sell MR-514 v.4-10 from Laserwar service center

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"MR-514" assault or sniper rifle from the Official Laserwar LLC service center in Smolensk, Russia.

Unique game set that will be out of stock soon!

Prices and available generations:

  • 110 USD for Generation 4-7
  • 120 USD for Generation 8 Sport or 9 Smart RGB
  • 135 USD for X-Generation

6 months warranty. Headband or vest not included.


  • Excellent condition.
  • Warranty for half a year
  • Official registration of the purchase (invoice, contract, etc.).
  • Discounts, all prices are not final. Everything is individually
  • A large number of weapons and additional equipment, of any generations and configuration.
  • We can upgrade this equipment for you, change the generation, add any extra options (OLED, Feedback, weapon sensor).
  • Guaranteed performance and reliability.


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