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One year of cooperation with Revitant. First results

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In 2020 we signed a contract with a new client from Serbia who became our reliable business partner. In only one year Revitant/LaserWar club has made a great progress. Today it is the first Laserwar official representative, exclusive dealer and authorized service center in the Balkans.

The club’s representatives purchased laser tag equipment, the total price of the order was more than 20 000 USD. Revitant focuses more on outdoor laser tag. The club offers flagship laser tag markers and devices manufactured by Laserwar. Any person interested in simulated combat experience can visit their office in Novi Sad, a city located in the north of the country, try out our equipment in real-life settings and even purchase it for personal use.

The company owners are well acquainted not only with the laws and regulations covering laser tag business but with the rules of the game as well. Therefore, they not only sell laser tag weapons and devices, but get players familiar with the rules, teach them how to use and to set up the equipment according to the situation, the company also advises beginner entrepreneurs who are eager to start a laser tag business. Revitant can assist you with the shipping, their employees can pick up the goods at customs and deliver to the client. And they even organize mobile laser tag matches across the whole country.

As manufacturers we are pleased to see that Revitant pays a lot of attention to laser tag popularization and promotion of our brand “Laserwar”. The company organizes two-day competitions “LaserWar League of Serbia”. They have established a network of laser tag clubs “CyberTag, LaserTag and LaserWar” and moderate an English forum There you can ask questions about how the equipment operates and suggest your own ideas on what devices could be created or implemented into the game.

“In our view partnership is a mutual understanding and cooperation in laser tag promotion across the globe” – emphasizes LASERWAR CEO Sergey Tereschenkov. – “It is extremely difficult to find people who would be of high level expertise in this field. The project owners of Revitant are exactly this type of entrepreneurs we would like to deal with. Let me elaborate, only by studying their website, design, the way they present their product and deliver the information we have learnt something and now we are implementing this knowledge in our own projects. It says a lot. These guys set trends! They have a unique style: high quality photo, video, promo and business card materials. The company is positioning its brand in the market correctly. As laser tag equipment manufacturer we are happy to deal with such highly motivated clients. But in return we are ready to make concessions for our partners from Revitant, we always listen to their feedbacks in terms of product quality improvement and we also support them in their endeavors”.

According to LASERWAR CEO the purpose of the company is to open in all cities with population above 150000 in Western Europe with at least one laser tag club that would use our equipment. We are talking about outdoor and indoor laser tag. Our moto is “Laser tag for everyone”. We are sure that cooperation with Revitant will be beneficial for both sides and contribute to realization of future plans.

We congratulate the company’s management on the first year and thank you for the fruitful work in the development and popularization of laser tag in Europe.

If you want to become a dealer or an official representative of Laserwar, feel free to contact us.

Main phone: +7 (495) 133-7220

WhatsApp/Viber: +7 (904) 369-1333


Learn more about LASERWAR franchise.

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