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A new "cover" from LASERWAR

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Although support for the 8th generation equipment has been officially discontinued, we still fulfil individual orders using previous generations of equipment. This time we received an order for a batch of covers for third-party helmets. The helmets on the 8th generation of equipment were designed for fire tag, one of the most realistic types of laser tag, with fans having the highest demands on authentic equipment.

The Ops-Core helmet, which has good functionality, was proposed as the basis.

Soft shock absorption pads are attached on the inside of the helmet by means of Velcro fasteners. The pads may be adjusted to the player's needs. The helmet mounts accommodate a night vision unit. There are rails to attach a helmet flashlight, action camera and Velcro panel. The suspension system of the helmet is fully adjustable and allows it to fit virtually any player. The helmet is also suitable for use with headphones.

Our goal was to create a cover that would blend into the style of the helmet as closely as possible, without looking alien or reducing the helmet's functionality.

And we have coped with that task with dignity. Unlike our past cross-shaped models, the new cover is designed to fit the helmet like a second skin. By mounting the fixing elements of the helmet over the cover fabric it forms an integral unit with the helmet and cannot be accidentally lost in the turmoil of battle.

The camouflage fabric and hit sensors blend seamlessly into the overall outfit styling. All of the helmet's fasteners remain fully functional and the helmet can be fully packed with additional equipment.

The model has proved so successful that it will soon be available in our online shop in Gen 9 and Gen 10 versions. And those still using outdated equipment have no reason to worry. Even though the 8th generation has been discontinued, we still continue to support all our customers. Call our managers and we will solve any issue.

By the way, you have a unique opportunity to order a similar helmet for the upcoming International Laser tag Festival, for which preparations are in full swing. Don't miss out on that opportunity while there is still time.


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