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Sochi hosted a laser para biathlon on LASERWAR equipment

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The LASERWAR Laser Biathlon is now available in a new application. "Stoik", a Krasnodar social-sports public organization for disabled people, won a presidential grant to promote laser para biathlon. We want to support the project and tell our subscribers about the initiative.

Oleg Stekolnikov, a Sochi resident, invented laser para biathlon. Oleg is a wheelchair person, and he has developed a new adaptive sport for people with similar physical disabilities. Paralympic biathlon for wheelchair people serves as the inspiration. What makes it different from the classic Paralympic discipline is that you can run in a wheelchair or even use an electric wheelchair. Laser tag rifles and targets manufactured by LASERWAR are also allowed for shooting. Para biathlon was well-received by more than 200 wheelchair persons from the Krasnodar region and other parts of Russia.

It's possible to show strength and endurance, stamina, and precision while participating in sports. People of all genders and ages find it fascinating. Our aim is to get as many people with disabilities involved in sport and active living as possible," says Oleg Stekolnikov.

Incidentally, in August this year, a laser para biathlon competition was held in Sochi as part of the Para-Art festival. The competition was open to people with disabilities, including those with mobility and hearing impairments, as well as kids with special needs. Oleg Stekolnikov was also one of the festival organizers.

Laser para biathlon sections are already in operation in Sochi and Nizhny Novgorod. A presidential grant, which was won by the "Stoik" NGO for the disabled, will make it possible to open similar sections in five more Russian regions. This will allow wheelchair persons in our country to participate in a new sport.

LASERWAR congratulates the people of Sochi on receiving the grant. t with your wonderful project!

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