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Alphatag massive software update

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Let's take a closer look at the software and firmware functionality that has been added.

An update of the desktop Alphatag Server 1.10.5, hit sensors firmware v. and taggers firmware v. have already been uploaded to the website and are ready for download. And while you're updating the software on your game sets, we'll tell you about the introduced changes.

- Feedback form

Perfection has no bounds. Even the software we develop is susceptible to instability under certain circumstances. Each time we receive feedback from you regarding issues with the app, we make every effort to resolve them as quickly as possible by requesting additional information, clarifying details, analyzing screenshots, etc. To increase our developers' efficiency, we've added a feedback form. Now, if you encounter an issue, you can describe it without having to close the app, attach any necessary files, and send us all the necessary information.

- Pre-configured team lists

This feature is primarily focused on conducting tournaments using Alphatag generation equipment. With a list of participating teams in hand, the organizer can import them into the software and quickly populate the game lobby.

The player base section allows for the editing of members, teams, and tournaments.

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