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Alpha tag. Charging the batteries

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Alpha tag, the new 11th generation electronics platform from LASERWAR, goes on sale from early 2021.

The emergence of Alpha tag is about moving going the hardware and software limitations of previous generations of technical solutions that were founded a few years ago. This is comparable to the way software and hardware have changed with the rapid development of PC technology. Without the migration to new standards, the use of increasingly large memory modules or hard disks was becoming impossible, so new operating systems and file systems having more features saw their way.

LASERWAR engineers and developers built hardware and software reserves into Alpha tag that should last for years to come. The switch to a new element base reduced the supply voltage to 3.7 V and, consequently, led to the use of new batteries. Today, batteries for Alpha tag are available on our online store. These are Sparky batteries in two form factors - linear and rectangular. Their capacity is 5200 mAh at 3.7 V.

Please note! Important! Please note that:

  • Lithium batteries for Alpha tag can ONLY be charged with Firefly or LI+ chargers.
  • Charging must be done under constant supervision for no more than 3 hours!
  • Attempts to use other chargers will result in permanent battery damage!

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