sell 30 vest indoor Lasertron Laser Tag Equipment and Blacklight Arena

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Lasertron 30 Vest High Quality Used Laser Tag Arena and Equipment for Sale

(Extra pics/ video links at bottom)


Epic Fun LLC in Lawrence KS has closed its doors for good due to Covid. Available for sale is our 4000-4500 sq ft Lasertron laser tag arena featuring 2 Home Base Recharger Stations, 4 Arch objectives, 30 player vests with their charging racks, and all fixtures, sound system, spare parts and extras included. For perspective, this system cost ~$140k new.


Their manufacturing web page : https://www.laser-tron.com/


System was installed new in 2015. The installation space was ~4000 sq feet, and was a “little” crowded in that space. We had built 3 raised decking platforms (which are not included) that helped fill the space too. The arena is blacklight type fluorescent on all colored plastic, see pics for clarification. System is commercially used and sold AS-IS. That being said, all 30 vests, bases, and objectives were functioning properly at time of arena’s disassembly. 


All obstacles are mounted into the foundation concrete/ tile with concrete sleeve anchors (which cannot be included as they are single use only.) Once tightened, a coupler nut (included) connects this anchor and various lengths of All-thread (included), which the pieces of the obstacle skewer onto. Then washers or 2x4s (included) thread over all but the top piece, and all but the top piece are secured down by a locking nut (included, used). Whatever top piece goes on over this and is secured to the rest of the obstacle totem by simple screws. Decorative wood obstacles fit in the grooves between the obstacle pylons, and need to be secured by short wood screws through the plastic.


I have attached the original schematic for the arena, and lots of pictures, and video. Again, the system comes AS IS, however I will be reasonably available for any questions you may have for its purchase and install. Operational questions as well as technical maintenance I can answer some of, but on an ongoing basis will need to be asked to the manufacturer and software provider Lasertron. Lasertron also requires a relicensing fee for use of their software systems. That one-time fee of 7500 can be negotiated as part of this deal.


Here is an approximated inventory (though the quantities may be off slightly)

  • Red recharger Base Station, Green recharger base station.

  • 2 Red Arches with Objectives, 2 green arches with objectives

  • 7 red obstacle caps, 8 green obstacle caps, 13 or 14 blue neutral obstacle caps

  • 15 red “drums” 15 green drums, and 8 blue drums

  • All the decorative wood panels/ obstacles/ barriers pictured

  • 4 speakers and sound mixer

  • Fog machine and any fluid we have left

  • Computer system

  • Spare computer system

  • Printer

  • Vest Racks with built in charging power supplies

  • 30 vests (all functioning, but in used condition.) 2 vests have been wired inside the phaser to NOT require the safety two-hand buttons that all other phasers require to fire. (we had a number of folks with only a single functioning hand, or the inability to squeeze the red buttons due to handicap.) Just be aware, because it does give a slight advantage to players without such handicaps, if those vests/ phasers are used.

  • Spare parts (condition unknown) includes a couple extra phasers, wire harnesses, sensors, expendable pins, clips, screws and bolts for vest parts. Front vest board and extra back/ battery board.

  • Referee remote and technical remote (will also include an additional broken Tech remote)

  • The TV screens needed for both home bases, AND for briefing video.

  • We will also include the black plastic air curtains for the 2 entry doorways we had hung for aesthetic.

  • The 8 steel plates with coupler hex nuts are included. They were fabricated for us in order to mount obstacle on the upper level wood decking.

  • All the manuals/ references I can find.


In summary its all the things we had for our arena, with the exception of the decking, the concrete sleeve anchors, and any small spare parts that are missing. 


A couple of things regarding installation of the arena. You should anticipate the concrete sleeve anchors to cost around 2-3$ each, and you will need 70-100 of them, 1 per pylon. Also, we highly recommend a good quality hammer drill, which a good one lis likely 300-500$, but is completely worth it drilling that many .5” holes. Electrically, you will need an outlet “Drop” for each home base, each archway, the fog machine, the computer system/ printer/ sound system (likely a quad needed here), AND outlets for each of the 4 speakers, intended for the 4 corners of the arena. In the Vesting room, you will need minimum 3 outlets up high (our set up had 12 vests on 1 power supply.) Briefing room, it is best to have a upper outlet/ media box up high.


Overall, this was a very good laser tag system. Truly top-of-the-line quality and functionality. Very serviceable for minor problems, good aesthetic and high quality feel. Easily cleanable, and quite durable. I was very pleased with their lack of maintenance in the first 5 years of their life. Of course, spare/ replacement parts were quite expensive and only available from Lasertron- but these were needed so infrequently, it made up for it.


There are MANY game modes with programmable and customizable features. You can change inputs for timing, rapidness of fire, health points, bonus modes, point systems, game styles, and even customize announcements at games beginning and end. I was also told when we purchased this system that it has the ability to be remotely started via an ipod touch- we neve utilized this, but I’m sure Lasertron could walk you through it.


Lasertron requires registering with them to use their software. We were never charged a subscription fee of any sort, but they issue login codes that are good for 12 months at a time or something- and when they expire, you have to call them to get a new one. I assume this setup was to have control over businesses paying their repair bills or other subscription services. As previously mentioned, in the transfer of ownership, Lasertron will require a one-time relicensing fee of 7500 that can be included in the price of this system.


We had a set up of 9 common games- and we would sell a Session of laser tag (3 games) for 9$- which typically lasted 7 minutes each, and the session would take 30 minutes end to end- brief, vest, play, reset, play, reset, play devest, exit. We would do 2 team based games, red vs. green, then a free-for-all style game to cap. This set up worked very well. All vests are capable to be assigned to any of 4 colored teams, according to how many bases you have. This system has 2 bases and so can have only 2 teams + blue for free-for-all.


We never utilized the printouts of peoples scores, which was surprisingly not a big deal- I couldn’t even tell you if that printer works… Nor did we use the fog machine ever, except for about the first week of operation or so- gameplay was exciting enough without it.


The red “Tech Remote” is used to assign vest numbers to vests, and can be used to assign team colors to individual vests, and even bring people to full health/ ammo during live games (similar to the recharger base station.) We frequently used this last feature to bring small children back into play in enemy territory- so they didn’t have to go all the way back to base to return to play.


The blue “Ref Remote” is for penalizing players who are misbehaving, with 10,20,30 second penalties in which their equipment is prevented from working. It can also kick a player out of the match entirely- if the situation warrants. In five years, we never had to kick a single player, and we only threatened to do so 3 times. I think the reason for that success was the quickness of the games. Keeping the games shorter than customers attention spans so that there is no time for boredom or, consequently, mischief.


I don’t believe this system has the ability to have code names for vests- I could be mistaken, but we never assigned any nick names. It was always just “player 09” etc.




Blacklight video tour:



Tour with houselights on



Disassembled Arena



Additional Pictures


Assembly of Pylons



Black light pics



Disassembled parts inventory



Arena Assembled with house lights on:



Drops wiring pics



Original Design docs of laser tag arena



For additional information, please contact Travis (785) 840 4041, TravisCJacobsen@gmail.com












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