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M4 Flash sniper rifle, Practical edition

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Introducing a limited edition sniper rifle based on the M-series strikeball drive unit. Connoisseurs of American firearms will easily recognise the distinctive M4 body, fitted with a long slatted foregrip for mounting additional ammo, tactical grips and bipods. Use the bolt to reload the model. The buttstock is collapsible. The optic sight is mounted on the upper Picatinny rail. A standard tactical grip is included in the game set. An optional universal bipod or folding tactical grip/bipod is available.

The Prism optical system allows a range of fire of up to 350 m, the Parallax extends the range to 550 m. A hit sensor is mounted in the barrel.

Li+ batteries are used as power source, providing up to 30 hours of battery life. The weight of the game set is 3 kg. The length is 98 cm. The Li+ 2,2 Ah. accumulator is the heart of the game set.

The new device is already available on our online store at a price of 545 dollars. We remind you that the model will be produced in a very limited edition. Don't miss your chance!

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