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The electronics kit for Alphatag is now in online store!

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Dear 'crafty' and 'thrifty' fighters! We have launched an electronics kit for Alphatag. Now anyone can upgrade their weapon to the latest, 11th generation. Save on buying a tagger and get the best technology at a small price.

The default kit includes the ALPHATAG motherboard with soldered components and a 3.7V, 2.9 Ah lithium battery. You can add an OLED display with a frame, vibration motor or speaker of your choice, as well as select the type of battery according to the required capacity and form factor.

Please note: the kit does not include optical system parts as they come as part of the body for integration or depend on your specific tagger.

The IR module, lens and tube (or the complete optical system) must be purchased separately, depending on the type of optics selected (Prism or Parallax) and the class of tagger (pistol, assault rifle, sniper optics, machine gun).

The set costs 135 dollars. Oder in now in our online store.

Please contact the LASERWAR Service Centre regarding questions about electronics integration:


phone: +7 (964) 616-15-15.

Or contact sales managers.

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