loss. In such an event, we always offer the customer replacement goods or a refund. The shipping insurance for laser tag equipment is another step towards improving our service. UPS (used by thousands of our customers) delivers to 220 countries and territories worldwide. Making the long-distance shipping process safer was our top priority.
  13. The next release – LASERWAR Online Configurator version 1.126 has already been uploaded to the Microsoft Store. Let's cover all the new features. The update is entirely dedicated to the customer's wishes. All the changes introduced are the features that we have been asked for most often by active X-generation software users. 1. Protection when attempting to use an incorrect firmware file. In the previous update, the ability to change the firmware for the Digital Flag was introduced (that can be done by launching the app while holding down the Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys on the PC keyboard). There were cases where customers uploaded the firmware of the tagger's Wi-Fi module into the device instead of the right file. This was causing Digital Flags to malfunction and the subsequent maintenance works. The software will now alert you when you try to upload firmware intended for other devices to the device. 2. Customizing the main app window. By popular demand, the ability to edit the News and Cyber tag menu items has been added. By default, they lead to LASERWAR websites. But many of our customers have their own web pages (websites, communities and social media groups) and they expressed a desire to have links to their pages. In the Configurator's main menu, the "tiles" of the News and Cyber tag sections now have edit buttons that, when pressed, open the corresponding window. You can change the image (2:1 aspect ratio recommended), section title and web link. 3. Possibility to publish a PDF file with game stats directly from the game lobby. Some of noticed that on less powerful PCs it could take a long time to publish stats, especially when there was a large number of in-game fighters. You had to go from the start lobby to the dynamic stats window, then open the tab with stats and from there - generate the PDF file. We made it easy and added a button with statistics to the start lobby. That considerably speeds up the publication process and saves a lot of trouble. In addition, several issues found during the operation of the Configurator were resolved. The Start button was not displayed on certain screen resolutions (laptops in particular). The new UI is adapted to the following screen resolutions: 1920x1080 (scaling 100%, 125%, 150%) 1680x1050 ( scaling 100%, 125%) 1366x768 ( scaling 100%). When setting a round time over 60 min., the timer was displayed incorrectly - the number of hours was "cut" in the app. That bug was also fixed. We fixed an issue where the End Game by Scenario option was activated, causing taggers and devices to stop in time, but the timing in the app continued, not allowing the stats to be generated. We fixed a bug where points for holding Digital Flags in online game were not awarded correctly. The work on software is still in progress. Wait for new releases and send us your suggestions.
  14. An "infection" feature has been added in the latest LASERWAR UI software update. The player begins to periodically lose HP after the game start. The feature was introduced in response to your requests, primarily to "fight" players who prefer passive actions on the laser tag playground. To implement the idea, the following settings were added to the LASERWAR UI Configurator: «Health reduction interval when infected» (i.e. the frequency with which the player loses HP); «The amount of HP reduction when infected» (damage from one "infection" event); «Time to death from infection» – is the amount of time given to an infected player if he does not cure the infection within the round time. For ease of use, the infection control was included in the firmware of PRO remotes. Thanks to the firmware update, it is now possible to activate/deactivate the infection at the touch of a button. Appropriate commands were added to both the discontinued old-style PRO remote control (see the Infection ON/OFF functions in the Remote section) and in the modern Smart PRO remote (the Infection parameter was added to the X generation section). Please note that the PRO remotes can only be used to activate/deactivate the infection. The parameter settings themselves can only be changed via LASERWAR UI. The default values are as follows: Health reduction interval - 120 seconds; Health reduction amount - 20 HP. It should also be noted that the infection game mode is not available on 4-9 generations of LASERWAR equipment. Please follow the links to download the firmware: PRO remote, version, English. Smart PRO remote, version 1.14 As a reminder, the firmware of the old-style PRO remote (v. can be updated via LASERWAR Configurator. Switch the device on with the red button pressed. The display will show "Remote control bootloader" and the diode at the top will light blue. Launch the app, select the path to the downloaded firmware file in the "Firmware update" window and wait for it to be overwritten. After the update, the device will reboot automatically. The Smart PRO remote firmware update procedure is detailed in the description of the remote. The firmware version for the smart remote control, v.1.14.
  15.   Dear 'crafty' and 'thrifty' fighters! We have launched an electronics kit for Alphatag. Now anyone can upgrade their weapon to the latest, 11th generation. Save on buying a tagger and get the best technology at a small price. The default kit includes the ALPHATAG motherboard with soldered components and a 3.7V, 2.9 Ah lithium battery. You can add an OLED display with a frame, vibration motor or speaker of your choice, as well as select the type of battery according to the required capacity and form factor. Please note: the kit does not include optical system parts as they come as part of the body for integration or depend on your specific tagger. The IR module, lens and tube (or the complete optical system) must be purchased separately, depending on the type of optics selected (Prism or Parallax) and the class of tagger (pistol, assault rifle, sniper optics, machine gun). The set costs 135 dollars. Oder in now in our online store. Please contact the LASERWAR Service Centre regarding questions about electronics integration: email: phone: +7 (964) 616-15-15. Or contact sales managers.