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AR-15 Ranger for self-assembly

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Almost from the very first announcement of LASERWAR's new unique AR-15 Ranger model we got plenty of manual assembly questions from players. We are talking about buying AR-15 bodies for self-assembly. Traditionally, all bodies designed and manufactured by the company can be purchased as a complete set for electronics self-assembly. And today we present a complete set of AR-15 Ranger body parts for self-assembly.

The set includes:

1. Body parts (2 halves)

2. Bolt

3. Bolt spring

4. Trigger

5. Trigger spring

6. Fire mode switch (3 parts)

7. Butt plate

8. Magazine parts (2 halves)

9. Magazine plug

10. Magazine latch

11. Sighting equipment for AR-15 (2 parts)

12. OLED display plug (2 parts)

13. Tactical grip

14. Picatinny side rails (2 parts)

15. Speaker

16. IR Module

17. Optical lens

18. Hall sensor

19. Hall sensor adapter

20. Power LED

21. Anti-vandal lock with a key switch

22. Fire mode switch

23. Reload switch

24. Power Socket

25. Fastening set (screws, nuts and washers)

As you can see, the new game set far exceeds any of the previous bodies in terms of the number of parts and elements, as the level of detail in the models is constantly increasing. Judge for yourself, a detachable magazine, bolt-on reloading, a lever type fire mode switch - the increased functionality brings additional design elements to the model. The game set is already available in our online shop in the Integration bodies section, at a cost of 162 dollars.

AR-15 Ranger body

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