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Hospital. Digital Flag scenario

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Another video dedicated to Digital Flag scenarios. The theme of today's game is the Hospital scenario. The team that captured the Digital Flag has the best chance of winning: the flag constantly restores hp of the team that owns it. Once again, let us remind you of the scenario rules:


By default, the flag is neutral. The players capture it with a shot. The flag's color changes to that of the team that captured it. In this scenario, with the Impulse setting enabled, the flag restores hp of the players from team that is holding it at the moment.

At the end of the round, the flag emits a beep and changes its color to that of the winning team: the team that possessed the flag longer than others. The holding time is shown on the display.


Round time. Range: 0 - 1440 minutes

Invading time. Range: 3 - 255 seconds. Within the specified time the flag is captured after the player shot at it.


Impulse. In the Hospital scenario, the Medic (treatment of injured players) impulse is used. Dead players can't recover hp. It will only work for the players of the team to which the flag belongs at the moment the pulse is used. As long as the flag is neutral, the pulse usage is not available.

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