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How to buy our equipment?

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What do you need to do to buy LASERWAR equipment? 

1. After you downloaded our price or visited our online store, it's time to figure out the approximate configuration of the equipment. If you don’t know what better suits your needs, please contact us via phone or Skype!

2. When you have chosen the complectation, send us a request at or, or by the online store. Simple as that. Please don't forget to add a phone number for a prompt communication, optionally an address and preferred shipping type. We can discuss payment options, production time and the availability of items in stock by e-mail, phone or Skype for as long as you need.

3. We send you a purchase agreement and an invoice with the names of items in the complectation and bank details about your organization, natural or legal entity. If everything is correct, you pay for the order and notify us by a reply letter. That`s it! The manufacturing and shipping takes up to 14 days, and 1-3 days for small orders. You will receive a letter with a tracking code, original documents and the acceptance report which are usually packed along with the order. 

4. Time to receive a magic box with your order. Upon receiving, inspect it and be sure to check the number of boxes by the shipping waybill. After you are done, sign up the copies of the documents and an acceptance report and send them to us via postal service, so we could be sure everything is fine. Now you have become a proud owned of the laser tag equipment from LASERWAR company!


Depending on the amount of your purchase, we provide discounts and bonuses. We are always happy to make gifts to people who trust us. We have a fancy offer when for every 5 purchased game sets you get 1 absolutely free. Buy more, get more!

Payment terms, warranty obligations are equal for everyone and follow not just Russian, but international standards.We accept cash and non-cash payments from both natural and legal entities. You can also pay for your order through the quick transfers system of the Russian Sberbank, Contact transfer system or use an instant payment system like Western Union. The work with non-cash orders is the same as usual, with managers sending invoice, purchase agreement and shipping waybills.

Contact us now!
- by phone: +7 (4812)377-000 or +79043691333

- Skype:
- by mail:
- Facebook:

- VK:

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