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Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

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«The King is Dead – Long Live the King!» – this is a traditional saying the reign of one French king ended with and the epoch of the one started.  

It’s safe to say that AK-12LT PRO is the patriarch of laser tag. Hundreds of laser tag clubs started with this simple and affordable tagger. It’s still a reliable workhorse used by many rental clubs and sports teams who master laser tag sports which is about to be officially recognized.  

Its era is passing away. AK-12LT PRO «Predator» is no longer in production. But it’ll be replaced with no less brutal successor which incorporates the best features of its predecessor and new options. It’s a decent successor.

Meet АК-25 «Predator»

We improved case detailing by working on its press form. New «Predator» has a rubber magazine and soft rubber safety cap. This will make the game safer for young players and athletes and protect them from injuries during an exciting game. You can choose the color of a safety cap when placing an order.   

Also, taking into account previous experience, we equipped the tagger with durable metallic recharging assembly. Bolt handle, sometimes damaged by the players in the heat of the fight, is now made from metal and painted with bright paint.

You can choose the color of “Predator” when buying a device. Here’re the options to choose from:

  • Orange bolt – orange safety cap
  • Blue bolt – blue safety cap (SPORT Edition)
  • Red bolt – red safety cap (SPORT Edition)
  • Red bolt – black safety cap


Blue and red bolts are available only in “sport” edition.   

The novelty is already available in our online store, its price is almost the same. 

The new era starts. «Predator» is going away, welcome АК-25 «Predator»!

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