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LASERWAR-UI update: pause the game

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A new version of LASERWAR Online Configurator is available to users. Now you can stop a round if necessary and return to the game after a while without resetting your settings and statistics.

This is handy during sports tournaments. Pause mode allows you to fight fair and not lose the points you've earned. The online game can be paused if rules are suspected of being broken, or if equipment settings have failed. There is no need to shut down and restart the software.

Let's take a closer look at how the update actually works For instance, the instructor observed that the control point had been captured against the rules. He needs time to return the device to its previous settings. All participants (or a certain number of them) are paused and 'disarmed' via software. During this time, the instructor clears up deficiencies and gets the players back into action. The pause and resume buttons are at the bottom of the screen.

The pause is displayed on the tagger display. To use the mode, simply updating the software is insufficient; the new firmware version V10.4.14.1 must also be downloaded.

We are constantly improving the LASERWAR online configurator and will continue to do so.

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