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Top 3 best-selling taggers from LASERWAR

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In our online shop you will find everything you need for laser tag. The wide range of tagger models can be confusing to the newcomer: the choice starts with simple pistols and ends with combat-like machine guns and assault rifles. But seasoned players already know their "favourite". These taggers have proven to be at their best in all laser tag events, whether it's an ordinary game or a large-scale tournament. We have prepared for you the top three best-selling LASERWAR models.

3d PLACE - AK-12LT Predator assault rifle

Players appreciate the Predator for its comfort, durability and practicality. The gun has been put to the test more than once. You will spend long hours playing laser tag with this reliable tagger. The 2.2 Ah lithium battery guarantees up to 36 hours of operation on a single charge. The Predator features a new acoustic jack technology, providing a richer, louder sound. The trigger is made from soft-touch plastic. The system of axle stops and supports ensures smooth operation. The laser tag version is equipped with Picatinny rails for attaching additional accessories.

2nd PLACE - MP9-LT PHOENIX submachine gun

Perfect - the word that best describes Phoenix. It is deservedly considered a universal tagger - suitable for adults and kids alike. The submachine gun is small in size. The model is excellent without exaggeration: the body and comfortable grip, loud sound, OLED display and authentic design. Phoenix showed excellent results in the crash test, surviving a fall from the ninth floor. Add to all this Picatinny rails, a killing range and 36 hours of battery life.

1st PLACE - AR-15 Ranger Assault Rifle

In its short existence, this assault rifle has won the hearts of thousands of players. The bolt reloading, barrel-mounted hit sensor, four Picatinny rails, original sighting equipment, carrying sling clamp, handy butt plate - all these features in one model. It's the most detailed tagger ever, with a 3,000 mAh lithium battery inside, a Veco branded speaker, robust Bluetooth modules, OLED display - the ultimate package for an assault rifle.

All taggers support any generation of LASERWAR electronics, as well as the installation of an OLED display and Feedback function. You've got a lot to lose if this trio of game models hasn't already been added to your club's arsenal. Order these taggers from the LASERWAR online shop.

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