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Top 5 LASERWAR devices. Video overview

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We put in a lot of effort every year to keep laser tag fresh and interesting. Anyone, regardless of gender or age, will find something interesting in it. Additional devices, such as those in charge of generating a wide range of game scenarios, can help with that.

In this new video, we've gathered together five of LASERWAR's top products for you. They range from well-known brands to newcomers who are just getting started. We briefly describe the main advantages of each and show them in action.

The invisible and dangerous Cerberus, mimicking the action of a tripwire mine.

"The "newcomer" of rental clubs - the simple Time Point with 4 scenarios.

An immortal laser tag classic, the Smart Control Point - one of the most popular and sought-after devices on the market.

A clever and practical Smart Battle Base Create the scenario of your dream.

The innovative and one-of-a-kind Digital Flag, which opens up previously unattainable opportunities for rental companies.

Which devices would you include in your own top list? And which one do you consider to be the best in your experience? Leave a comment below.

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