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Development Concept for a Service Center

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Why should you open a LASERWAR service center on a base of your club?  What benefits it gives and how to apply?

LASERWAR Company is well known on the Russian and the "near abroad" markets as a reliable manufacturer of good laser tag equipment. Much of this reputation has been created by an honest and thought-out policy of guarantee and post guarantee maintenance.

When there is a problem clients want it to be solved as fast as possible. The head office of the service center will handle any problem, but sending the equipment is a loss of time for our customers, and everyone knows: time is money. The solution to this situation was the organization of a service centers network in Russia and former Soviet republics. The user can now contact the nearest service center and receive full and quick service.

Today, there are more than 40 service centers in Russia and former Soviet republics that carry out warranty and post-warranty services of our equipment.

In cooperation with service centers, LASERWAR provides detailed information and technical support, supplies spare parts and consumables at preferential prices, and provides discounts on company products.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers and LASERWAR technicians our products meet all international quality requirements, and the company's pricing policy makes it highly competitive in the world market. The participation in international exhibitions contributes to an increased interest in our laser tag equipment and the emergence of new clubs far beyond Russia's borders.

This situation raises the question of effective and timely technical support for our remote clients. The practice shows many of Russian service centers are established directly in the clubs. They use our equipment and provide a prompt service for their equipment as well as for equipment of other clubs located in the region.

LASERWAR company is open to cooperation and welcomes the establishment of such service services outside Russia. We are ready to provide all necessary information and technical support, equipment documentation, spare parts and consumables for equipment maintenance.


By becoming our certified representative, you have the following benefits:

  1. A separate section on the company's official site, indicating the address of your service center.
  2. The ability to earn income from the retail and wholesale sales of our company's products.
  3. A dealership discount for all our equipment and spare parts at wholesale prices.
  4. The possibility to obtain experimental samples of LASERWAR equipment.
  5. Operational assistance laser tag equipment repair works.


Requirements for a LASERWAR company representative:

  1. Experience in working with LASERWAR equipment
  2. Knowledge of circuitry engineering and radio electronics
  3. Desire to develop and promote laser tag
  4. Following of the company pricing policy


To confirm your status as a service center, you must complete a form and send a scanned copy to

On cooperation issues, contact Vadim Zhdanovsky, the head of the service centers.


Tel.: (4812) 377-000 (add 122)

Download the application form

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