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The Hornet is the style of the moment. New video

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Hi there! The Hornet laser tag gun is the hit of spring 2021, and that's an official statement.

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for something to diversify your rental club's fighting arsenal? Or an experienced fighter dreaming of a precision pistol in addition to his beloved assault rifle or "quickscope"? "The Hornet will suit all needs. It will make a strong statement at the May Manoeuvres international laser tag festival.

This is the only LASERWAR pistol that operates with Parallax optics and is capable of engaging targets up to 100 meters away. The only LASERWAR pistol available in the 11th Alphatag generation. Take a closer look: all the advantages of the model in a new video from our team.

We also offer an Electronic Target for laser tag based on the Hornet and RGB Target. It will allow competitions to be held between players and whole teams. A set like this will be a new asset for your club.

And the Laser Tag Pistol Duel game set, starring the Hornet, will be a godsend for your family. With it, laser tag is available everywhere - in the summer house, in the woods and in the yard. Go to the set.

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