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is there way (Restfull API, webservice, or other...) to access Laserwar Online datas and functions from an external application ?

I am curently developping a local network app in Node.js to manage my entire arcade location, and it would be very usefull for me to link it to the Laserwar Online software in real-time for custom functionalities :

- show real-time game stats on screens,

- show / edit game sets configurations,

- trigger specific game functions,

- ...


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There are no API or any way to get this data. You can see the game statistics only in the application. But it will be possible to save the statistics soon. And then you will be able to use it on your own. For example to make a local database with the information about all games and players. The other information you are talking about is a secret. We are not disclosing this information.

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