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The shortened AK-12 Irbis-k

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The shortened version of the 5.45 mm AK-12K assault rifle was presented by the Izhevsk Kalashnikov Concern at the Army-2017 military-technical forum three years ago.

The full-size AK-12 IRBIS has long had a well-deserved place in our arsenal and is in high demand by players who value highly authentic weapons. And what could be more authentic than a model based on a real combat prototype?

We have expanded our AK-12 range and today we are introducing a compact version of the AK-12 IRBIS.

The barrel of the new model ends just behind the gas tube, thus reducing the overall length of the gun by 7 cm.

There are no particular design differences from the full-size model, still the same reliability and power of combat steel. Numerous Picatinny rails allow for the fitting of all types of attachments and sights. As always, options with different types of optical systems are available on our online store. The choice is yours.

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