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Firmware update for PRO remotes

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An "infection" feature has been added in the latest LASERWAR UI software update. The player begins to periodically lose HP after the game start.

The feature was introduced in response to your requests, primarily to "fight" players who prefer passive actions on the laser tag playground.

To implement the idea, the following settings were added to the LASERWAR UI Configurator:

  • «Health reduction interval when infected» (i.e. the frequency with which the player loses HP);
  • «The amount of HP reduction when infected» (damage from one "infection" event);
  • «Time to death from infection» – is the amount of time given to an infected player if he does not cure the infection within the round time.

For ease of use, the infection control was included in the firmware of PRO remotes. Thanks to the firmware update, it is now possible to activate/deactivate the infection at the touch of a button. Appropriate commands were added to both the discontinued old-style PRO remote control (see the Infection ON/OFF functions in the Remote section) and in the modern Smart PRO remote (the Infection parameter was added to the X generation section).

Please note that the PRO remotes can only be used to activate/deactivate the infection. The parameter settings themselves can only be changed via LASERWAR UI. The default values are as follows:

  • Health reduction interval - 120 seconds;
  • Health reduction amount - 20 HP.

It should also be noted that the infection game mode is not available on 4-9 generations of LASERWAR equipment.

Please follow the links to download the firmware:

As a reminder, the firmware of the old-style PRO remote (v. can be updated via LASERWAR Configurator. Switch the device on with the red button pressed. The display will show "Remote control bootloader" and the diode at the top will light blue. Launch the app, select the path to the downloaded firmware file in the "Firmware update" window and wait for it to be overwritten. After the update, the device will reboot automatically.

The Smart PRO remote firmware update procedure is detailed in the description of the remote. The firmware version for the smart remote control, v.1.14.

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