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Alphatag. Playground lifehacks

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The new generation of LASERWAR equipment, with a range of features not available before, has already created both genuine interest from players and new questions about its use. The crux of the matter is that it is easier to realize the maximum potential under the control of the gaming software on a permanent-type site. One click is all it takes to configure the participants' game settings, split teams, select game scenarios and analyze the stats.

"And what about the field players? Players who are used to playing outside, in the woods, on the playground? Are the new platform capabilities not for them?" sceptics will think. And they will be wrong! Because the applications of Alphatag are very broad, and our team working to expand them even further.

Playing with Alphatag laser tag equipment is possible offline on any unprepared site without the use of game software. We have created a mobile version of the Alphatag Configurator for setting up equipment in the field conditions. The software  supports Android and iOS. It allows the instructor to easily set up a single game set as well as a group of devices, colour-code player teams and activate game sets using a mobile phone, which is always nearby.

A router, complete with a special cable, is used to establish a connection to the game sets, allowing it to be powered from any USB source. A laptop with a powerful battery can be used as a mobile power source for the router. It will also do for real-time statistics.

The minimum option is to use only a router powered by a USB source in the car or a Power Bank. This way, the router creates Wi-Fi coverage of the playing area and ensures communication with the game sets.

You can buy the router, power cable and Power Bank set to achieve mobility in Alphatag in the online store. Buying of the complete set is cheaper than buying things separately.

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