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Top 5 laser tag gifts for sweethearts

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Valentine's Day is coming up. Are you still thinking about the gift? If your loved one can't imagine life without laser tag, you're sure to find a suitable option on our online store. To help you choose the best option, we've compiled a selection of gifts especially for February 14.

AK-15 Warrior

A new LASERWAR game set for loyal fans of weapons of home production. The Warrior is, by all accounts, an improved version of the AK-12LT Predator, a recognised laser tag classic. The cast body of AK-15 is made of shockproof amorphous polymer. The material has high viscosity. It is resistant to breaks and cracks. It is not afraid of winter frosts, heavy rain, dust and dirt. The weapon has a bolt reloading like in the original Kalashnikov rifle. The game set is equipped with the best existing optical system for laser tag - Parallax. With it, the player has to aim carefully, just like in a real gunfight. Your favorite fighter will be able to hit the target from up to 700 metres away.

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AR-15 Ranger Assault Rifle

A new game set for connoisseurs of foreign weapon classics. The Ranger is based on the famous American AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The body is made of weapon plastic. The fire mode switch and bolt reloading operate in the same way as in the original rifle. Recognisability and uniqueness are two mutually exclusive qualities that LASERWAR engineers have combined in the new AR-15 Ranger. The Ranger's low weight and compact size make it easy for a petite girl or a brutish man to play.

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MP9-LT Phoenix submachine gun

Another unique tagger manufactured by LASERWAR. Designed with the practical experience of laser tag clubs in mind, as renting clubs know best what their customers need. Weighing just 780 grams, the submachine gun is comfortable to hold for anyone of all sizes and skill levels. At the same time the Phoenix does not look like a toy. The Picatinny rails for all kinds of additional equipment and an authentic flame extinguisher increase the resemblance to combat weapons. The pistol grip, which was approved by the Russian Special Police Force, takes into account the anatomical structure of the palm and the grip specifics. The reload button with clear end-position locking will appeal to beginners and old timers. Up to one and a half days of uninterrupted play time on one charge!

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Hornet Laser Tag Pistol

Perhaps your partner already owns a favorite laser tag rifle and has figured out his or her favorite game style of a sniper or an assaulter. Then the partner is sure to be happy with a quality laser tag pistol as a second weapon. The Hornet is just the right thing for your sweetheart. The high-precision Parallax optics allows a target to be hit from distances of up to 100 metres. The Hornet is not a plastic toy. Externally, it is almost indistinguishable from a combat pistol: the bolt reloading verifies that. The game set provides up to 20 hours of game performance on a single charge.

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Electronic target for laser tag

A gift for those who want to perfect their shooting accuracy. The game set includes four RGB electronic targets and one Hornet version 9 Smart RG laser tag pistol with special firmware that allows the game set to be activated without a headband. The game set helps the laser tag enthusiast develop focus, reaction and the ability to quickly aim and shoot accurately at the bull's-eye.

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If you're afraid of making the wrong choice but you'd like to please your partner, order a gift certificate.

Just do the following:

- Contact our managers in any way you like and let them know you would like to purchase the certificate.

- Transfer the amount shown on the certificate to the account provided by the manager.

- Get your certificate electronically in .pdf format.

- Print it out and present it to your partner together with a sincere declaration of love.

See the promotions section for more details. 

Remember, whichever gift you choose, it's always more fun to play together. Shared hobbies bring people together! Choose laser tag game sets for two and enjoy the action together. Take advantage of the moment: LASERWAR has a special offer on "Laser tag for two" game sets. Grab a 5% discount from 9 to 16 February! Hurry up and make your dear ones happy with sophisticated gifts. 

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