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Lasertag equipment without customs payments

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Dear partners, friends and clients! LASERWAR is a world producer of lasertag equipment with a twelve-year history. We quickly and successfully coped with small delays in deliveries to different countries. Indeed, we have found new ways to deliver products to the European market through our dealers and production partners, which are located in Latvia. Now you can order lasertag equipment to Europe without independent customs clearance, without customs duties and taxes. In fact, this is the delivery of lasertag weapons to your house!

Why did this become possible?

First of all, we have increased deliveries to our dealers in their warehouses in Europe. If you have a VAT ID (identification number of the value added tax payer), you can get the equipment directly from a warehouse in Latvia. There are stored products, that have already passed customs clearance.

Secondly, a part of the LASERWAR equipment under the license agreement is already produced in the European Union. So now you can order lasertag weapons with delivery right to the doors of your house. Easy and simple!

We have great respect for every client and try to save your time, strength and money! We work for your convenience.

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