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The Alphatag software gives you an unrivaled advantage in the game.

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For many professional gamers, the unveiling of the premium Alphatag equipment was a long-awaited occasion. In terms of technology, we made significant progress, bringing up a slew of new opportunities for laser tag enthusiasts. And, in order to make them as simple to use as possible, our company has created user-friendly software that includes the greatest solutions in the industry.

The Alphatag Server is intended for configuring laser tag equipment parameters, changing game scenarios, and collecting and publishing statistics. Users may rapidly configure all relevant parameters thanks to the user-friendly UI.  We made an overview of the software's functionality for you.

Alphatag is designed for professionals and guarantees control of all gaming processes.


An area in which the instructor can not only choose from the given scenarios, but also alter and create new ones. You run and control the laser tag battle from here. After it's finished, you can examine the statistics and post them to social media.

Users of our software will not miss out on important changes. When you launch the software, an exclamation symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen indicates that updates are available. It only takes a few seconds to download them.


For the first time, the performance characteristics are separated by device type: hit sensors and taggers are programmed separately. Our software's capabilities allow us to adjust any parameter based on the player's preferences.

Do you want a magazine capacity of 100 rounds for a pistol and automatic reloading? Nothing can be easier! And what about the vest armour? The software also provides this setting, which is not available for previous equipment generations. Or one-of-a-kind perks that can either increase or decrease the maximum amount of ammo and damage. Introduce an element of surprise into your game.

You may alter the game set loudness, shot power, vibration mode, background brightness, auto reloading, and other parameters under the defeat sensor settings.

In the tagger settings, you can select the weapon type. Set the amount of rounds and magazines, the damage, the rate of fire, miss fire, the reload and breakage times and the overheat factor.

All settings are recorded instantly: one click and the game sets are ready for battle.

Players' data base

It stores the club's visitor data. Keep a record of your fighters, use this information in the game. Once a visitor has been recorded into the database, they may be readily assigned to any of the game sets linked to the software.

You can use the app to browse the LASERWAR online shop as well as check all current news on the website and social media.

System of awards and medals

Throughout the game, players gain incentives and medals for doing specific activities, such as the first kill, taking a control point, or destroying the opponent's base. All achievements are displayed in real time. Game stats can be sent to print or posted on a social networking site.

The Alphatag Server software sets up the equipment quickly. The program is appropriate for running rental clubs and is simple to use for both the player and the instructor.

The programme is available for all devices running on the Windows 8/10 OS. Because we value our customers' time, we created a mobile version of Alphatag Server for Android and iOS. Download the software here for free.

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