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We continue to introduce you to the features of the new Alpha tag generation. Today, let's talk about the hit sensors that are available to the Alpha tag player. There are three types - a headband, helmet and vest.

All sensors are made based on the experience of real players visiting clubs in all parts of the globe that use LASERWAR equipment. They are distinguished by their wearing comfort, clever design and rich functionality.

8 features of sensors in Alpha tag

1. In Alpha tag, it is the hit sensors that become the key device of the game. All other devices will be connected to the headband, vest or helmet

2. The new sensors connect to weapons and gaming devices in a couple of seconds. Bring them close together and Smart NFC technology ensures a fast connection.

3. The sensors also connect to each other: you can play with 2 devices at once, e.g. a headband and vest, vest and helmet, helmet and vest. When playing with two touch-screen devices, you choose the primary one.

4. The new smart sensors store game statistics and transmit data to the server when the player is in the network range.

5. Alpha tag sensors have a recognizable hexagonal shape, each with a branded engraving. There are 5 sensors on the headband and helmet and 8 on the vest.

6. All sensors are equipped with control units with a 0.98-inch OLED display. The screen shows the information the player needs: communication with other game sets, player status indication, firmware update. The charge level is visible in all sensor modes. Inside the control unit there is a processor and communication module.

7. The sensors are equipped with True Colour light and a photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees.

8. Each Alpha tag headband defeat sensor is equipped with a separate vibration motor. When hit, only those sensors that have received the IR pulse vibrate. The new low-profile sensors make it easier to feel the vibration: the player understands which side the shot has come from. A real "sixth sense" in professional games.



A lightweight and comfortable classic option:

  • Anatomically shaped: no pressure on the ears. It feels good on the head even after hours of play.
  • Replaceable cuff with three-layer breathable Air Mash fabric. Replaceable for washing, easy to change to a clean one.
  • 5 hit sensors.
  • Operating time - 12 h.
  • Li+ battery - 2900 mAh, 3.7 V.
  • Time to full charge - 4 h. Go to the online store.

Go to the online store.



Closer to the milsim atmosphere:

  • 5 hit sensors.
  • Comfortable fasteners are adjustable in length and won't chafe the skin.
  • The helmet locks securely into place without squeezing the head.
  • Battery life - 12 h.
  • Li+ battery - 2900 mAh, 3.7 V.
  • Time to full charge - 4 h.



For extended games:

  • 8 hit sensors.
  • Includes a load bearing system.
  • Replaceable lining with three-layer breathable Air Mash fabric. Performed in the same colour scheme as the vest and is easily replaceable for washing.
  • Operating time - 36 h.
  • Li+ battery - 10,000 mAh, 3.7 V.
  • Time to full charge - 12 h.


Next time, we'll tell you how to turn on and connect the sensors and assemble the game complex in Alpha tag. The fighter chooses which devices to use in the game: primary and secondary weapons, a vest or headband, devices such as the Medic, and even a smartphone - up to 7 gadgets can operate at once! Stay tuned.

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